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Senate Economics Committee

The reverse mortgage is a new financial product, a credit for over 65 years, mostly, a homeowners wishing to convert the value of their property at a monthly rent of lifetime. Approved by the Council of Ministers the past March 2, the draft law governing the figure on the reverse mortgage obtained approval by the Senate Economics Committee this week to be submitted to Congress. One of the novelties introduced to its passage by the Senate has been the extension of the type of housing that could benefit from this form of credit, because until that moment you could only apply this mortgage for regular homes. According to the text, the reverse mortgage is a loan or credit guaranteed by mortgage on real property that constitutes the residence of the applicant and provided they meet certain requirements. As mentioned above, also not regular dwellings have place in this definition.

The requirements that the person concerned must meet are as follows: having 65 or more years or be affected severe dependency. The debtor shall have the amount of the loan through regular provisions. The debt will only be enforceable by the creditor. The housing will have to be assessed and insured against damage. The amount of the loan will depend on two factors: the age of the applicant and the appraised value of the home. In addition, it will not change property when the owner dies. Then, the heirs, for its part, may, if so provided by the agreement, cancel the loan and pay the entity debt past due with their interests, cope with credit that have left their families in order to keep the House, negotiate with the Bank another type of refinancing for the property or run the credit and recover the amount remaining on the appraised pricein the event that they have negotiated an annuity. Currently, financial institutions that offer this mortgage distinguished several options, depending on maturity, whether limited or lifetime.

The latter It means to perceive a monthly payment lower but with the advantage that the beneficiary will receive it while living mortgage holder. Some of them are Caja Vital, the BBVA, La Caixa, BBK, Ibercaja and Caja Duero. Finally, reverse mortgages, according to the text, shall be exempted of the transmissions and documented legal acts tax payment, not only in the Constitution, but also in subrogation, novation and cancellation. Similarly, the notary and registration costs will be reduced with respect to their initial status. No amount called documents and those known from inscriptions, in the case of registration fees will be used.


The program allows that a homeowners ask borrowed against the equity in their homes and their homes and their calls of as you have report credit: click by number. The owners of a House can receive payments in a lump sum, on a monthly basis (for a fixed term or for as long living in the household), or on an occasional basis as a line of credit. Recently Anne Lauvergeon sought to clarify these questions. Homeowners whose change of circumstances can restructure their payment options. Unlike ordinary home loans in the form of equity investments, a HUD reverse mortgage requires no repayment while the borrower lives in the home. Mortgage companies recover their principal, interest, when the home is sold. The remaining value of the home goes to the homeowner or their survivors. If sales revenues are scarce to pay the amount owed, HUD will pay to company the amount of the deficit. Areva is a great source of information. Cover federal administration, which is part of HUD, collects a premium of insurance of all borrowers to provide this coverage.

The size of reverse mortgage loans is determined by the age of the borrower, the interest rate, and the value of the home. The older a borrower gives a free credit report, larger is the percentage of the value of the home that can be borrowed. For example, based on a loan at a rate of interest of 9 percent, 65 years old could borrow the up to 26 per cent of the value of the home, age 75 could borrow the up to 39 percent of the value of the home, and the 85 years could borrow the up 56 per cent of the value of the home. There are no limitations on the asset or income borrowers who receive HUD reverse mortgages. There are no nor limits on the value of homes that qualify for a HUD reverse mortgage. However, the amount that can be ordered borrowed is capped by the limit of the mortgage on the maximum FHA for the area, which varies from $81.548 to $160.950, depending on housing costs local. As a result, the owners of more expensive homes may not ask rendered more than owners of homes valued at the FHA limit. Reverse mortgage HUD program collects funds from the raw guide insurance cards charged to borrowers.

Loaded retirees 2 per cent of the value of the home as a down payment over a half percent in the balance of the loan every year. These amounts are paid by the mortgage company and usually charged to the borrower’s principal balance. The FHA reverse mortgage insurance makes the program of less expensive HUD to borrowers than the reverse programs operated smaller mortgage with by private without FHA insurance.

