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Restricted Zone

Today is easy and simple to buy properties as a foreigner in Mexico, even in what is known as the restricted zone. This special area covers all property within 50 km of any Mexican Coast inland, or 100 km from any border. Issues related to the history of Mexico, banned by law any foreigner obtain possession and ownership within this limit of 50 – 100 km. This belt is known as the restricted zone. Over time, and in order to attract and promote foreign investment, Mexican laws have been modified to create legal remedies enabling any foreigner to acquire immovable property within the restricted zone.

There are two simple ways accessible to anyone who wishes to acquire properties in Mexico, even in front of beach. One of them is the trust, the other is the formation of a Mexican company. The trust is used commonly when property weekends are for residential use, provided that the land does not exceed 2,500 m 2 extension (in which case, have to resort to the option of forming a Mexican company). The trust has three parties that compose it: the grantor (seller), the trustee (the buyer) and the trust (a banking institution). In its form, the legal effect of the trust is the trust to retain temporary of the immovable property and domain, and thereby complies with the provisions of article 27, fraction I of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States, which forbids foreigners to acquire property within the restricted zone. The trustee (the buyer) at the same time, is the sole beneficiary of the purpose of the trust, and as such beneficiary shall have and shall enjoy the use and possession of the property, may live in it, alter it, improve it, mortgage it rent it, sell it, transfer the benefits to another person either physically or morally, and perform any other act arising from the property.

Russian Advertising

To attract buyers need to create such products or to "build a mousetrap." This is characteristic of some of the companies that create software. Since many people understand that the needs may change, but there is no perfect product, they have a different approach: invest in creating effective marketing strategies that will attract the interest of the consumer. Even if your product is not perfect, but if you are able to attract the attention of consumers, it will be in demand. The task of the marketer today to provide interest consumer to a new product, and continuously heated interest, using any means of advertising, PR and so on. Here, as in war all means are good. Many marketers are promoting the products of the second method, long rejected the use of traditional advertising on television or in magazines.

It continues to be used, but its share is much smaller compared to online advertising and hidden advertising. It is much easier to conduct marketing campaigns on the Internet, using hidden advertising and viral marketing. What is the purpose of viral marketing? A sense that you are running in network information about a new product or service, and further information apply its own way, is transmitted from one user to another without your direct involvement. This marketing campaign gives loyal customers who will buy the product, and also tell about it to family and friends. Plus, these marketing campaigns in the fact that information falls immediately to your target audience. The principle is simple: consumers are always followed by "herd instinct". In each society or the Internet community has its own leader, followed by everyone else. It is important to begin a marketing campaign with just such leaders, because it is the opinion of such people trust.

The only place in the network Internet, where today you can find leaders and artists to your campaign platform is PostLance. Advertisers can place here your requirements for promotional campaigns. Artists registered with the system, regularly scan new arrivals and send advertisers with proposals for the execution of advertising campaigns. The system allows for a discussion of advertising campaigns within the system, as well as produce calculations with the performers. The author believes that the first approach to marketing is not effective in the Russian economy, so it makes sense to concentrate on the second approach. The use of new Internet distribution channels of information about products and services will allow you to create the desired brand image and effective with your target audience.