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Shareholders Meetings

In this case, shareholder dividends are constantly having involved in making decisions at shareholders meetings, seeing the prospects of further development of the enterprise, and, respectively, and their welfare, will not sell without extreme need their shares. Otherwise, do not receive income from company shareholders do not value their asset and are willing to sell them if the price is suitable, even if customers are raiders. Here, as a protection against unlawful seizure should work rate Of the Companies Act, which prescribes the direction of a company offers in case of purchase of thirty or more percent of the shares of the company. In this case the risks are minimal society itself, as well as minority shareholders. In addition, the capture of most enterprises usually starts with all sorts of manipulations with the register of shareholders.

After that, from a double registers are taken, and accordingly – Dual shareholders and boards of directors. According to Russian legislation, all shares are intangible, hence, the definition of the register of shareholders in our country is more complex than in most developed countries. That is why an effective fight against raider attacks at this point is impossible without relevant details of the registry. Now necessary to define an entirely new roster. If today the roster of the courts defined as things, in what should define him as an information object as a list of shareholders can not be the thing. Since the raider attacks have spread to the entire territory country, the important point to deal with them in the regions is the creation of the corporate boards in the executive branch. This allows the use of innovative approaches in the fight against raiding. Since today's raiders – the power of having a highly developed infrastructure, which includes financial, economic, power, and an information segment, and protection from them should be appropriate – corporate. To do this, bring together all those interested in the Suppression of Unlawful Seizure – business, authorities, law enforcement agencies, as well as professional associations and organizations. And, perhaps, Most importantly – must not only deal with illegal occupation, but also to prevent such. That is, you must create a system of anti-raider in the regions that will be able to exercise constant control over the situation and effectively solve problems.

Company Websites

What is the site? Why do I need to create it? What are its benefits for the company? These questions are asked by many people. This article will try to answer each one. So: 'Web-site' in the translation from English means' place in the network. " By essence, the site – a collection of interconnected web pages, a common theme and a system of links. This year, the site celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Meet: info.cern.ch – the world's first website which was created in 1990. His designer was Tim Berners-Lee. The progenitor of all modern websites contain information describing the new technology World Wide Web and is unique to that time. To date, the global Internet space in the millions of sites of different directions. Site today, it's not just a means of communication – a real way to help in their business, and in some professional areas – the site itself and is the business project. How the site helps to develop the business? Very simply, it is representative of non-stop for millions of audience of Internet space. Creating a site, the company presents itself and its products consumers who, more importantly, may be even outside the country where this company is, and this happens quickly and without significant cost. With the globalization of business, having own web site gives the company a significant competitive advantage. Let's analyze the problem, decide which enables the creation of the company's site: 1. The task of attracting the maximum number of consumers.

Insurance Companies

Decide to buy a new car. And where the purchase, there is car insurance. But how to choose an insurance company? In the Russian market, hundreds of organizations offering their services. Internet enters a query rating of insurance companies and see the big portals, filled with customer testimonials But can we rely on them? My personal opinion – no. The fact that each of these sites earns the advertising of insurance brokers and agents (banners everywhere). Of the eight hundred thousand negative reviews.

Even the reviews are full of confusing terms After a brief examination of these sites want to insure a car disappears altogether. 1. And would you leave your feedback if the year is insured, you have paid and you are happy? According to statistics, one out of ten “satisfied customers” will leave a positive one. 2.U you are all bad: delaying payment, or refuse to pay at all – climb to the Internet and elsewhere write that the company refuses to pay: “help” or “not fear, here are deceiving.” That such feedback is left eight out of ten people who are dissatisfied with the insurance company. Here is another “trick” people’s ratings: most reviews belong to the employees of these insurance (tip could leave each registration procedure is simple). Imagine this: You are head of sales insurance products, you have to subordinate the 20-Tb managers. Give them a job for ten minutes a day to leave good feedback about your company and bad for others That’s the whole rating.

There are several organizations that make up the ratings insurance companies. Among them “Expert RA”. This is a major independent rating agency that can really be trusted. They appreciate the companies such as: , This Perhaps the only reliable professional reliability rating of insurance companies.

Liquidation Of Companies

You know that normal elephants go to die in the valley of death. By analogy, the question arises as to which companies go to die and where is Death Valley firms. In general, I must say that even in middle age, each solid company is thinking about his death (At least since the age of two). Registration of companies (currently establishing a legal entity) – Just when you want to start to liquidate the company. In adulthood, each firm think about where it lies the valley of death. Theoretically, any company can live much longer than two years if its viability is supported by lawyers who know the accountants and auditors, but without such artificial prolongation of life, the organization rarely live more than three years (although there are also 'firm-centenarians', which does not carry any activity, but vlakuschie their miserable existence, supported by quarterly zero tax reporting).

The death of the company in 2 years – a worthy fate of any enterprise. Sensual firmovladelets usually tries to bury the dead company in a good, well-kept place. Timely liquidation of companies frees owners and managers of businesses from the complexities associated with the activities of a legal entity. At the funeral services market (services on the Elimination of firms) the following options for the graves of business: 1. Pyramid – burial option for one organization – is built for a long time because you need to make a tax audit at the official liquidation of the company 2. Common Grave – liquidation of companies through mergers or through accession – method is less costly liquidation of the legal person; 3. Cremation – liquidation of companies through re-organization of the 'nominal', ie, by selling the company to new owners and changes of the Director General of the organization, with followed by kebabs cooked on the documents of the company (sent by the act of reception-transmission of the new Director General of the company).