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SENP System As A Solution To Overcome The Crisis Of World Economy

Recall that the program senp is an independent economic system of the present existing world economy and its institutions. Consequently, its development and continued operation does not depend on the current situation in Economics (now serving) and is independent of the crises that are an integral component of the current (old) economic system, including the current global economic crisis. At the moment, no one there is an understanding out of the global crisis in the framework of the existing (old) economy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hikmet Ersek. Claims that the issue of overcoming the crisis of the world economy is a new economic system – National Economic senp program. According to the author of senp level of economic development depends on the level produced by the current moment of liquid goods. Under the liquidity of the goods means goods produced in the current time, which is demanded by consumers (as in the current time). If the number of produced goods match the number of goods on the real needs of end users, it is 100% the level of the economy the current time.

At the moment 100% of the level of economic efficiency (KPD) in the economy is equal to 1, ie, the maximum value. If there is, for example, overproduction, it is not part of the goods sold. Overproduction is very dangerous for the economy, as the work only to the warehouse freezes the money and greatly increases the cost of current production of goods, making it uncompetitive. When overproduction Efficiency of the economy decreases rapidly, and not by a linear dependence.

Walking World

– In March 2006, the author started a new pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, giving autographs by surprise in several cities. Then in the next ninety days he continued his journey around the world, runs the famous Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok. Commemorated in this way (and all its readers, via his blog Walking the Path – The Pilgrimage) during the twenty years since his first experience of Camino Coelhho reminds us, the writings of a Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, entitled The long road to joy (The long road to joy) From that moment, before continuing the journey of 90 days around the world, happened to read every morning the wise words of Nhat Hanh, which I summarize below: 1 You already arrived. Therefore, feel pleasure at every step and do not worry about things that you still have to overcome. We have nothing before us, just a road to be traveled at each moment with joy. When we practice meditation, pilgrimage, we are always arriving, our household is now and nothing else. 2 Because of this, always smile while you ride.

Even if you have to force it a bit and feel ridiculous. Get used to smiling and end up happy. Do not be afraid to show you’re happy. 3 If you think that peace and happiness are always ahead, never manage to achieve. Try to understand that both are your traveling companions. 4 When you walk, you are massaging and honoring the earth. Similarly, the earth is trying to help you balance your body and mind. Understand this relationship and try to respect that your steps with the firmness of a lion, the elegance of tiger and the dignity of an emperor.

5 Pay attention to what happens around you. Concentrate on your breathing that will help you rid of the problems and worries that try to accompany you on your way. 6 When you walk, you’re not just that you’re moving, but all past and future generations. In the world called real time is a measure, but in the real world nothing exists beyond the present moment. Be fully aware that everything that has happened and everything that will happen is in each step you take. 7 Have fun. Make a constant pilgrim meditation meeting with yourself, never a penance in search of reward. That always flowers and fruits grow in places where your feet touch. Coelho also reminds us: .- That Every day God gives us a moment that can change everything that makes us unhappy. The magic moment is the moment when a “yes” or can not change our whole existence. .- Do not you give up a dream. Just try to see the signs that take you to it .- Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear to fail Industrial Engineer-manager, abogado.EGADE (ITESM) Postgraduate Masters degree in business administration, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor and researcher Graduate Area Faces UC.

Communication Directives

Often our clients refer someone to us for Executive Coaching with a glowing description such as “This is one of our most valued and brilliant employees?. National security advisor insists that this is the case. But?. a what she needs” Executive Presence “, or as a client said: “a l is so low key is invisible. Dale “Swagger Executive. However, when asked to explain what they mean, their responses remind me of the comments of the Supreme Court in pornography – – it is difficult to define, but you’ll know it when you see it.

