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Memory Storage Stick

The new platform allows us to provide phone owners the possibility of instant messaging and socializing in chat mode, to realize the control function of presence, secure payments and transactions from your bank account, to introduce high-quality user authentication mechanisms and data encryption, as well as to solve other problems. Download free themes, Java games, applications, ring tones to your phone Sony Ericsson. Accelerometer and a Photo Tag – Automatic image orientation and labeling photos tagged Enjoy your pictures in portrait or landscape mode. To switch modes, simply rotate the phone. When you run a slide show, you can choose lighting effects Rhythm & Lights. For the first time on the phone now has a Photo Tag: you can label photos with comments, and search for them. This function is complementary to the creation of various albums, plus Standard Timeline View.

3G High-Speed Internet Broadband Internet on your phone now available thanks to the emergence of mobile networks, third generation. High speed data transfer – up to 384 kbit / s – allows video calls download streaming media, web pages, send MMS and email messages. email, wherever you are. Video call Now you're not just talking with my companion, you see it! When the video call, you see companion to the main phone screen, and he sees you. You achieve the best results when dealing with a business partner and set closer contact with friends and family. Walkman 3.0 player for the first time the new flagship of the K-series Player is equipped with Walkman 3.0, which was only available in the W-series phones, Sony Ericsson! Unique solution for the media With your phone kit you get a CD with software for music, images and video clips.

Transfer music, videos your phone. Media files and play them all to come together. You can easily move from folder to folder, or listening to music, enjoy the slides. Year third quarter of 2007 Package Type Color Classic Black body with green trim and the side navigation buttons insert, black with blue trim and the side navigation buttons insert Antenna Integrated Frequency GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 / UMTS 2100 / EDGE / HSDPA Size 102mm. x 48mm. x 17mm. Weight 118gr. Built-in Memory 40MB Expandable Memory Storage Card Memory Stick Micro (M2 ) / SanDisk microSD / Transflash 512 MB included. Battery Li-Pol (lithium polymer), 950 mAh battery BST-(9:00. Tazgovora and 400 hours. Standby) Power

Making Money

In the early XV century aristocrats in Florence hardly tolerated, "shopkeeper and moneylender," Cosimo de 'Medici. This man seemed attracted money! Remind fellow citizens of their great-grandparents of three elected at the post gonfaloniere (higher position during the Florentine republic), Cosimo considered useless: because the Medici supported the plebs and their descendants for many years been banned from holding public office. He, Cosimo, was the first ever to be ruler. And he did it thanks to the skillful use of its considerable capital. Money is always rescued him, although one of the favorite priskazok old man (for so many years was called Cosimo ordinary Florentines) was: 'Make Money – not the main thing. " In our time, such as he probably would have called oligarchs. But Cosimo de 'Medici did not pay any attention to the nickname or the sidelong glances – he insists on doing his job, and the visible fruits of his labor have been the best reward.

From his father he inherited banking offices and 180 thousand florins. And for forty years to build a real financial empire, was the banker of the papal court, has opened offices in nineteen cities across Europe. Aristocrats could as want to whisper behind his back. Do not reckon with him was impossible. A wise saying about a good ability to spend money for each has its own meaning. Someone finds it wise to invest all profits in business development, some sure that the money needed to own anything they want, someone fills their coffers … Cosimo de 'Medici money needed to rebuild the world in its own way, to alter life for themselves. The head of the financial empire with a tightly stuffed wallet became ruler of Florence.

If someone thinks that at that time engaged in politics in Florence, the holy angels, he is deeply mistaken. In the political arena was a mortal combat – so that the Medici had to transform itself from a banker and businessman in an exciting detective character. His main rival was the leader of the party Noble (noble), Rinaldo degli Albizzi. An experienced politician, he quickly put too experienced opponent on both blades: a year had passed, as Cosimo was charged with a felony against the republic – and thrown into prison, where he was expected to solve their plight. However, the millionaire Cosimo found a way to pass the will of "the banking payment system" to bribe the judges. Money did not disappoint his master: Signoria (elected government of Florence) Medici was sentenced not to death, and for the expulsion. Reference lasted only a year. Florentines was re-elected all Signor, and supporters came to power Medici. Rinaldo was expelled, Cosimo – refunded. Moreover – he was elected gonfaloniere! Millions have worked at this time. Now all Republican positions occupied his supporters. However, during the Medici in Florence, as is known to flourish.

