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Civil Code

483, first paragraph, C.P.A.). This type of accumulation assumes that there is no process died on separation by causal or divorce. In this case accumulation non implementation rules relating to the jurisdiction of the judge and the procedural route as requirements of objective cumulation (Art. 483, C.P.A., second paragraph). The accumulation of ancillary claims having an enforceable decision is possible (final decision) to request your variation (Art.

483, C.P.A., third paragraph). Accessory pretension expressly provided for in the Act, is considered tacitly integrated process and the judge must pronounce on it. For example, section 1321 of the Civil Code, provides: is subject to compensation of damages, who does not run its obligations by malice or fault. If the claim is compliance with the obligation, damages are integrated into the process tacitly and the judge must pronounce in the sentence. Others many cases in the substantive law expressly regulates the damages and prejudices and other accessory claims.

Originally from autonomous claims objectively accumulation. In procedural casuistry, and the doctrine it supports it, we find this type of accumulation of procedural claims that do not subsume within the (subordinate, alternative and accessory), annotated classification that can perfectly invoke some and reject others, by having each one in fact own assumptions and different legal protection, without subjection of one claim with another. There are authors who designate this type of accumulation as originating in autonomous claims objectively accumulation. An example is the following: a person can propose in a same directed demand against a same respondent consistent claims following each one of them in the delivery of sums of money: to) the amount of a mortgage mutual payment; (b) payment of the amount of a bill of Exchange; and (c) the payment of a loan. Coupled with three claims it reaches the amount prescribed by our civil procedural law to be processed in the track of the process of knowledge and competence of the judge in the Civil.

United States

While the Brazilian families possess, on average, corresponding debts 36% of its income, the debt of the families of considered countries developed are on average of 80% and in the United States it is of 180%. Then, it can perceive that for the side of the Brazilian families it does not have problem. How much to the companies, in reason of the monitoring and care of Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN), they possess a tax of indebtedness with the banks well low, in reason also of the high taxes of effective interests in the country. At the same time, the Brazilian banks are with a tax of considered liquidity very insurance. The problem of public debt in Brazil is restricted to the very high levels of the interests, the relation dvida/PIB is in a reasonable platform, being that she is mainly internal. The situation is well different in some countries of the Europe and of the United States where the public debt exceeds the 100% of the GIP and the families they must very. Here, we are, in contrast, incorporating millions of people to the consumption market, raising considerably the potential of the country in terms of perspectives of accomplishments of investments in such a way of the internal private sector how much of the come one of the exterior. The solidity of the Brazilian external accounts can be demonstrated by the level of reserves in foreign currencies that Brazil possesss currently, correspondent more than the two times to our external public debt.

The great danger would be in the United States to increase its tax of interests. Happily, this already is discarded per the next years leaving the more comfortable Brazilian situation and extending the possibility of the vigor that the economy was demonstrating in the first semester of this year of 2011 it has continuity until the end of the year. The prudence is a weapon poderosssima that it must be considered in all the mementos, this takes in them to keep what he was being made. If it is not moment of expansion at least is not retraction moment, is moment to take the country for front. What if it must make is to conserve the favorable conditions and to create others so that our country is one of the main protagonists of the world-wide economy from the next years. For the existing conditions in Brazil and the others countries this is total feasible.