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Observatory Center

Examined a large mound, the sanctuary was a hemispherical elevation with a flat pad size on top and a moat around the ring. Identified were funerary complex and the temple-shrine. The temple, the sanctuary was erected on the ruins of the burial complex. He looked like a 9-speed truncated pyramid erected log cabins, from the stands, the soil and cane. The steps of the pyramid and the top floor used for ritual activities. Arch Closest historic match Sintashte – Arch, which also dates from the XXII-XVII centuries. BC.

Oe. and close to Sintashte in shape and size, but remained in a satisfactory condition. Arch – the oldest center of industry, religion, agriculture in the southern Urals was discovered by archaeologists in 1987 Perhaps the most mysterious archaeological site on Russian territory. The city-fortress of the ancient Aryans was abandoned for unclear reasons the owners and burned about 4000 years ago. Arch reiterated his the existence of occult notions of Aryan settlement. Arch was built on a pre-drawn by the plan with precision. The entrances to the fortress clearly oriented to the cardinal. All lines have a circular center where radial lines converge.

The city was built and lived by the laws of astrology, according to the laws of the Cosmos, which gave reason to believe that Arch – prigorizontnaya Observatory. In general, the Aryan culture has always been closely linked with astrology. Researchers note that to create an observatory of this kind had to know that the Earth is a sphere and with the other planets move around the sun.

Mga Oil

On the Russian territory should be used hydraulic oil specifically designed for fluid power drives and serially produced by domestic refineries: MG-15B gost 17479.3-85 (VMGZ tu 38.101479-00) and Mga-46V (MG-30 tu 38.001347-83), which according to gost 26191-84 "oils. Lubricants and special liquids (restrictive list and order of appointment), Annex 8 to gost 14892-69 "Hydrostatic drive for articles in the" northern "performance" and ost 22-1488-86 are the main varieties of fluids. Hydraulic oil MG-15B (VMGZ tu 38.101479-00) multigrade hydraulic thickened intended for use by mobile machinery and industrial equipment in areas with cold Climate (CL), preferably with an axial-piston pumps and motors, and seasonal – in winter with a gear-and vane pump. This oil is produced on the basis of thickened with a composition of additives, provide the necessary viscosity, low temperature and foaming properties. It provides start-up to the work of the hydraulic drive, without pre-heating and year-round operation of machinery and hydraulically equipment without the seasonal change in the temperature range from -53 to +53 C. Hydraulic oil Mga-46V (MG-30 tu 38.001347-83) is designed for operation of mobile hydraulic machinery and industrial equipment in the open air temperate areas (V) as a summer class and in all seasons for areas with warm climates (T) in the range of temperatures from -20 to +75 C. Its oil is produced from selective treatment with the addition of antioxidant, antifoam additives and depressatora, which lowers the freezing temperature.

The oil has good lubricating properties, resistance to oxidation and deposition of tar deposits, and also against foaming satisfactorily protects metal surfaces from corrosion. Frequency of replacement of the main varieties of hydraulic oils – in 3500 4000 h, but at least once in 2 years. In the absence of major varieties hydraulic oil is allowed to seasonal change: in the winter – MG-22A (AC) in the summer – I-30A. Before the first start of the pump in the work necessary to complete all components of the hydraulic system – pumps, hydraulic cylinders, filters, heat exchangers – the fluid, while ensuring that production of air through the tube or fitting drain pipes until the outer leak.