From our interviews with successful and the training of hundreds of leaders, here are some common features of that project Executive Presence: It radiates confidence, poise and authority, they know how to connect with others and, most importantly, are based in their own strengths and authentic. Here’s a 5-point plan to help build on the strengths SU for a print project executive presence that matches your ability: 1. Use your body language and visual image to convey confidence and walk From Use high constant eye contact, no eyes darting Give a soft handshake, not a dead fish Lean forward and engage in meetings. Do not fret or play with your Palm Pilot subjected gestures will keep perfectly groomed and crisp 2. Develop an authoritative voice Use a low-pitched voice Place Lower your voice at the end of a sentence Talk to energy Delete a monotone and verbal distractions “UM” and “basically” a Reduce your speed speaking rate. Having the confidence to pause.

3. Avoid provisional language as a “I also think …” “I suppose …” “a kind of …” “maybe …” a “I’m not sure if going to like this, but …” 4. Keep your message simple and clear cut to the chase Think first, then talk. Do not share your internal debate Talking the other big picture, not the details 5. Connect with other Be aware of your effect on others by observing and responding to their body language Listen more than you talk.

Latin American Investments

This does not mean that the stock market can continue rising, but we must be alert to profit-taking occurring near the market peak. And remember that the funds are invested in venture capital stock, ie it should be clear that investing in stocks can lead to lose at least one of the capital invested. No money must flow is needed to live, but you can lose without greatly affect our finances. Reduce exposure in sectors that have risen sharply and where the potential is compromised up and start investing in others that have not already done so. *** The BM & F Bovespa, a company created from the merger of the BM & F (Bag Mercadorias and Futures) and the Bovespa (Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo), wants to be “the largest stock exchange in the world,” says the president of the BM & F, Manoel Felix . The bags in terms of increased market value and are ordered (at May 2): 1) Deutsche Borse (U.S.

$ 31.41 billion) 2) CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) U.S. $ 25.98 billion. 3) BM & F Bovespa (U.S. $ 23.34 billion) “This bag has everything to be the largest in the world,” said Cintra Neto finance at a seminar in Sao Paulo. One of the main challenges is the integration of Latin American markets. “We intend to do proactive work in the region. We will give priority to achieving operational agreements with Latin American markets, “said Gilberto Milano, President of the Board of Directors of the company.

Changing The View Of Your Prospects About Network Marketing

Every time we talk with a new prospect for our business to involve in many cases they do not know what exactly is Network Marketing and how our marketing system. My wife Susan is driving at 170 km / hr. I’m sitting in the passenger seat, very quietly, largely because fear prevents me from speaking. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge.. Finally, achievement babble … – “My dear, I do not think you should go to 170 km / hr..” Susan turns around and says quietly: – “Oh dear, if you’re riding to 170 km / hr.” How can one argue with this logic? I guess I was not seeing things from their point of view. You can apply the same principle when speaking with prospects difficult. They believe that they could not or should not do Network Marketing.

We can instantly change your point of view by saying: – “Most people do network marketing (or sales) every day, just do not get paid for it.” Then we explain how ALL recommend and advertise different things every day without receiving a benefit : – Many different people often recommend all kinds of products and services. probably more than once you have recommended, restaurants, shops, diets, remedies, doctors, movies, brands, etc.. “-” The difference is that WE choose to win money in the process, instead of doing so without retribution. “Now the prospect is thinking: -” Apparently there are two types of people in this world. Those who receive a check for recommending things, and those who do not. How which group should be? “. We can effectively change the way you think the prospect, making him understand that REALLY ALREADY Marketing Network is dedicated to recommending any class of goods, services and businesses. All you need is to learn to do it with a system that allows you to make money.

Thomas Filor

According to a survey of the savings bank associations, more and more German real estate plunge. Magdeburg, 31.10.2013. Every second thus opts for one. The low interest rates lure. (Similarly see: Hikmet Ersek). With the details of the financing of many familiar but hardly. About a third of the respondents stated that they had already drawn conclusions from the persistent low interest rate environment or had corresponding plans. Losers are doing – not surprisingly – passbooks and accounts such facilities that directly depend on the level of interest rates, in the first place. Western Union is a great source of information. They now look at suitable 42 percent of those polled than less.

