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Episcopal Conference

The public administrations and the laws of extranjera are restrictive and tend to prioritize the national interests and the call national security, writes. Before the phenomenon of immigration, they notice that, when makes worse the economic situation, they can take place I bring forth of racism and xenophobia . Because, not without reason, the touchstone of integration is not the wealth, but the times of the poverty. The immigrants so must be people when they help us to take care of to our old ones or clean our streets like when they must themselves go to unemployment because the cord by weakest is cut. They seem to recognize that everything what it has realised the Government has not been bad, as it tries the CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET, transmitter property of the Episcopal Conference.

This it is an immense error of the most preservative wing of the Spanish Church that disturb not to few clergymen and to many Christians who are not in agreement with that sectarianism maintained by the transmitter and del that the same ambassador of Spain before Santa Sede, declares as catholic I do not understand why the Spanish bishops do not end the problem of the CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET . Critas, the main organization in the welfare task of the Spanish catholicism, uses good part of their numerous ones human budgets and means in taking care of that sector of the population in the idea that for the Church nobody is foreign . Also the claim of a special attention to the second and third generation of immigrants is important: Of the success in the suitable integration of the children of the today immigrants will mainly depend the pacific coexistence in the plural society on morning. It is necessary to arbitrate the necessary measures and tender the bridges that the situation requires to avoid the exclusion, the marginalization, the discrimination, the ghetto, during the time of formation of children, adolescents and young people, because an error would repel in frustration and violence .

Internet Employment Exchanges

Every year we see a greater number of online portals that are dedicated to advertising job vacancies. 4traveljobs.es is one of the few job boards in Spain that specialize in tourism and hospitality industry. We strive every day to provide good service to businesses that choose our site to advertise their vacancies, and to those seeking employment. However, some people still resist using the job boards to find work. In my experience tend to be people who have had a bad experience with this medium because of ignorance or simply lack confidence in the effectiveness of Internet job search. Personally, I’ve been using the job boards since 2002, either as a candidate (job seekers) or as a company (advertising vacancies and selecting staff), or as the creator of a Web project employment exchange.

Therefore I know well the advantages and disadvantages of these products. For those who still have not decided to use job boards to find work or simply doubt its benefits, step by listing some of the advantages and disadvantages of these products. Advantages: 1. Please send your CV to various jobs and businesses at a time.

Business Social Network

The latter is not so much. One of the most popular network of developers from Kiev – Atlaskit – Business Social Network, founded in 2006 and aimed at users who need to find business contacts (employees, employers, partners) or to offer their goods and services. A standard set of services specific to the construction services business social network offers webby.ru (or "Web professional singles"): the search for colleagues, friends, employers, etc. A similar set of options there and the rest of Russian business social networks, within the first twenty to popularity (Profeo, Cbonds-contact, Profilink, Zimetrix, Vesti-Consultant, Professionali, My Circle, etc.). Constantly emerging new business social network. March 1, 2009 will start business network "Our Cause.

py ". However, they all have one strategic objective – grow into the global community to become a leader on the Internet. Experts argue that the emerging social business network will increase its popularity with qualitative methods. Success will come to the branch business networks, as they narrow the target audience, reaching early to recipients of information companies. Unique in its essence is a business social network is built. Elport. Its creators have used the projected trend of success, and in runet she became the first business network in the construction industry. At first glance, the Internet can find many site building subjects, offering to register their company and use a certain set of services (sibdom.ru, vashdom.ru, stroyportal, etc.).

However, they are positioned as information portals, in contrast to Stroim.Elport, network, which includes all the portal features to its advanced Internet services for businesses and special, innovative services for companies and their employees. This Message Center b2b – unique, the only branch exchange system for online marketing messages, as well as community "company + staff, where assumed to personal pages of staff, corporate interaction, communication between partners, looking for clients and special personal service for better performance. In contrast to the information portals stroim.elport set of services and opportunities for firms expanded. Such a symbiosis of people and businesses give new possibilities for communication and solutions of professional problems. Business oriented network in times of crisis becomes even more urgent. Communication here – not just fun, but way to solve trade problems (promotion and marketing, sales, search, partnerships, etc.) and personal problems. The concept of building a business network 'Stroim.Elport – Building a business network. People and firms' has a great interest to investors as sources of income of the network are services for legal entities – companies operating on the portal. Thus, social business network, namely, branch network – the most advantageous direction of development of social networks in general today. The more ambitious they are in scope, the greater the benefits will bring to their client companies.

World Bank

On the other hand it tngase present, that the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, will attend the next summit of the G-20 in Washington with " attitude constructiva" and the objective of " to increase to the representation of the emergent economies in the organisms internacionales" , an official spokesman informed today. According to he explained to the press Chinese vice-minister of Outer Subjects, There am Yafei, the economic crisis and financial world-wide it forces the attending countries to take two types from different measures, in the short term and in the long term. Between the most urgent measures, the Chinese Executive demanded " to stabilize and to give confidence to the market and to fortify the financial supervision to prevent a recession global" , whereas in the long term a reform considers " entera" of the financial system so that he is " justo". " International the financial system has deficiencies and needs to be reformed () Is necessary to give more importance to the less the most developed developing countries and to, because China is a developing country. When the developed countries implement political macroeconomic, they must consider the impact in the rest of mundo" , it indicated the vice-minister. It does not have forgets finally, that the EU pleads for the beginning of schools of supervisors to improve the monitoring of all the important cross-border banks.

Also it tries the intensification of the fight against fiscal and financial paradises, besides the design of codes of conduct to avoid that the remunerations of the managers push the taking of excessive risks. The EU also supports that it increases to the representation of emergent countries like China or India in institutions like the IMF and the G-8. In this sense, the selection sets out to make more transparency of the director of the IMF like of president World Bank, positions that always been have occupied by representatives of Europe or the USA. Definitively, note that the G-20 is saying we are going away to make a system that works, and saying is helping it that the system works, We hope that it is what it will really succeed original Author and source of the article.