Mortgage Loan

Today mortgage loans play a fundamental role in the development of people’s lives, because thanks to them are achieved many objectives both economic and personal; given the above in this article will discuss the importance and types of mortgage loans that we find today and will give some recommendations for when purchasing one of these. Mortgage loans are the real value that falls on a material asset like a House, a car or even a company. This loan usually made by banks to natural or legal persons, is based on providing customer accredited () a solution to their economic problems, or well either to exercise other types of activities such as a trip or a reform of their home; the loan of the asset becomes generally leaving as a pledge of warranty a property of equal or greater value than the loan, so that if the accredited falla in the pay of the this property mortgage canceled debt. When a property is gathered it is an evaluative process to know the State, with the aim of knowing their real value and be able to start an auction agree to it. Currently the mortgage loan is one of the more financial events, as a percentage indicates that 43 percent of people who hold real estate, accessing this loan to obtain assets and use them in various activities. 4Moms recognizes the significance of this. It is good to mention that all mortgage loans are welcome to certain rules and laws established by the Constitution of each country and although these may vary, all are welcome to the offset system, since signing a contract is accessed to give the Bank the total property or mortgaged property.

In obtaining a mortgage loan, it is important to take into account certain recommendations; some like: rather than nothing is very important to thoroughly read the contract with the purpose of knowing the clauses to which we can see exposed in certain cases. It is important to be advised by an expert on the subject or a person with a good knowledge of financial transactions, so that the loan does not It can cause us problems in the future. Reach an agreement with respect to the annual interest rate is a factor of vital importance, as this although it may vary is that actually determines the charges that we are going to pay for the mortgage loan. It is good to know the real value of the property that we are going to be mortgaged, is why most advisable is to make a professional appraisal before acquiring a mortgage loan, so that the lending institution provides the loan by a more accurate value. Although there are many more recommendations can be given for obtaining a mortgage loan, these are possibly the most successful to take into account. It is good to mention that thanks to the evolution of financial institutions today are mortgage loans of various types that help these are purchased with higher payment facilities. Some of these loans as: fixed interest mortgage. Variable interest mortgage.

Joint interest mortgage. Fixed quota mortgage. In synthesis, mortgage loans are displayed before us as a safe and excellent way to obtain money under certain conditions, to perform our hottest objectives.

American House

In addition, enthusiasm plenty, decided to grant to hypothecating credits by a value superior to the value of the house that bought ninja, because, with the mentioned boom real estate, that house, in few months, would be worth more than the amount given in loan. To this type of mortgages, they called mortgages to them prevails i. ShareThis is a great source of information. Mortgages are called prioritizes those that have little risk of non-payment. In a scale of classification between 300 and 850 points, the mortgages prevail are evaluated between the 850 best points and the 620 less best ones. II. Mortgages are called prevails those that have more risk of non-payment and are valued between 620 the less good and 300, the bad ones. In addition, as the American economy went very well, the indebted insolvent today could find a job and pay the debt without problems. This exposition was well during some years.

In those years, ninja was paying the terms of the mortgage and, in addition, like they had given to more money del them than it was worth its house, they had bought a car, they had made reforms in the house and they had gone away of vacations with the family. All this, surely, on credit, with the money of more than had received and, in some case, with what some use or shoddy work paid to them in that had obtained. to 1er. commentary: I believe that, up to here, everything is very clear and also it is clear that any person with common sense, although is not a financial specialist, can think that, if something fails, the crash can be important. As far as second (increase of the number of operations): As the Banks were giving many hypothecating loans, the money finished to them. The solution was very easy: to go to foreign Banks so that they gave money to them, because for something it is laglobalizacin.

Social Security

If you are unable to work, as you will pay for your mortgage, or go to do the grocery shopping? If something happens, an accident or a disease, where it does to leave money to care for his family? Their children? It is a fact that one of every three people between the ages of 25 and 65, will suffer some kind of disability that lasts for at least three months during the time of his career. As any financial representative will tell you, disability insurance can protect your income and your lifestyle, when such events occur. There are many false beliefs that other disability income related to alternatives will has properly supplement their lost wages, and you should not worry about this type of policy. Many believe that the compensation of the worker will have cover their lost income, but in reality, this benefit covers only by your injury or illness if they have occurred during the work. Does that happen if you are in a car on the way to work accident? That will happen if you have complications due to pregnancy? Others feel that Social Security is going has cover for lost income. However, Social Security can take several months or years to begin receiving monetary benefits, and will only have provide the benefit if you are unable to work in any job, not just the work that you have been trained and currently plays.

As an example, if you have an accident that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down, you perhaps cannot work in construction, or handle more, but you will surely work in the local mall for minimum wage. In addition, Social Security has very strict definition that is considered to be disabled: your disability must be anticipated to last at least one year or that lead to death. Believe it or not, many groups of policy of disability through their employer can leave you short with respect to the income you receive.

