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United Nations

Adds ecoportal.net. that Shell has been described by Greenpeace and friends of the Earth as the most polluting the world’s oil company, because it is supposedly the largest intensive producer of carbon. And it is by their relationship with the Canadian sands, liquefied natural gas and oil production gas flares. Shell denies the accusations. SYPartners
often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The company insists that its only tar sands production is a more intensive 15% carbon from the well to wheeled vehicles and that it has always played a constructive role in climate change issues. A spokesman for Shell said: we advocate the establishment of limits and exchange of emission rights plans and do everything we can to increase our efficiency and reduce our on result of carbon.

But a report, Irresponsible Energy, conducted by Greenpeace and others, concludes: the use of amounts each time greater energy to produce billions of barrels of oil that could not be obtained otherwise seems a strategy for disaster. And it seems that this is the strategy of Shell. In his speech the Secretary-General of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, said: continue to pour billions of dollars in subsidies to the fossil fuels is how to invest in mortgage bonds sub-prime. Our carbon-based infrastructure is like a toxic asset that threatens the portfolio of global goods, from public health to food security. We should not forget as reported it ipsnoticias.net, which United States of environmentalists sued to justice to the oil company Shell Oil and several of its subsidiaries, in order to curb polluting operations supported by the signature in the southern state of Texas. The Sierra Club and Environment Texas organizations claimed a judge ordered Shell to put an end to the apparent violations of the clean air act in Deer Park, a complex of factories and refineries of six square kilometres to 32 kilometers from the city of Houston. This Texan city is the headquarters of the subsidiary in this country of the Anglo-Dutch Shell and much of the big oil companies of United States.

Treated Water

Because fat is lighter than water, it pops up inside the barrel and slowly accumulates in its upper part, or in specially arranged at the top of the technical capacity of the wells and the water after settling goes down the drain. Pop-up inside the barrel oil solidifies and grows layers down – in time for the water, there are fewer places, cleaning efficiency naturally decreases. To support the work of grease, it is necessary to periodically relieve him from the accumulated fat. Both purification method have similar disadvantages: low efficiency of sewage treatment, lack of utilization of natural (biological oxidation) of fat mass in static traps, and very intense odors caused by rot fat mass, the need for frequent pumping and transport collected fat, highly hindered due to freezing and hardening of fat. After removing the cover grease can feel and the result of putrefactive processes in the fat-filled tank – the smell, from which it is difficult to get rid of a few hours. Low degree of purification of waste water from the fat leads to that part of the fat together with the waste water still gets into the sewers – the fat sticks to the pipe surface, reducing the capacity of the pipeline, year after year, the company at the same time can be fined for exceeding the normative content of fat in the treated sewage discharged into wastewater. Yes, and the need to periodically collect and export, fat mass, too, can not be attributed to the facilities.

Department Lenders

The alert has come: the Agency’s analysis of risk Moodys investor Service raises considerably the level of deterioration of the Spanish bank economy and its need for efectivo-liquidez, which obliges banks force foreclosures that remained before latent in branch offices without going to the Department of recoveries, and later legal. The figures are desesperanzadoras, they say, only in the first quarter of 2010 there were 27.561 foreclosures, and don’t stop to increase at a rapid pace, if this compared to previous years, in 2008 they were higher compared to the 2009, this was unreal, we thought that they decreased over time, but they were dormant, waiting for capital for provision by the banks to the Bank of Spainthat apparently now begin to deposit it. NOW comes the AUTHENTICATES CRISIS, the most common solution for these customers, which could lose its prized by non-payment of their assessments of mortgage possession was the change of financial institution, that already impossible for the incorporation of debtors file either the quick sale of the same, but now face the problem of sales that exists throughout the country, by excess of homes for sale, according to data from the Bank of Spain, banks and savings banks have in their possession a real estate Park valued at approximately 20.500.000.000 euros. People with financial problems who sees impossible their access to banks, since as we commonly say they have closed the tap opt for other routes faster and less conventional, but by no means less effective as they are the lenders. It is a figure that in these times, the salvation of many families and Spanish companies, are the only option before the economic suffocation who suffer on a daily basis and it can lead them to ruin total, not only because of debts with banks and savings banks but also with State entities that overwhelm with their interests, we are referring to the Treasury and social securityare the most feared since his quick recovery and foreclosures are devastating. They feel that narrows down the fence and no one wants to finance and even less to negotiate those unpaid bills by other companies, small and medium, even city councils, as well, the lenders in these cases are the ones who tend them hand and help them to get out of there. Regulated under the new law, lenders are essential in these moments, offer packages of legal services and financial studies to study the solution to their problems and determine the viability of future financial operations that your customer needs.

The new law sets a similar to the bank lenders behavior in regards to protection of the client, i.e. binding offers, we pay to notaries and some types of interest maximum laid down by law. The new generation of lenders has nothing to do with the image of usury that we met once, they are companies of financial professionals, ready and available always your customer.


The interests of the Federal one Reserve (Fed, the American BC) had come falling so that the economy if it recouped, and the real estate sector if used to advantage of this moment of low interests. The demand for property grew, due to the low taxes of interests in the real estate financings and the mortgages. In 2003, for example, the interests of the Fed had arrived to fall for 1% to the year. 2.3. Main Causers of the World-wide Crisis We will try to make a ray x of what we imagine that is happening with the American economy and consequently with the world-wide one. Dividing in segments, let us make summarized apanhado of the information on this crisis that promises to be remembered in the future, as estopim of the retraction of the world-wide liquidity.

Sector Real estate the origin of everything. The construction of new houses, that represents 4% of the American GIP, fell down disastrously from a high place. The sales of new residences continue in free fall. Bringing I obtain the prices, that stop many analysts, already start to be interesting in many regions. Since 1997 the prices of the residences more than had folded in real terms. In particular, the high one of the residential prices supplies to the consumers the guarantee that needs for an enormous increase in the credit taking.

In American crises of the past, the real estate market always was the symptom to that a contraction if approached, and not it cause. Of this time, the source of the problem is in the proper burst of the real estate bubble. Indebtedness In relation to its income, the consumers come assuming more debts have decades, a time that the financial system each sophisticated time more of U.S.A. makes possible access to the credit more the people. But the rhythm of the indebtedness went up dramatical.