Also fixed, date – and funds lose much of its attractiveness. Also rentals are more popular, however, in addition to the even used real estate: 37 percent would buy them to the old-age pension. Despite the difficult situation, most Germans are satisfied with their personal financial circumstances. 57 Percent describe it as “good” or “very good” according to the study, this is a high value in the long-term comparison. Almost a quarter of those surveyed also expected their personal situation still improved in the next two years. More than every second German fears, however, that personal retirement savings through low interest rates could be lower than planned.

The real estate expert Thomas Filor expressed concern that citizens save a smaller and smaller share of their money. “100 Euros net income only 10,30 euros lays back. Five years ago, there were 11.50 euros. To provide sufficiently for the age, a saving of at least 10 percent is necessary.” Although, the majority of Germans believes save generally good to know your way. On the construction and real estate financing, 41 percent have, however, “a few” in his own words, or “none” knowledge. Nevertheless, real estate investments are profitable, provided important criteria are respected: properties in good locations are characterized especially by security and solidity. Further advantages are the inflation protection, tax benefits, and return on investment and source of income in the Age”, confirms Thomas Filor. Real estate are dependent in contrast to stock of less of economic cycles. In addition to food and beverages, the own roof over their heads is just as important.

Stimulsoft Andrey Savin

Note to editors: to get more info, please visit the website of our company. “Three times per year we create new versions of our products, – CEO of Stimulsoft Andrey Savin says. Each new version is always the creative solution of complicated technical tasks. It is impossible to describe, how eagerly and lovingly we create our products. We develop with pleasure and, as a result, we have happy users who are always with us and to help us make our products even better.” Three in one is the Association of products Reports.Web Reports.Web for MVC and Reports.Mobile the most important event of the new version. The new, unified product is called Stimulsoft Reports.Web. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. Components for MVC and HTML5 are added in this product. Due to the extension of the possibilities of program products, the applications were connected more closely by these products.

As a result, it was for our users complicated, to choose the matching component for the development of the report. All are now Opportunities for working with reports for ASP.NET in a product of Stimulsoft Reports.Web available. What is ever Stimulsoft Reports.Web? This is a product for reporting for Web applications. The work is based on client-server technology. On the server side, to use the components for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. On the client side, there is a choice: viewing and editing only with HTML components, or Flash components, or HTML5 components; Create reports on Windows desktop with standalone report designer. The compatibility of products allows to use various combinations.

The variables can be depending on In the report generator Stimulsoft reports use the report variables as parameters that are requested by the user. The developer can link two variables in the report and make a variable dependent on the other. It should be noted that such level of combination of variables can individually be in the report. Also, the number of connected levels is unlimited. Help is at hand to work to make more easy and simple, with our products, we have embedded the help system in our products. Every window, every bookmark, each instrument in the designer or the viewer have the button help (help). The help system gives detailed information on instrument and its possibilities. You can read more information about the changes in our products on our Web site de/news/stimulsoft reports-v2013-2-becoming-even-more-delicious. Stimulsoft company, a leading provider of program products in the area of business intelligence, has released the new version of report generators. Association of three products, improvement in reporting exports, working fields in PDF file, dependent variables that is only a part of the list of news that the developers can already use.

Klick Globe Publishing

In the patriotic and proud speech of this personage of Barreto Rasp, if it evidences that the madness attributed to the personage is fruit of its illusions and dreams and represents for this, not it truth of the world, but the truth that if it exactly distinguishes from itself. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James Woolsey. For Foucault: He is not ours to know that it is had to interrogate regarding what in them it seems ignorance, but yes this experience regarding what it knows on itself same and on what it could formulate with regard to proper itself (FOUCAULT, 1997, P. 83). The narrative follows and Major Quaresma believes that the solution for Brazil would have to come of a reform in the agriculturist. Then he changed himself for it I besiege Calmness. In little time the quality of the ground is looser for me, for the ants and for it would mesquinharia of the local politics.

