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Earnings From Google Adsense

Google Adsense – a program that allows owners to make money online sites. Adsense system automatically understands the content of each page of your site through keyword analysis and based on these data, selects ads to be the most relevant content to your site. There are two main sources of income in this program – it's Adsense for Content and Adsense for search. Adsense for content – enables the integration of ad units directly into content pages. Adsense for Search – allows you to put on the site search box, where the search results page will be displayed relevant search ads. Thus, the site owner will receive the income, if user clicks on the ad interested him. Many publishers, Adsense, do not get revenue from their sites, to this there are a number of reasons: 1) Do not change the settings of your ads in Adsense, leaving all the defaults.

Thus, ad look just like advertising. 2) sites are made for advertising – it's the wrong approach. People do not come to the site to show ads, they are looking for a solution to their problems. Goal of the site – if possible find a solution. 3) The site pops themes (skins on the phone, pictures, clipart). 4) Sites everything about everything – these sites usually do not have a particular topic (warez – portals, entertainment websites) they often put social ad clicks on which no paid. 5) Your ads are not directly relevant to the site (users click on ads if they are relevant).

6) Use keywords to deceive search engines, try to influence the result of the issuance. Search Engines negative attitude to such sites, and can be deleted from the index, which in turn will affect earnings. To increase the income you need to play with the ads, swap advertising blocks, permanently monitor your account statistics. You can use the service on traffic estimates, thanks to which you can learn the approximate cost per click on a particular keyword. Try not to use banners, users do not notice them (banner blindness). Pick up for their projects meaningful names, reflecting the kind of your business. Enrich your site useful content.

The Solution

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115) it appears affirming that ' ' exactly the life most elementary would be unimaginable without imitation … the man is capable to imitate isolated movements and functions not only, but also entire ways of behavior and ao' '. The individuals act for consequences and instincts. The man acquires in elapsing of its development as subject to capacity to carry through its routine activities of form instinctive mechanics and. Spider (1993, P. 07) in turn communicates routines constructed in the daily one of the individual: ' ' it is dressed, it eaten, it thought, not as each one would like if dressing, eating or to think, but as the majority faz' '.