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0 – Giro Account Really Free?

Advertise many banks offering a free current account no account maintenance fees, no fees for debit or credit card, and no proof of a fixed monthly salary, but lurking behind the seemingly good offer often hidden costs. Or the Bank requires a minimum deposit, to reduce your risk. You must check carefully the general terms and conditions here: what costs are incurred for what services? Often, the customer must pay a banks, which advertises itself as a free checking account, high fees for debit or credit card. e, another great source of information. Also at the Automat can high costs are added: some banks have very few ATMs, lift off then on a machine of another bank, so a third withdrawal fees are due. You can be three or four euros. In addition, sometimes costs are due, if the Bank sends to printed statements to the customer.

It is particularly annoying when the services offered by the Bank in the money go. So some banks offer expensive service numbers. Who needed advice on an important and urgent issue has often choose of this free”regretted giro account. Still, there are banks, the fact checking accounts for 0 euro offer, without to recoup the fees hidden costs. You can do such a free checking account but only as a private person, charges are incurred for business accounts.

Mainly direct banks offer this possibility. These Bank models run most transactions via PC and Internet. The Bank saves this staff and costs. The disadvantages of direct banks are often an often inadequate consultation. If you prefer personal contact with a bank employee, would open a checking account with a direct bank.

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