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Plasma Work

At the moment there is a low demand for labour, so that people who come to have a secure job are very few, the vast majority have a job that is in a tightrope. This allows companies require their employees every time more jobs that are held for extras without pay, require hours impose us an increase in the activities set out in the contracts we signed upon entering, requirements to achieve goals of excessive sales or productivity, which are linked to our salary in the form of commissions. Because of this our family, emotional and social relationships decrease drastically, is common that the children see their fathers, only at night, that father figures are grandparents and maybe remember their parents only by photographs. An alternative to this situation is to work independently as external staff for other companies, this gives us freedom to manage our time in the way that we want, but we have a big disadvantage. If we want to have more money, we will have to work hard again, this becomes in a vicious, which provokes, that at the end we work still more than in a traditional job. We all dream of being entrepreneurs, being the owners of our own time, without anyone to us of orders, opening and closing our business when we want. However this reality is very similar to the autoempleado, since now the liability of business fall on our hands, because we have the idea of if you want something goes well, you do it yourself, what will bring us as a result work more and have more responsibilities. What confronts us with Robert Kiyosaki in his book rich dad, poor is father that all must be responsible in managing our finances, we must be aware of two very important terms that are active and passive.

Explains in a simple way and without mixing the accounting definitions that: an asset is something that puts money in your pouch. Let us take an example. When we buy a House, it becomes a liability, for what reason?, good We’ll generate expenses, such as the payment of property taxes, the remodeling we do, etc. If we put them in income instead will generate extra income without that we work for it, with which we will have obtained an asset. A liability is something that takes money from your purse. For example: the Plasma screen we just buy, if we need money and we want to sell, we will always offer less of what we pay for it, by the use we already gave him, therefore its value always goes down. In the example of an asset, we realize that we require an effort to buy the House, but we saw the benefit in the time in which we begin to rent, because we are already enjoying the fruits of our effort. Therefore our primary objective from now on should be increasing our asset column.

European Central Bank

If there was something that was very difficult to foresee was that the European Central Bank decided to make a cut in interest rates. If there was something more difficult to predict is that such a cut would be 50 basis points. And if you like, something much harder still, it was foresee such a cut of 50 basis points to occur outside the pre-set meetings of the ECB to evaluate the progress of prices in the eurozone and the decisions deemed as a result. They realized that, finally and after all, there is no much difference between developed countries and those developing in what refers to the decisions of economic policy in crisis situations? Developed economies have spent decades criticizing decisions made by countries in developing amid the crisis. Today, the first world countries are taking the same measures without considering the consequences which it may have in the future, although this would appear not to import them. Last days were, without a doubt, loaded with shocking news. Both was the flow of news that one did not quite digest them, that others of similar magnitude immediately appeared.

For example, while in Iceland was established a banking playard (perhaps advised by some Argentine), in England it was decided the partial nationalization of private banks in a plan estimated at 60,000 million euros. Nationalization, bailouts, higher guarantees for bank deposits, direct loans from the Fed to the companies, etc, etc, all is used when there is a clear solution to stop this crisis. In this context, a measure that will generate a great impact in the markets, which did not show a positive reaction before the approval of the American mega plan or the increase in the amount of guaranteed deposits in European banks was imperative. Is for this reason that the U.S. Federal Reserve.UU., the European Central Bank (ECB), the Bank of England and the central banks of Switzerland, Canada and Sweden decided a cut coordinated in their 50 points reference interest rates Basic.

Investment Greater Security

Zurich. While the news from Iraq are not comforting, the country of the two rivers in any way records progress, especially in the socio-cultural and economic field. Some news unfortunately are not disclosed and not come down to us. However this, the economic reconstruction of Iraq is not stopped and the interest by large, medium and small investors increases day by day. They are mostly foreign companies, among which many German bent on the same reconstruction, obtaining this higher gain. Experts like Michael Amram, Manager of the Swiss company M & S Investment, specializing in the currency trade, predict for this country rocked by the Gulf wars good economic growth.

Not benefit only companies and big investors but also local small entrepreneurs. M & S Investment with their offerings at offers anyone the possibility of investing in the Iraqi currency, the Dinar. In addition to economic development, it is the current exchange against the dollar that the Iraqi Dinar (IDQ) makes an interesting means of investment. The current change is over 0,000825 USD. We must remember that since 2004 to date currency has tripled its value. They are especially large reserves oil and gas driving the rise of the Iraqi Dinar, says convinced Amram. Their assumption is corroborated by the historical development of the Gulf region.

History shows that the Iraqi Dinar has long been a strong currency with a change equal to the other currencies of the Nations of the Gulf with huge oil reserves and sources of gas, between these Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Indeed, with the beginning of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, it has involved the country in many military conflicts, the Iraqi Dinar has lost its value, in any era of 3.39 USD. Fundamentally international trade sanctions on Hussein times have demolished the Iraqi economy. Fortunately, the situation has changed and the economy of the country of the two rivers can again develop, another reason cited by the expert in favour of the recovery of the currency. The world of oil dependence, the repayment of Iraqi debt, new laws on free trade and a new banking system give the Iraqi Dinar fair features to become a good source of investment also for small investors, says Amram. The Iraqi dinar can be ordered directly at, site Internet of the M & S Investment GmbH, the largest European seller for the Iraqi currency. Here it is possible to receive further information and clarify any questions.