As Demonstration

Source of working capital in the form of loans has dried up almost completely. Export and import operations were limited to a natural minimum in the first place Sales confidently leave essential goods, reflecting a reasonable balance "of price and quality." Various kinds of "premium" zamorochki quickly fading, giving way to products of rational choice. As Demonstration example, alcohol market, experts say the least constricted crisis, which however, even the leaders, Distillery "Khortytsya", recently announced the conclusion of a new brand, unconvincing positioned as "premium-minus" Why is that? Sobering up – that's what it's retail market. And – thanks to the fact that consumer preferences, the previously strongly departed from the point of rational choice under the influence emotions of so-called branding, quickly returned to where they supposed to be. This point, the example of food can be characterized by the following parameters: The parameters of consumer preferences option number 1 Minimum possible period of implementation. Most of all – it's 5-7 days, depending on the product. "Long Playing" category will continue to decline in sales option number 2 Minimum number of additional "colors" the most natural product with no fruit or other additives. Now more than ever, a strong faith in a 'live' yoghurts and various "probiotic" supplement option number 3 manufacturer, whose factories are located in further than 50-70 km from the place of sales in the environmental area to ensure the purity of raw materials. In conjunction with the preceding paragraph – a guarantee to get always fresh product option number four lowest price.

Unified State Registry

To understand what a process of elimination, you should first apply to the Civil Code, which provides an accurate and legally correct explanation of the term "liquidation of the company." Liquidation – complete termination of the legal person lawfully without succession, that is, to others the rights and responsibilities not transferred to the organization. A legal entity may be liquidated by a decision of its authorized body or its shareholders or by court order at the suit of an authorized state or municipal authority. Simply put, the liquidation of a company – is it an exception from the Unified State Registry removal of the tax registration and a complete cessation of all claims to this legal entities. Now consider more specifically the general procedure for closing institutions. First of all, at a general meeting of founders decided to elimination, and also approved by the members of the liquidation committee, date and manner of liquidation.

For the organization would be better if the liquidation commission (liquidator) is made up of citizens who are well acquainted with the state Affairs of the firm. Chairman of the liquidation commission (liquidator) can be assigned to any person. It should be noted that if the firm is liquidated member state or municipality, in of the liquidation committee shall include representatives of local government. Thus, the commission is created. What should she do? First post a message in the official press about the liquidation of legal person, as well as notify creditors of the liquidation of the company.


That is, to promote their products on foreign markets, should give part of its market to foreign goods. In this case, the economic benefit of such an exchange can be negative for the national economy and domestic capital, but beneficial to its export component, which typically is an area of interest and control political groups. However, this process is the constraining components do not allow this exchange to be negative for the country to such an extent that it violates political stability and threaten the government stay in the existing political factions. In the first group of countries the state apparatus must also take into account the economic interests of competitors in the political struggle, in the second group of this component is missing. It is obvious that these processes are influenced by economic groups which have basically not only the national capital, but also groups with foreign or mixed capital operating in the country on a long term basis. Here is an example.

In the best prices for rolled steel in Russia 90s, the U.S. government imposed restrictions on the supply of steel from Russia to protect the interests of their stalepromyshlennikov. In response, the Russian government, under pressure from his stalepromyshlennikov, imposed restrictions on meat imports of U.S. poultry. As a result of negotiations a compromise was found and opened the import of certain types of Russian rolled steel and lifted restrictions on imports of U.S. poultry meat. World economic relations, the profitability exports or imports have a significant impact on the formation of foreign policy and the state of the domestic economic and political situation in any country.

Aluminum Tile Alulife

Only 200 years ago, aluminum was a rare metal, and cost 1500 times more expensive than iron. Due to the development of new technologies for this metal, aluminum has become widely used for production in various industries industry – mechanical engineering, aircraft manufacturing kitchen utensils, food packaging, etc. Quite high strength characteristics, low density, good thermal and electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance and processability can be attributed to aluminum among the most important industrial materials. Now, this metal has become indispensable for the design of buildings of any type. Of it are made false ceilings, balcony frame, fastening systems for facades. The Italian company Alulife proposed a new solution for the exclusive interior decoration – tiles made of aluminum. It can be used for floor finishes, walls, partitions, stairs, ladders and even the facades of buildings.

Aluminum Tile Alulife represented in four colors. In addition to the natural color of proposed color of stainless steel, gold and black. Each of them can be performed in two variants of surface treatment – matte or glossy. Standard tile size 33×33 cm and 50×50 cm, however, possible to order all sizes – from 5×5 cm to 200×200 cm thickness of each tile – 5 mm. This is sufficient for use it as a durable and aesthetic flooring.

