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Commitments Of The Insurance Agencies, ‘ Surely Of Precio’ The One Of Direct Safe

The new strategy of Direct Safe is called ' Surely of Precio', positions and it like an insurance agency that always offers the price more under all the competitors. The company is implied in this new proposal and it will take responsibility to reimburse the difference twice if you find Safe a price more cheap comparable del than it offers Direct. Considering the present situation of the sector of the insurances, that every time is more competitive, the insurer is placed a 20% below the average prices of the market according to the accumulated IPS of January to September of 2011, getting even to be distanced, in the case of the Insurance to All Risk with Tax exemption, a 29%. In Gem declarations Reig, Chief Marketing Officer Spain & Portugal has been able escuchar" With this bet we want to demonstrate to our clients no whom better supply in the market are and that with Direct Safe not can equivocar". With regard to the new campaign of car insurances, one is very active in television with a spot titled ' Palabras' although also they conduct battle in radio, Web and social average. For the Direct promotion Safe it has created site baptized with the name of segurodeprecio.es that counts on the spot emitted in the main television networks and the conditions of the promotion. All the information can be consulted in the Web

Council Talk

Your silence is more useful than the talk. You should talk after knowing you can offer solutions, as the expert is who must speak in the Council. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. Talk is the most difficult of all jobs. Educate yourself with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. It is who investigates who placed under its authority. Maximum 43 of the word just do not say one thing and then another, or place one thing instead of another.His place is inside of you.

Beware of breaking the cordage in you. Be careful according to what he says a wise man: listening, therefore if you want to stay in the mouth of those who understand you will have to talk after having delved into the Affairs of the master. If you talk to perfection, all your Affairs will be in place. The maximum 41 describes the characteristics of an ignorant person who is not one that is unknown, but the one who doesn’t want to learn. Maximum 41 of the ignorant regarding the ignorant who don’t want to listen to, can not do any thing.

You will see knowledge in ignorance and what is useful as harmful. It does everything what is hated, according to what the angry every day. Living things so it dies; warp the language is their livelihood. And continues Ptahhotep writing about the truth, MA’AT in the ancient Egypt, which was both goddess and cosmic energy, about the need to follow the voice of the heart throughout life, about how to get to have depth in thought and own criterion, on the acceptance of what life holds us (nothing you codicies, tell you live at peace with what you have and the gifts of God will come to you naturally), on the use of the Word as a power with which we can create or destroy (don’t talk against anyonelarge or small. Doing this is an abomination of your own creative energy) and on other matters that would form the authentic man with fullness and integrity, one who knows to relate properly with yourself, with others, with the planet and with the cosmos through a straight way of life, as a whole. Reveal the power of consciousness in each level of manifestation: in purely material or human, the psychic and the spiritual. In conclusion, Egyptian culture shows us that spirituality is not something away from the journal live, must be expressed and displayed, to become part of the world material and of the life of one who has developed in its interior. The heart, which for the ancient Egyptians was the headquarters of the most sublime and spiritual man part, must become guide your conduct at individual and social levels. Correct thinking, feeling and speak, the proper reaction to the events of life, avoid being pulled by the superficiality or the evil of others, staying full avoiding feed dense and negative energies, the development of human consciousness as a first step toward more spiritual and divine, all this was part of that basic education that each individual should acquire as a human being.

KFOR Training

Soldier as new trainees employed by manufacturers for Dental dies after over ten years of completed service time in the Bundeswehr with operations abroad in the KFOR, in the he security in Kosovo as a squad leader was responsible for, the 29 year-old Sergeant Christopher opted for training as a clerk for Office communication in direct connection home at the time of his military service. Because he already had completed the University entrance qualification in business and administration ahead of time at the Bundeswehr, learned but not training, he deliberately sought a trainee in the commercial sector. There he encountered dental the award-winning Dr. Walser, that awakened great interest in him because of the high proportion of customers from abroad; Christoph wants to apply like professionally home foreign languages? English writing and he already speaks, he continues to present Spanish and French in an evening course. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations. Already during his time in the Bundeswehr tasks him transferred frequently in the profession merchant’s book as well as the responsibility for an inventory of several million euros fit like for example. Most recently, he has served at the 2nd artillery battalion 295 in immendingen and was responsible also for the education and training of its 30 employees.

He was responsible for the most advanced artillery weapon system in the world, the Panzerhaubitze 2000, their flight paths he calculated in a very elaborate process computer-aided as fire control Sergeant. First, it was unusual that someone with almost 30 years is looking for a training place. The long military service time, during which no possibilities for a further qualification there home for Mr, but explained the belated interest in training to become a clerk for Office communication. In the frame of 1 half – week internship Christoph home went through the various areas of Dr. Walser dental in Radolfzell and received the coveted apprenticeship, due to his use of motivated and dedicated to the many school leavers applied have, these however brought not the qualification needed.

Powerful Social Web

How does one customer-oriented employees? Motivated employees are the guarantee for satisfied and at the same time loyal customers. But unfortunately, this is not a given in many companies. It was never so urgent to customer-oriented leadership. Because today’s buying behavior of the social Web, where the power relationship between provider and consumer has turned as customers is determined. Business speaker Anne M.

