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Rich Life

We often call it – call the thickly falling in love, which, over time, so there is no talking, all passes, but not dull, as some people think. You may ask, what about those couples that have lived all their lives together? And I'll tell you, nothing strange about it. Just by their very nature they are not so persistently, or stubborn, and entangled in the nets, and lay the rest of his days. Love here does not even smell. Man is a creature that prilovchitsya to anyone, even if not understood and not always pleasant situations. From there, swim and betrayals, and misunderstandings and banal headache in women is not the most the right time. But time passes, disappears from that of the primer pairs who pobuynee, and those who are always near quieter here, and they lapped and let live so secretly hoping that survive each other. Us, among other things, so bring up.

Let us recall the so-called "folk wisdom", and the wisdom of a "can endure – slyubitsya." And as you and morality of our papenek mamenek: "Choose for richer, happiness is in the money" – just do not say you were not taught this. Us with Children instructed to ensure that we are looking for a partner from good families, I mean the rich, and so was the car and apartment, and what people there really is a minor matters. That's how we live … pokazushniki comrades. The main thing to shreds were on – brighter, and then in the family – a continuous "shkandal." Do not know if each of us is really looking for your soul mate, entanglement in nets ambiguously smiling passers-by, then gets up and goes on to bail out and look for that or only single is not so important – so is his whole life, that is, to us all. But those lucky single, who are – still managed to find her in this life, I truly envy you, that's my word, though so I do not idiliynyh relations met in my life and called for a g e a. Choose which of the versions provided closer to you, but what about me then – both fairly pragmatic, but this is the reality of life as it is not sad it sounds.

Interior Design: From Design To Implementation

If we buy an apartment in the new building, it gets us in its pure form: it has walls (not bad even with windows), floor, ceiling and in fact everything. Everything else – the matter of our imagination and material possibilities. What will be the interior design flats, depends only on yourself. Where to start work on furnishing a new home? It is desirable to find a designer who is best to begin to look for another apartment in the selection process, namely for Several months before the repair. If you come to a designer at a time when there is a purchase of building materials and job search will be too late to succeed a truly unique design of your home.

Start reincarnation of the interior should be a choice of style, which will be decorated your apartment. To find what you like, discard what is obviously not suit you. Only after, when left to choose from several options, we can begin to choose among them. It should be noted that the complex repair of apartments, especially new, usually not without replanning. Here it is necessary not only true to divide space but also make sure that wall, you're going to carry, will not carriers.

Information on this is from the developer or the Department of Technical Inventory. Think about what kind of furniture you would be willing to put in each room, which zones distinguish the purposes for which used. On this basis, we can determine the size of each room. After the planned electrical and lighting, there also needs to involve specialists and give them all their wishes and requirements as to where to placed sockets, switches and so on. Together with the lighting planned and ceilings, in which also often lighting and installed. After that, the zone defined by sex: a floor on which of them will be laid. Here the choice is huge: parquet, cork, carpet, tile, laminate, linoleum, mosaic. Having defined the areas in the room will be set at the same time and the number of material, and hence its price. In the same way with the materials for the walls: wallpaper, painting, textiles, wood paneling, Venetian plaster. Separately should be said about finishing a bathroom and lavatory. Not necessarily all walls covered with tiles. In today's interiors combine it with other types of finishing materials, such as with plaster or paint. Upon completion of all planned out and checked, you can begin to repair. But even after its completion, the work does not end. The choice of furniture – is also crucial stage of the interior. To all looking perfectly, was couched in the same style, will help professional advice. Proper role in the interior plays decor. Here, it's difficult to do without consulting the designer. It certainly tells you how to best arrange the photos, pictures, posters, put down vases, sculptural ornaments, and other interior details. To fully understand whether your interior completed or it needs revision, you must live in the apartment. Surely after a few weeks you realize what you are missing to be completely happy.

Paolo Rossi

At the moment the market there are so many varieties of interior doors in this article, we will not consider an array of doors from natural as well as luxury veneered doors cost from $ 350 per sheet. For in purchase doors from this price range you can not do without experts, who will assume and be responsible for all phases of professional measurement before the installation of doors. Many manufacturers of such doors denied the guarantee, if the purchase had been no official representative at, and it is not installed the appropriate (and sometimes even require a certificate – for example, to install the doors Paolo Rossi) specialists. Returning to the topic, consider those options are interior doors, which are the most popular and less demanding as to the financial opportunities for buyers and to his special knowledge and skills in carpentry area. Insides of the doors is most often very similar – a wooden frame, cellular content, the outer layer. Box, trim tiles and fixing plate for those doors at the moment more often made of MDF, at least – of pine array, the array in this case, of course, is better – but more expensive. The variety in this price segment is achieved by coating of doors: primed, laminated, coated with PVC film, veneer. Primed doors require subsequent painting, they are not too different from the price of the cheapest laminate, but again the same mandatory painting dramatically narrows the range of potential buyers doors.

Laminated doors do not require painting, are from $ 13 to $ 100 for a canvas. Laminate – textured paper impregnated with synthetic resin, of a thickness of 0.4-0.8 mm. Laminated doors have good aesthetic properties, but poorly resistant to mechanical stress and moisture. Covered with PVC film door a little more expensive than laminate, while in no way inferior to them in terms of appearance, and even win. In addition, PVC-coated rigid, resistant to mechanical stress, moisture and keeps its appearance in perfect condition for a very long time. Veneered doors are more expensive laminated and coated with PVC.

Veneer – wood material, which is Thin sheets of wood that are used for obkleivaniya surface. Natural Veneer produced by cutting part of the surface of solid wood. Pros natural veneer – ecological purity of the material, the uniqueness texture, aesthetics. The color scheme of veneer is practically unlimited. The downside is not very expensive veneer can be glued to call quality – with time he can keep up, and often the lack of high-quality lacquer, because which it will be more susceptible to abrasion. In any event, no matter what door you choose, their functionality and durability will depend largely on the quality of installation.