Aluminum Tile Alulife comes in the form of simple squares, squares with beveled or squares with shpuntovochnymi grooves. The last option is most relevant for finishing the floor – to create a homogeneous gapless design. Decorative Tile Alulife made of 100% aluminum and has a number of advantages. Among them, strength, resistance to moisture and chemicals connections, ease of maintenance, the replacement of any element without dismantling the whole structure. Aluminum tile is perfect for the realization of interior design in high-tech style. The combination of different colors and types of finishes surface allows you to create countless variations – from monochrome to ornamented floor coverings, walls and partitions. Simply and effectively looks trim in the form of a chessboard: aluminum tile color "Gold" or "metallic" combines perfectly with the black, smooth surface – with a matte. In a classic interior aluminum tiles can be used as decorative inserts in the floor or wall coverings, and also serve as the original decoration of the room. High reflective ability of products with a glossy surface finish allows their use as a decoration wall lights. In non-residential premises Aluminum Tile Alulife can be used to trim the columns, bar counters and reception desks, floor, bottom of the walls. In addition, aluminum tile is an excellent material for stair treads, catwalks, stages. Appearance the market of finishing materials tile Alulife dramatically expanded in interior design. However, the scope of the aluminum tiles are not only limited registration of premises. Due to its high resistance to moisture and temperature extremes, Alulife products can be used for exterior trim. Facades with aluminum tiles literally transform the entire building, making it more beautiful, original, monumental, and the combination different colors and textures can create their own designs and solutions. Aluminum tiles will be a good solution and to enhance the area around the outdoor pool. Its easy to clean, pleasant to walk on it, it does not require additional care, and in case of damage to individual structural element it is easy to be replaced. Thus, aluminum tile is a unique exclusive finishing materials, the use of which virtually unlimited.

Roses For Romance

Rose petals – how is it particularly, and at the same time, extravagantly! Rose – Queen of flowers, and that's it. Depending on the color and variety, rose – a symbol of love and a sign of respect. Roses will express all the shades of your feelings. Roses – flowers that have fragrant and showy appearance. Roses can give for any occasion! A rose petals, this is the highlight of which is needed in almost all mental activities, whether it's a wedding, birth, and even birthday.

Well but that is already talk of a romantic evening. Here is a particularly bright and beautiful. The various uses of petals very much. You can put your child's name from the rose petals in front of the hospital windows. Your wife will be in delighted, because a woman's heart will never stand before such a wonderful gift. Our company has a presence in different varieties of roses, that is, different shades: from pink to maroon-red, bright red, black roses, white, pale pink, etc. You can order the labels of roses, though recognition of your favorite, or a loved one, whether the proposal for the wedding, so of course many expressions of his feelings as colors.

Insurance Definition Insurance

The life of the people at all times is a continuous movement, which makes it have to be exposed to different situations, often unforeseen, which may also have a significant impact, so best to make those situations some not so serious, is to have available a means of help or support that represents a contribution to meet the different results that are generated during certain events, half as insurance, which no doubt have allowed for persons a solution to a serious event. As you can understand the insurance can be valuable tools, so it is recommended that those who do not know well the definition of insurance and most likely do not have the means, get an idea of what follows from the definition insurance and benefits you have to access this type of contract. Thus the definition of insurance refers to a type of contract, in which one party, take the form of insurance, while another person will insured therefore trigger an obligation of a party to some extent provide a solution to certain contingencies on account of a financial reward which gives life to the obligation to insure. Mainly what is attributed to compensate damage insurer or meet other performance of the contract agreed to by the occurrence of a specific situation. Among the various cases that can fit within the protection from the definition of insurance, accidents are the result of different actions, but most accidents in those activities considered as dangerous as working on a construction or operating motor vehicles or motorcycles, it is also possible protection as a result of the definition of insurance before the fire the effect of different conditions, among many other situations. Within the definition of insurance, the insurer as the carrier usually an insurance company or insurance, which is organized low figure corporation, but there are other entities that can act on the part of the insurer, as occurs with certain co-operatives or to agency official. In the definition of insurance, it is worth noting some key features, as this type of contract is a consensual basis, as is perfected by mere consent of both parties and from the time of the voluntary acceptance begins to take effect, also this is bilateral, since as already mentioned several times produces both obligations and reciprocal rights between two parties that are the insurer and the insured and last in the definition of insurance is evidenced by the appearance of being random as regards to compensation for loss or damage resulting from an uncertain event, since it is not known if this if you can get accomplished.