Opinion Indigena

Indigenous political opinion despite investing substantial public resources, the Government has failed to resolve the Indian conflict. Moreover, if it not time reorient their programmes in this field, the problems could become more acute. For almost a decade, since the enactment of the Indian Act in 1993, the mapuche conflict has become a central axis of social policies deployed by the three Governments of the Concertacion. Despite this, this delicate process, aimed at resolving the historical demands of the indigenous peoples, does not seem to throw all the fruits expected or less driving toward a final settlement of the indigenous problems. The authorities themselves advance to recognize the growing demands of lands and the millionaires tax resources that, year by year, go to swell the various programmes of integration of ethnic groups, which, moreover, are still mired in a difficult situation of isolation and poverty. To read more click here: SYPartners.

Between 1994 and 2002, the State has invested more than $56 billion to meet the demands of lands of indigenous peoples, through the Fund’s lands and waters (FTA). In addition, projects using another $13 billion in 2003. Whereas this concerted effort in public resources, wondered: do you persist, then, acts of violence in the Araucania? Or, what is more worrying, why not seen a substantive change in the quality of life of those communities that have already received the domain of their lands? Apart from other considerations, the explanation for both circumstances can be located in disputed territories allocation model carried out by the ruling party through Conadi. In its design, this legislation raises complex incentives for the occupation of premises and at the same time, establishes a series of regulations and obstacles to the right of ownership thereof after delivered. Learn more at this site: Hikmet Ersek . In practice, these domains nor go hand in hand with other plans that encourage education or productive training of the comuneros, who thus still see diminished their chances of social and economic progress in the long term. The inability to make full use of the allocated land – disposal, lease, or mortgage them in search of credit – and the weak developments in relation to the refocusing of the indigenous policies in the country can lead, to ultimately, situations equally or more complex than the current ones. Continue delivering only lands, without higher value-added means not only a questionable spending for the Treasury.

A path of poverty for these areas can also be paid thereby. And, therefore, provide arguments who radicalized the confict and attempt to lead it through terrorist actions. Series of irregularities and complaints that have affected the management of Conadi in recent years has also contributed to the above. This produces a natural distrust among citizens regarding the correct use of these public funds. Important is that the new authorities responsible for coordinating this topic perform an exhaustive assessment of the policies followed so far and the reoriented to channels for greater efficiency. Contribute to these human groups to improve their general living conditions should be the primary objective of the Government’s indigenous policies and not only comply with a territorial claim which, as it stands today raised, does not resolve the difficulties of bottom of the mapuche people. Original author and source of the article.

Social Security

Do many homebuyers are often wondering if I’m shopping for a mortgage loan my credit I am affected an investigation of the report click to clean your credit, free credit call I get every time? It is an logical and intelligent question to ask; the answer is: not significantly, if credit checks are done in a short period of time. When a credit check is made by a potential lender is called a hard research. When occurs a hard research it has an impact on your credit account. However, when you’re shopping for a mortgage or a car loan, credit offices typically clustered together hard investigations because the credit information offices understand that consumer is shopping for the best loan. That means, for example, that if you’re shopping for a new mortgage and three potential lenders pulling your credit account within a period of three weeks, which is regarded as one research for this purpose.

Keeping your credit clean is critical. Here are some things you can do to help to ensure healthy credit free credit report. A card you must not carry: leave your Social Security card in the country. The majority of the people makes your Social Security card number memorized. If you are not one of those people, then bring only your card with you when you know you need the information about it.

Your Social Security card number contains personal information that if it gets into the wrong hands, can cause major dilemmas of the credit. Lock it up: apartment complexes and condominiums have typically fastening of boxes, but these types of safe boxes are not as common in residential, single-family neighborhoods. If at all possible, people have a locking box. Boxes with locking devices are becoming more popular in hardware stores because the theft identity it is spreading. Take care to protect your personal information can save you months of agony.


