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Link Exchange Campaign

Link Exchange is the technique of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, whose purpose is to get external links to our site they make to our site. This is important because every link that binds us favors our page rank and our positioning in search engines. Not all links are equal. When we get linked sites of quality, high page rank, it is best if the link is part of a low pagerank site. There are several strategies for getting links.

One is the viralizacion articles. That is, from the creation of a blog or blog, you can distribute these articles to free article directories, promote blog, for example on sites like Technorati or Dmoz, or disseminate the material through bookmarking sites. Also, in the same vein, you can write as a guest blogger for other sites. That is, else you are invited to write an original article, which can add a link to your site. Other ways is to create directories. Many sites, surely you've noticed, have a section of resources, or links friends, in the form of a directory. There are many softwares that can help you manage your directory. In this way, you can take note of the url where, presumably, your link will appear and let you know if it is not reciprocal, ie, does not meet the condition that the other site'm just linking you too, that entry in the directory up.

One risk is to end in Exchange link penalized sites, ie, categorized as "link farms" or link farms. These are sites with no relevant content except for links you have. In some cases, Google penalizes these links farms, and therefore can hurt you. If you decide to address a campaign to link Exchange, you should make sure to give some order to the links that are on your site. Usually, you create a section called Resources, and Links Friends, or Directories. It is very common in many blogs also include links in the blogroll. The disadvantage of the latter way of exchanging links is that it is very orderly (the links of blogroll appear one below the other). On the other hand, you can not put, usually an adequate description. In addition, the blog roll has a very bounded extension. Exchange link campaigns are very effective. But you should also make sure your partner does not have the attribute "nofollow" in the directory. In this way, prevents indexing by search engine crawlers. Sometimes you do that when you know they can be penalized, for the reasons explained above. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source ag

Keyword Density

There are no barriers to the successful promotion of a site on the Internet, but in order to break into the top search engines you need to know some of the nuances of promotion. One major factor that is very important to consider is to create an optimal keyword density on your page. No need to overload the site hand column, do not need to enter through each word or phrase query that you want to get traffic, do not optimize the text so that it becomes impossible to read, it is important to observe the golden mean. After all, not without reason it is called golden. Problems can arise from the excessive amount of keywords that will strike the eye, hiding behind a rest of the text.

Most likely the visitor will close the site just as soon see a similar picture. No one unpleasant to read search engine spam, and search engines is not respected, therefore, not likely to index the article. Be careful, especially if you are a novice webmaster, who has not yet figured out all the subtleties and wisdom search engine promotion. Must strictly abide by posed framework, to avoid all sorts of mishaps. If you have recently begun to deal with the topic seo, please visit the website, a link to that shown below the article, it will help you understand a little bit and understand the basic principles.

SEO Copywriters

It is believed that the text can write any employee who somehow understands the topic. That's why sometimes you can find the following texts: "The company performs the following works installation and repair of electrical equipment, making process installation, construction and installation work for the introduction of new and reconstruction of old facilities, as well as commissioning, ie object delivery 'turnkey'. Performs cable work. The company produces Rigging work, has extensive experience in installing power transformers, weighing up to 100 tons, which were performed on many objects in the Tyumen North and other regions. At present, these works can also be made in any Russian regions and cis. "Nearly all the texts published on the Internet are in open access that allows you to copy and place the information on other resources through a simple combination of Ctrl + C Ctrl + V. Quite often stolen not only the description of goods and services, but also texts about the company, which merely changed the contact information.

Accommodation stolen text affects the display of a site in the serp, which leads to reduce the number of visitors. It is impossible to say exactly the optimal frequency of key phrases in the text. For example, to Yandex, which takes into account the morphology, phrase, search engine optimization and search engine optimization will be the same phrase. Thus, both the frequency will be the same. But for Yahoo phrases in ektaterinburge website promotion and website promotion in the Ekaterinburg will be different. And frequency should be calculated for each phrase separately. In addition to the application of optimization rules, the text must be literate and spelling, and style.

Although some copywriters specifically use in their texts misspelled words or typos to display the site is on such "wrong" key phrases, as Many users search for information in that form. Seo-copywriter creates a text that will be interesting to visitors and search engines. Of course, can be placed in the text of a huge number of keywords for which to promote the site, but it will lead to what visitor simply close your web page and search engine ban for trying to cheat the rating. Everything should be in measure. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality text, it is best to contact the company main specialization is search engine optimization sites.


Especially because of its profit Squidoo gives authors. However, in regard to the potential earnings from Squidoo and analogs will be a serious competitor – Hubpages. Having a smaller number of functions in contrast to Squidoo, Hubpages offers its users a significant bonus – 60% of ad impressions AdSense goes to the authors. Any clicks that fall on this part of the show entirely accrue Haber – those who create hubs (in fact – full article). Material interest was one of the reasons for the rapid growth in the number of partners Hubpages. The new network also attracts the attention of search engines. Often, a single hub falls in the top 10 much easier than a blog with a domain name the second level. For Haber, not versed in matters of seo, it's just a gift of fate.

Hubpages welcomes the unique content – it is one of the requirements for authors. That is, the contents of each hub should not be repeated anywhere else (although, Of course, good hubs are often duplicated without the author's knowledge and without a backward link to the source). Basis monetization Hubpages – Advertising Google AdSense. Talk about the death of Adsense are more than a year, occasionally flaring up with new force. However, in reality it is nothing more than a rumor created by those who want to roll out a product 'for quick money on the Internet.

" Generally Hubpages team developed a convenient interface for partners of the program AdSense. All that required – to insert your AdSense pub-ID in one window, and from that moment on, all hubs author will contain advertisements of his identity. For those who are not yet a partner, Google AdSense, invited them to become quickly – Hubpages has an agreement with AdSense. In addition to AdSense, y Authors have the opportunity to advertise online store Amazon, auction site eBay, and, of course, to promote any other products. Hubpages is easily integrated with the service statistics, Google Analytics, after which the user can view raznobraznye data on the attendance of any hub. The main requirement for working with Hubpages is an English language – he's the only used in this kontentnots network. If this is not an obstacle, then you have the opportunity start earning online just by creating a hub. You can download a free guide to working with Hubpages, which will find the necessary information to create an account, the choice of topics and writing hubs, as well as their promotion.