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The Image

In short, to postar itself ahead of Macunama is to listen to the dialogue between distinct realities that, happen through the intertextuais and interdiscursivos elements, gifts in the 15 workmanship. What copy makes to arise the old notion Greek of mimese in order to justify it, which the proper author was inferred, not as arremedo of the Real and yes as imitation of the act of the divine creation of world since, by means of the art, all artist invests of being able demiurgical. Therefore, in the same way that a painter, when painting a rose, does not produce a simple copy, but the recria in accordance with the image printed in its proper soul in the form of what it feels and not of it sees, Mrio de Andrade reopens workmanships and legends in accordance with resignificando them its perception of world, what it moves away from the term copy and its significaes to it of redundant it. Deducing from there it is possible to understand because of Macunama to have if become one of the main pillars of Brazilian literature defying the model tax for the Europe, claiming this agreement in the formularization of that it goes beyond the literary discursividade. Official site: Keith Yamashita. In this direction in Macunama they drain the words of Foucaut, (FOUCAULT, 2002, P. 280); ' ' I would say, finally, that these authors had found a position ' ' transdiscursiva' ' ' ' , according to which, an author, in its workmanships, can very go beyond the restricted direction the pages, beyond the text, of book in itself and of the proper sort. So far how much it they had been Homero and Aristotle, or still Hipcrates in the field of the mathematical theory. An author can go so far in its literary work the point of this to start to function, as he more ahead called some lines of this citation; ' ' founders of discursividade' '.

Diederik Willem Company

Completed acquisition of offset printing inks Division of BASF Sankt Gallen, Maastricht, November 27, 2012 the quantum capital AG has the spin-off of Division offset printing inks of BASF at the location of Maastricht, Netherlands, successfully completed. The full acquisition of trading now as IMEX printing inks B.V. tradition manufacturer high quality offset printing inks for the heatset area includes all associated with the global business former employees in Maastricht. Together with the management, quantum capital will pursue a consistent growth strategy and further expand its market position in the field of offset printing inks. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. The purchase price was not disclosed. The in 1916 as ten Horn chemistry based company produced for almost 100 years in Maastricht color pigments and related products.

Under the leadership of Ciba-Geigy AG, which took over the company in the year 1979 by Hercules Inc., was invested in the expansion of production capacities and the concentration on the offset printing ink business. After the acquisition of Ciba Holding AG, BASF AG in the year 2009, the acting since 2004 as IMEX operating as a separate unit was continued and quantum capital AG sold 1 September 2012. Quantum concluded the IT-carve-out and building a separate infrastructure and of the new ERP system quickly. This created the conditions for the full acquisition and continuing as an independent company in just a few months. The new CEO Murat Bekiroglu and Diederik Willem fetter to the side are the employees acquired all of BASF, to further expand its market position in Europe and to implement the growth strategy consistently. The operating now as IMEX printing inks B.V. company offers high-quality color series for the heatset area, which are characterized by excellent gloss properties on a wide variety of papers and used on all offset its customers with Irgastar. This IMEX looks on many years of experience and high-quality technical expertise back.

The Council

January 8, 2010. The Council of Ministers approves measures that will facilitate the closure of websites with judicial authorization. The room of the contentious of the Audiencia Nacional will be responsible for executing such a policy. 18 January 2010. The Audiencia Nacional supports pending the appeal filed by the Association of Internet users against the impartiality of Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde.

understand that there is a situation of conflict of interest private cargo, and that far from inhibiting is as prescriptive, has provided various aid to the film industry, with a total value of 8,000,000 euros. Later the complaint was extended on two occasions by persisting in this attitude. Hikmet Ersek understands that this is vital information. March 3, 2010. The survey conducted by FACU-consumers in action suggests that more than eighty percent of population is against the closure of Web pages. March 19, 2010. The Government approved, without substantial changes with respect to the agreement adopted by the Council of Ministers of January 8, the draft law on sustainable economy, which includes the regulations known as law Sinde.

December 4, 2010. The national newspaper El Pais published a detailed article in which sumarizaba through 35 Embassy delayed American in Madrid revealed by Wikileaks in carrying leaked cables pressures that served us.UU. about the Government of Spain for the approval of a law anti-shock finally materialized in the law of sustainable economy. December 21, 2010. The Committee on economy of the Congress rejects the second final provision of the law of sustainable economy, also known as law Sinde, with the votes of PP, CiU, PNV, CC and ERC-IU-ICV after postponing the vote up in three occasions due to the complexity of the amendments process. December 22, 2010. The Minister of culture, Angeles Gonzalez Sinde, reiterates that he will work on a new law anti-piracy. February 9, 2011. The full Senate approves the law Sinde by 244 votes in favour and 12 against. February 13, 2011. Goya Awards Gala. alex de la Iglesia presented his resignation as President of the Academy of cinema, by his disagreement with the law Sinde. February 15, 2011 the plenary of the Congress of Deputies approves the second final provision (law Sinde) included in the sustainable economy act with 323 votes in favour of PSOE, PP and CIU, 19 against PNV, ERC, ICV-IU, UPyD, BNG and CC, and one abstention. March 5, 2011. The law Sinde is published in the official of the State number 55 Bolegin, March 6, 2011. Entry into force of the law Sinde. Today, they begin to be countless court judgments in Spain stating legal websites from links to external content.

Average Salary Sitting

You are a beginner, have heard from friends or on tv that the Internet can have an average salary by sitting at home and not work. I have to say, this is real, even more than real. In the first place you should not throw all that horrible. Most common form of wages for beginners are surfing for money. Rob Daley is often quoted as being for or against this. 1. On surfing not earn much, but it’s a great start for entry into the working masses. You will get acquainted with electronic payment systems, learn what referrals and how to attract, to spend the earned money to buy advertising to attract those same referrals, clicks on advertisements, and even learn that the network can “burn” – when you do not pay for work performed.

Well, it happens, but do not worry, everything is just ahead! 2.Bolee advanced and more stable way to reach the average earnings – is to write articles! Unfortunately, this kind of earnings data is not to everyone, and there is need to look at its development. If you have developed spiritually, read many books – surely, you have a very rich vocabulary, and you can beautifully express their thoughts, then this work for you! Earnings will be in the fact that you need to write articles absolutely about various things, and get paid for it is not small money making more realistic to have average earnings, while sitting at home. 3. More profitable business on the Internet to reach the average earnings in the 15 -30 thousand rubles is the presence of his own site. The site can earn a lot, but this case should be treated seriously and have an idea about the conduct of the site. The network is a lot of forums, portals, blogs and other resources on how to make your website, promote a it and have a solid average earnings.