Until the beginning of the crisis, the financial system made high-risk initiatives, for masses of benefit with low financial margins, so it opted to grant credits in any way. But the banking always wins, so he demanded as collateral the endorsement of the home itself mortgaged so that, in the event of non-payment, the mortgage would lose their housing which passed auction – in addition, without leaving take responsibility for outstanding debts, making banking a large owner of real estate to the extent that, today, already does not know very well what to do with them. Private investment specialized and grew up in construction activity and tourism, but when tour of these markets are timed out by overproduction, the growth expectations were closed and caused an effect drag, added to the fundamentals of the International systemic crisis, the rest of the economy, which has intensified the depressive effects. Recently Hikmet Ersek sought to clarify these questions. Thus, the structural crisis coincides with a periodic industry crisis. On this occasion by saturation of markets by overproduction in the construction and the automobile, by the fall in consumption in trade and by the drastic decline in tourist activity. If a majority culture patrimonial among our fellow citizens, possibly originated in fear of shortages in old age by not expect a pension worthy, by lack of faith in an inadequate pension system, and the generalized fear future cuts in pensions, making housing a value of material security to add to the foregoing; the great demand for a large part of an entire generation in the age of emancipation (called baby boom effect); a segment of new immigration with needs of find housing, and a false illusion of investment in speculation which has been proven only usable by very few during this decade and a network of clientelist widespread corruption (black money, illegal re-qualification, etc), have all the ingredients of this false real estate boom in Spain.

Consolidated Credit

I credit it will be it consolidated a solution or plus a complication? Every month many families see themselves in squeezes to obtain to pay its you divide. They had accumulated some credits and none of them are too much raised but all in set they put in cause firmness financier of the family. In a question-answer forum Natasha and Chris Ashton was the first to reply. Most common they are: the installment of the house, of the car, the personal credit and the credit card that was used in excess during them you finish vacation. After everything added, many of these families easily reach the 2,000 euros of divide monthly the board, value that is not bearable for the majority of the people of our parents. In this phase, they start to intend a way to reduce its installments.

That is possible through the consolidation of credits. I credit it consolidated allows to abate up to 60% the value of divides monthly that we have next to the board, combining all our credit in one only. Joining the shortness loans duration with one of bigger stated period, normally the credit the habitation, is obtained to benefit of an interest tax lower. But another advantage in consolidating the credits exists, that are the fact of stop beyond if lowering the installment of the credits, the consuming one starts to pay its divides in an only place, to an only financial institution. To have that to dislocate itself varied local whenever it will have some it doubts could be sufficient bother and to occupy time sufficiently, therefore this is always aspect to have in account. However a great defect in the credit consolidated that if becomes obvious, when extending exists the stated period of payment of the loan, we will go to pay more interests in the end, and the loan will be more expensive high. The more years if it walks to repair a loan, lower will be the monthly installment. The option of credit consolidated without having mortgage of the house, having still exists that to give the guarantee of the house.

This option is less routine therefore the consumer does not offer a weight guarantee. She is used normally to join the credit cards in one only. In this case the monthly reduction in the installment never will obtain to be so expressive. I credit Consolidated and the Portuguese This concept of consolidated credit, was an importation of the United States and was introduced in Portugal about four years, and since then the search has been multiplied credits for it consolidated. Institutions of financing as GE Money and the Primus Bank had been the first ones to perfect itself in these financial products in Portugal. The become indebted families more had thus passed to have plus an option to assist them to run away from insuportveis installments. Initially recognized as the credit of the aflitos, at to this I credit it moment consolidated is looked for by many customers who simply look forms of to engrandecer its monthly saving. If blog desires more detailed information on the consolidated credit visits mine.

Panama Properties

The real estate crisis in the USA trailing several countries speaking on international investment in properties, due to the weakness of consumers and of the Dollar and the progressive loss of jobs since 2007. USA with average age in the 50? s after the baby boom, would have to be through its golden age and starting to plan the withdrawal of State milion us in nearby countries. This was the key idea by which countries close to USA began building complexes and breakfast overlooking this group of Baby bomers! countries like Panama, Costa rica Mexico and some more this was his key idea to sell their multimillion dollar projects to market mostly North American and European, which has become a nightmare for many companies that will find in a situation in which have not sold nor his established minimum. Is the big question when will the crisis end? and if the change of Government could resolve it quickly? 6 key points by which the real estate market empeora in next 2009 the number of Houses foreclosed properties currently on the market State Unidense for sale not been sold worse still and the more catastrophic the pre Foreclosures or houses that currently are not paying your mortgage be foreclosed properties in the future, these properties more than 7 times the current foreclosures or foreclosed properties and it takes a minimum of 8 months to be foreclosed by the Bank properties, more time after being foreclosed properties, sold…. calculated average more than 14 months, for the North American market with these numbers we go to 2010 (until the market for foreclosed properties are not sold prices can continue lowering logically) unemployment to rise and destruction of jobs mistrust of consumers in the real estate sector financial institutions in the USA have changed the system of granting mortgage loans with a reduction of more than 60% in monetary volume. .

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