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Beni And Pando

These are the departments less colonising with Bolivia and that have Sunday referendo where the autonomy would be approved, ratifying the tendency of the plebiscite of Santa Cruz of the 4 of May and encouraging to that Tarija does own the 22 of June. The cultural autonomy is a demand that has pierced in many sectors of these departments due to the geographic distances and that there is in front of the Plateau and to the wearing down before the fact that Bolivia has been one of the centralized South American republics more (unlike great part of the subcontinent the Bolivian departments never chose directly to their authorities). Paradoxicalally, the parties that today impel Yes are those that were in the governments of 1971-78 and 1985-2002 without questioning the super centralism. The indigenous government, unions and organizations call to boycott these elections, which they blame of racists or separatists, although in this way are distanced of certain regionalistic popular sectors while Evo prepares a future agreement with the right. The problem basic it is not the division of Bolivia, but property system will have that republic on the natural earth and resources.

The elites of Average Moon want to guarantee their interests and fear the leftist threat to make a reform agrarian or to nationalize hydrocarbons. The objective of the right is not as much to start off for this republic but to generate social and territorial a base to destabilize and later to replace the indigenista government. Evo, on the other hand, could well try to end this movement expropriating earth and companies of that it calls oligarchy camba but does not want to do it stops not to be distanced of the enterprise layers and average Andean and of its international surroundings fearing that it allowed of the most revolutionary sectors overflows. From which we have a game of paradoxes. The right that when it was in the power never gave no degree of autonomy now to the average moon raises the form more outpost of this one in the continent. The left that in Peru and Ecuador usually urges on regionalism of the amazonian zones, in Bolivia is against the Eastern autonomy. The right that uses the regionalistic letter in truth looks for a national change, the left that speaks to end the oligarchy does not want to confiscate to him. Evo is in crossroads. He wants to manage to unite to his republic and that this one does not have very drastic changes that generate conflicts, reason why he could be more inclined to look for to conciliate with the leaderships of the Average Moon that do not want that trastoque free market although feels like the great pressure of the unions and farmers much who demand a more radical course to him. Original author and source of the article.

The Senate Rejects The Cost Ceiling That The Government For Year 2012. 9999 Proposes. News-Present Time

It rejected it to the Senate with the 123 votes of the PP, ERC, ICV, BNG and PAIR. The text definitively returns east Thursday to to be approved Congress. Salgado had demanded before the voting an exercise of " responsabilidad". As it were predicted, the Senate rejected east Wednesday with 123 votes of the PP, ERC, ICV, BNG and PAIR the ceiling of cost proposed by the Government to elaborate the General Budgets of the State for 2012, that ascends to 117,353 million Euros. As far as the rest of the senators, 112 Socialists have only supported the governmental agreement, including those of the Entesa, whereas the 14 abstentions that have received have come from CiU, GNP and East CC. result, anticipated when lacking the PSOE sufficient majority in the Senate, supposes that the text definitively returns east Thursday to the Congress of to be approved Deputies, after to have received Tuesday the first endorsement by the abstention from CiU, GNP, CC and UPN.

Given to the surroundings " very exigente" of the financial markets in which this debate takes place on the objectives of budgetary stability, economic vice-president of the Government, Elena Salgado, had demanded before the voting an exercise of " special responsabilidad" to the parliamentary groups. She reiterated in addition that " nothing prevents that the Budget is placed in limits inferiores&quot slightly; to the ceiling anticipated in 117.353 million, and that are a 3.8% minor who the one of 2011, if therefore it is decided when the project in September appears. Before the critics that have received since it mentioned this possibility in the debate in the Congress, he was sorry that the PP seems " not to understand bien" the concept of " limit mximo". " It is a barrier that we do not have to exceed, but nothing prevents neither in the budget of this year prevented nor it in those of previous years that are placed in numbers inferiores" , although east mechanism of additional saving has until now not been used. Answer of the PP But the economic spokesman of the PP, Francisco Utrera, protested that " if the number is going to be inferior, that number struggles inferior" and it accused with forcefulness to the Government of " to have lost something more than credibilidad" when presenting/displaying " acertijos" and a set of numbers " that they do not correspond with realidad". According to their calculations, the administrations not only are not going to save 5,000 million Euros, as the Executive alleges, but are going to spend 5,000 more another. It stressed that " a year plus the Government does not have more the support of the PSOE" , but it criticized " irresponsabilidad" of other groups that with its abstention " supposedly responsable" they allow that they stay present " levels of deterioro". Source of the news: The Senate rejects the cost ceiling that the Government for year 2012 proposes