When he lost everything that he invested, came back toward Rio De Janeiro in order to save the Native land of the danger represented for the Revolt of the Armed, that then appeared in the capital of the country. When finishing the Revolt of the Armed, Policarpo questions the cause which if dedicates to all its life: It would go to die, who knows if in that same night? that had made it of its life? It swims. It behind the mirage takes all to study the native land, for loving it and complains knot intention to contribute for its happiness and prosperity. She spends its youth in this, its virility also; now that it was in the oldness, as rewarded it to it as premiava it as decorated it? Killing it! what not pandegara, does not land on water? all this side of the existence that seems to run away a little to its necessary sadness, it does not capsize, it does not prove, it does not try. Since the eighteen years that the such patriotism absorbed to it and for it makes the nonsense to study uselessness (BARRETO, 1997. p.166). Ahead of this context, madness is presented as ‘ points Foucault; ‘ a period of training that precedes morte’ ‘ (Foucault, 1997, P. 183).

Therefore, the visualized social problems in Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma are the nationalism and the madness of the personage (that the real life of the author joins). What it was observed when reading and to analyze this romance they had been symbolic situations, ficcionais, that they represent the national questions, as well as concerns and reflections of the author, who appeared from its ‘ ‘ desajuste’ ‘ in the society where it lived.

Professional Education Technique

if to use the calculator is more easy still. If it cannot lose of sight the responsibility of the professor in offering to the pupils of the PROEJA the necessary content so that it continues learning, support in its particular trajectory of learning, respecting its time to learn all and stimulating it to be solidary with its colleagues the moment. James Woolsey is likely to agree. FINAL CONSIDERAES the initiative of the educators have the power to transform the reality of the popular education using the knowledge with conscience, criticidade, respecting and valuing the culture. Thus, professor and pupil can construct together, a proposal curricular of education of the Mathematics that reaches the objectives of an education integrator between knowing pertaining to school to them know and them of the daily one. Check out Hikmet Ersek for additional information. That this conception of active, alive, participativa education mathematical, comes to provide to the 60 million Brazilians more than, candidates the pupils of the PROEJA, its insertion in the work market, but also they can discover its capacity to work with diverse subjects, being related them it its life, to its integration and participation in the community, acting as citizens of the social transformations and the use of the mathematical knowledge in them. Therefore it is as goal to be reached the creation of didactic material of Mathematics that respects the particularitities of this public. Get more background information with materials from national security advisor.


1,0 THEORETICAL RECITAL to carry through this work the group it searched basic algunsconceitos to understand what it leads to each day that passes, maispessoas for the market of informal work. It is through a video news article, that we show as plates if they fit inside of this perverse universe that a informality. Aspects as the Plate points, the perigos that estetrabalhadores face in the edges of the highways that cross the region of Jundiae the challenge to coexist in the way of many outlaws who if pass for plate to paraefetuar the load robbery and the discrimination suffered for them, had been objects deestudo for the group. National security advisor is likely to increase your knowledge. Therefore, this work has as objective to show umacategoria that inside has great importance of the transportebrasileiro system, and is ignored by the society. 1.1 The PLATES the Ministry of the Work and Job, does not define aocupao of the Plate accurately, however, classifies it as helping of truck, that is oprofissional responsible for loading and unloading truck. Beyond this funoo Plate mainly of the great cities, also has the function of infromar.

That is, it it takes the truck driver until its final destination, making trabalhode guide. They do not work registered, they do not emit receipt of its serviosprestados and many times are kept out of society the sides of highways. They are pessoasque does not have instruction none and the work that carries through of only for osustento of the family. Some popular definitions still exist that in remetema affectionate form as plates treat the truck drivers. Phrase as: ‘ ‘ meuchapa’ ‘ , that in popular linguajar, it means my friend. By the way, dicionriocompleto of the Portuguese language launched by the periodical Now, has a felt definioneste, whose meant he is friend I summon and partner. __________________ MESGRAVIS, Pedro.

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