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FlowerCARD New World

These are not easy times of austerity, most people are trimming their budgets. This primarily refers to a secondary object of your personal budget, such as entertainment and gifts. But what if you have to go on a date, in guests, a birthday, and again spending, spend, spend In addition to a gift must be at least another flower capture, add the greens, wrap it in general with the naked flowers do not go. Against this backdrop, a new kind of business idea. There is a reasonable and important economical option flower arrangement. Just have to hang on a special flower card. Greeting cards with flowers, this innovation is the flower industry.

Postcards have wishes and congratulations on almost all occasions. They are made in different color combinations, and made appropriate forms: a heart-shaped or coin, a bell or ribbon. A gold or silver embossed postcards from afar to attract attention, and the recipient without the words will understand your feelings and appreciate such an elegant greeting. And most importantly, do not need anything extra to buy more flower. He and so will be worth watching. Along with the stickers on the petals, postcards worthily occupy their niche in the consumer market florist. To make it all the more clear it is necessary to see with my own eyes.

Looks like a very nice product. From one flower and greeting cards can make an impressive, voluminous bouquet with congratulation, one that has not donated. This is a very original gift. There are plenty of cards in different sizes, different designs and different Greeting Cards can be chosen for every special occasion. Special attention should be paid cards and tents for weddings, there is a very original collection of wedding celebrations. As well there are special shelters, which are hovering over a bouquet in the form of heart or the angels of love, choices mass. This is a novelty, so that friends, go for it. Yes, as written at official blog, the poll showed 98% positive result of the new product. Postcards on the flowers is a new niche trade. Source