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The uniqueness of insulating properties of liquid ceramic coating – the result of intense molecular effects of air in the hollow balls. With each passing day, these materials are finding increasing application, manufacturers are constantly report on the isolation of new facilities: The walls of residential and industrial buildings, both internally and externally. The roofs of residential and industrial buildings, both internally and externally. Metallic structures. Sheds and garages. Crane girders.

The lower part of the bridge (lower freezing) Pipelines thermal heating systems. Steam lines and pipelines. Air conditioning system. Tube with cold water (to prevent condensation). Hydrants, water heaters and boilers. Heat exchangers. Steam boilers. Pipelines, underground and surface.

Hot chemical mixing tanks. Capacity and water storage tanks, chemical reagents and etc. Coolers. Coating the inside of the housing of military and special purpose. . Road and rail tank cars for different liquids. Engine rooms of ships. Deck inner part of the courts. Scope of liquid ceramic insulation coatings is constantly growing. Creative use of thermal insulation enables manufacturers, retailers and consumers to discover and develop new areas of application of unique materials. Who knows? If the liquid ceramic insulation coatings are actually so unique properties – may be in the future all the insulation will liquid? Some experts – argue that all this is a myth and if you feel such coverage under the same procedures which have all the insulation materials – mineral wool, basalt wool, staple fiberglass, foam, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, extruded polystyrene foam, foam synthetic rubber and other more well-known tim, the thermal conductivity of liquid ceramic coating will be is approximately equal to the thermal conductivity of foamed polystyrene, conventional foam. One manufacturer introduced a stainless steel mug, one half of the circles is colored liquid ceramic coating, the other half – not painted or metal. In the cup they poured water from the kettle just zakipevshego, hold, told me from the side which is colored – not burn your hand. I took a mug – do not burn. Picked up on the other hand, is not painted – got burned. It turns out that the temperature of hot boiling water on my palm separated 2 layers, the first – stainless steel (excellent conductor of heat), the second – liquid ceramic coating 2 mm thick, and it spared me from burning. Where are all the same right? The unique thermal conductivity of these materials myth or reality?

CarTruck Kamaz

If you are interested in buying heavy-duty trucks, we recommend you get acquainted with the representative of heavy-duty dump technique Kama automobile plant – car-truck KAMAZ-6520 with a 6×4. This representative machinery KAMAZ can lift 20 tons and weighs 33 tons KAMAZ-6520 – the base model heavy-duty trucks, heavy trucks. This truck is designed to move all sorts of goods for the construction industry or on the road, when a load 10-13 tons had to strengthen the frame, making them solid. Thus, the capacity of KAMAZ-6520 has increased. Stabilizer bar on the the front axle and rear axles ensures greater stability laden truck in the turns, and lock the differentials interwheel improves patency in heavy traffic conditions.

On a flat road KAMAZ-6520 can speeds up to 100 km / h or more at a rate of 39 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Motor truck KAMAZ-6520 capacity of 320 liters. C. Fully complies with environmental standards Euro-2. The construction of bridges leading truck KAMAZ-6520 provides spaced drive: Planetary reduction gears and a single-stage side gear in the center. Dump truck KAMAZ-6520 is safe, manageable and perfectly harmless, ie, in compliance with the standards and requirements for trucks of this class in Russia and abroad.

CNC Tool

At the present time to the products in the industry attributed to special regulations, as have more and greater manufacturing rebuild on the latest equipment – CNC machines. With such equipment is used special equipment: products and devices. The mechanisms may classify different types of mandrel. Type the mandrel is especially important for the outcome of the machine – good times in the mandrel tool improves the quality and impact of the car. Newest tool mandrel have small size, great clarity, comfortable design clamping reliability.

Removable mandrel causes significant beating tool, it is not suitable for speeds of CNC machines, and removable tool mandrel previous issue will soon deteriorate, and with them the details. Latest mandrel more clear. By definition we mean less wear of other parts of the machine, drop the beats in his detail finishing, improvement in surface features. Comfortable design allows the clamp quickly and easily change the details of the tool mandrel, which saves time specialist. Clamp itself becomes a strong force. High quality mandrel purchased together with the machine and reliable, so their value reduces the cost of the final product and is favorable for the customer.

More efficient types of equipment at the price of risk spoil the car, soon to come into disrepair, become a risk to the master, mess up the instrument. Instrumental mandrels termozazhimom call and termoopravki. Their operating principle is simple. Each mandrel has a cascading opening in which placed the instrument. In cold termoopravki product is in a position in its widest part, after heating the mandrel until the desired temperature, the instrument is inserted freely to the next level holes. Through a special device cools the mandrel with a specialist tool for a few moments. To release the tool to heat up again mandrel. Termoopravki design is not complex, so allows you to create tooling for all types of tools and dimensions. And the accuracy of the process allows the use of extension cords, creating optimum conditions. The cost of the tool mandrel no more than percent of the total price machine. However, the savings on this, like, small details can lead to much stronger effects, so that the mandrel must be chosen with increased alertness.