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Middle East

The first question that arises when the Gypsy tarot words are mentioned has to do with what is the tarot and how it works. According to those who practice it, the Gypsy tarot is a form of divination using a deck of cards, each with a symbolic meaning. This art of predictions allows you to see into the future and towards the inside of each of us, reflecting our thoughts, our dreams, and aspirations. Those who have read and heard about the readings of Tarot cards, consider it a guide to address difficulties arising throughout his life. Contrary to what many believe or say, the tarot has nothing ghostly or supernatural. There are many stories and theories about the origins of the Gypsy tarot.

Those who have investigated the history of the tarot agree to assure that the tarot was, in principle, only a card game. It was played in Italy, in the 4th century, and the Charter of more ancient tarot of which has belonged to the Visconti rulers of Milan. However, it is not known with precision the moment in which the Gypsy tarot acquired its reputation for medium to predict the future. From the ancient Egypt, many civilizations used images drawn on cards to predict events through symbolic representations. Some say that Tarot cards travelled from Europe to Middle East via the merchant caravans during the Crusades. Anyway, the Gypsy tarot origin remains a mystery. For a considerable time, Gypsy Tarot cards were a privilege of the upper classes of society.

Once invented the printing press, hand-painted decks became history and the deck became the popular classes. The typical Gypsy tarot deck has 78 cards, structured in arcane major and minor. The arcane Word suggests a secret and mysterious knowledge. The first set, major arcana, are also known as trump cards and contains 21 numbered cards. The card in El Tonto is the number 0. The second group, the minor arcana, consists of 56 cards, divided in 4 sets of 14 cards each. In our days, the Gypsy tarot is employed by many of its practitioners as a method of review of the experiences of the consultants, to explain their actions present and define the future.


' ' The lasting growth is a dream that can never become reality in these pases' ' , they write the authors of the study. The second thesis that was had as absolute truth and that now it gained some restrictions is that the growth biggest, exactly when confirmed, automatically means more money in the pocket of the investor. The authors demonstrate that he has factors more important that the GIP to explain the performance of the stock exchange. what it is happening in China, for example. Its economy grew impressive 38% in last the four years.

The stock market of Xangai, however, has not folloied this pujana. In this period, its main index fell 43%. This disparity can be explained in part for the precarious regulation and the lack of transparency of the local stock market. Many listed companies are state and the prices of the actions are kept artificially high by the government, for example. It has Chinese cases of company that see its value of market to fall for the half when they are listed in stock markets in the exterior.

The heavy interference of the State cause the distortions in China, but they also appear in other countries without as much influence of the public sector. In these cases, the distortions come of the lack of clear rules and transparency in the stock market. ' ' These restrictions harm the return of investidores' ' , Jorge says Xavier, partner of the Quest Investments, company of management of resources commanded by the former-minister Luiz Carlos Mendona de Barros. A good example is the shares. In the countries developed, according to Xavier, about 60% of the profits they are distributed the shareholders as shares. ' ' In Brazil 10% are alone and in China he is less ainda.' ' If the conditions are so bad, as have investors that they gain money with action in poor countries? ' ' Sorte' ' , Dimson says.

Andersen Yellow

Felt at the very moment when froze for a split second before you make the usual bow or curtsy. But eyes met with the king, they understood why their monarch decided this morning to arrange out of his chest flower bed. And the spirit of Andersen, a warm wind rustling, whispering to him, and comforted them, and weave in endless cobweb their stories unknown to the new flavor flower An hour later, yellow tulips adorned with all shops, taverns, shops, studios and hairdressers After a few hours in the kingdom has left almost no Danes to the chest that would not have been sewn wire star. People left their work and went for a walk. They walked slowly, shaking hands with opposing and fighting unhurried conversation about anything. It is simply nice chatting. It was truly a royal tour in to the authorities began turmoil.

Nobody knew what to do, and how to find now "legitimate" owners of yellow stars. Began mass arrests and to individual. But the arrest of the entire kingdom was impossible. It lasted three days. And during those three days, the Danes transported to neighboring Sweden for more than seven thousand Jews. That is, all the Jews who were in Denmark. All.

To one. In addition to those who had arrested during demonstrations. And not only the crossing, but still managed to raise money for each of them to shelter, food, medication, school And those who managed to arrest him, made it possible to survive in the Jewish ghetto of Terezin I think that the six-pointed yellow star magic thread and stitched on the mantle of the Great Andersen. Tales on the mantle itself. And this gown looks even more magnificent. And I believe that it is shielding me, not only in Denmark, but here, too. Even when I have a desire to sew their clothes yellow tulip and go on royal outing. But in the wind again hear the whispers of Andersen, which soothes and says that everything will be fine. Because, since he fell off the bed and died, becoming the most tales, his kingdom has no borders. And any may become a subject of a wonderful country, where year-round blooming tulips.

Affiliate Marketing

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Tunnel Development Company

No bridge was built and City continued to expand southward and westward, while this was their beaches constrinendose increasingly attracted the attention of vacationers and people willing to invest in them. The move to them continued to be a martyr to the decade of the 40s of last century when they built a modern white road called Route that allowed even the way the city of Matanzas. But the trip to Las Playas del Este was becoming unnecessarily long when the tunnel route would ensure a speedy and revalue the land located beyond the fortresses of El Morro and La Cabana. In 1954 the idea was already unstoppable. The Cuban engineer Jose Menendez, since five years ago he worked in the field, was well advanced in their studies, and Tunnel Development Company of Havana charge, separately, two projects at two U.S. construction companies. It was then that, without anyone's invitation, came the Societe des Grands Travaux de Marseille and despite being the last to arrive at the auction was to her to which he was awarded the tunnel construction of Havana Bay, despite the usual preference existed in Cuba to U.S.

interests. Jose Menendez recommended acceptance of the draft of the French company, as being superior to Americans from the technical standpoint, and also with variations much more advantageous payment. The tunnel represents an investment of 28.5 million pesos, dollars, and they accounted for another 7.5 million for the construction of Monument Road, which would link the tunnel to the Via Blanca.