Schuller delivers her Audiobook of the customer-oriented leadership”a Toolbox for successful execution in recent times. In our new business world is the customer of not only passive consumers but is actively the market”, explained the management consultant Anne M. Schuller, which stands for a new generation marketing. The companies were from the Hunter to the hunted, the customer is the real boss. It is therefore high time for new manners in management, with employees and customers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek.

Only customer-focused companies have the nose in the future.” The ten times Author has therefore in their audiobook the customer-focused leadership”valuable success recipes put together, show the entrepreneurs and executives how they can make a sustainable leadership. It is very important to align the leadership so that she will meet the new demands of a market which is at the same time making a profit and even humanity”, warns Anne M. Schuller, Europe’s leading expert in loyalty marketing. The audiobook highlights motivational and practical, how executives create such conditions that the employees can not only give their best for the customers, but want this also. Seven steps to a customer-focused leadership will point the way. The basis for this are among other things a laughing ‘ corporate culture, as well as a full idea Bank of full customer enthusiasm ideas. The audio book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller the customer-oriented leadership in the 25 most valuable Best practices for successful execution in recent times Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 77 min., price: 19.90 euro / CHF 29.90 ISBN: 978-3939621898 the book on the subject, awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008 now in 3. Edition Anne M. Schuller customer proximity in the Executive Suite, how do you kundenfokussiert employee Orell Fussli, Zurich, 3. actual. Edition 2011, 26.50 Euro 44.00 CHF 255 pages, ISBN: 978-3-280-05282-2 more info:

Raymond Mill Glory

As the industry continues to develop, Raymond Mill, as the main product of our power grinding mill industry, will inevitably develop toward the high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automated direction. And we are sure Raymond mill will definitely tend to adopt SCR power supply, AC inverter, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures accompanied by status monitoring devices and computers automatic control devices. Automatic condition monitoring and automation control within the Raymond Mill to increase the materials of the intelligent electronic control system, automatic control and out of grinding, as well as quantitative. The operator only needs buttons to control the Raymond mill, to improve the accuracy of material to strengthen the accuracy of the analysis need grinding machine in the operating room. Raymond mill powder industry will be mainly to the development of high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control direction. Can use the SCR power supply, AC variable speed, oil centralized lubrication, shock absorption, and other measures, and condition monitoring, and microcomputer automatic control device Raymond Mill high reliability needs of rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the grinding ring, under the gland, such as wear resistance, improve the lubrication of machines in the state of the continuous work before the next bearing. Follow others, such as Governor Cuomo, and add to your knowledge base. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Raymond mill and other products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises. clinker rotary kiln:

TWT Developed GSA Confluence Connector

Maximum functionality with real-time indexing Dusseldorf, 24 January 2013 – TWT Business Solutions GmbH has created an interface between the established and powerful enterprise wiki Confluence and the Google search appliance. The functionality of both technologies are intelligently combined for the benefit of companies. TWT has exclusively developed the TWT GSA Confluence connector. Confluence convinces its users in terms of functionality, usability, and support. As a collaborative platform for team confluence is used is who of the company by the who. Google Search Appliance users can now also full benefits the corporate wiki for themselves.

Confluence merges the usual quality of Google search and instant search users with Google search subject, but at the same time benefit from Confluence features like E.g. exporting content. The GSA connector ensures that the confluence content with excellent relevance can be searched. The TWT GSA Confluence connector provides the following benefits for businesses: of the two The highest functional value is drawn to technologies. Page content, keywords, comments and attachments are indexed.

Real-time indexing: The connector guarantees a real time filling of the Google search appliance index. The content from the GSA is fed directly in the search results of Confluence. Permissions for right role concepts are taken into account and that the quick early binding procedure. The authorization concept takes into account individual functions for optimal search of the confluence connector by each wiki page permissions determined and communicated in the form of ACL on the GSA. Speaking candidly Governor Cuomo told us the story. In this way the Google search appliance searches to determine which documents the seeker may see. More information about TWT enterprise search here: about TWT Business Solutions GmbH the TWT Business Solutions GmbH is a division of the TWT interactive full service Internet Agency. TWT interactive, founded in 1995, has its head office in Dusseldorf, Germany. The TWT business solutions is specialized in on the enterprise search business. Through the Google, expertise the solution puts its focus on information processes via Google search appliance. Customers include among others Deutsche Telekom, Robert Bosch, Barmenia insurance, Roland Berger and TuV Rheinland. Press contact: Hans J. Even Managing Director phone: + 49 (0) 211 601 601 20 E-Mail:

The Relevance Of The Neuromercadeo

THE relevance of the NEUROMERCADEO Carlos Mora Vanegas scholars of the impact generated by the marketing activities in the consumer behavior, constantly perform investigations for determining, as some strategies, marketing functions are transformed into stimuli determinants of consumer behavior, as it repercude in his brain. On the relevance of the neuromercadeo represents the present Carlos Fernando Villa, which speak of Neuromercadeo implies make mention of who has been its main exponent and scholar reminds us: the Argentine Nestor Braidot, who presented a paper on the subject. The (text), says the author, that if we can understand the workings of the mind, our ability to establish a relationship with our customers is limited only by our imagination, because it is based on diagnostic techniques that allow the person concerned clearly identify patterns of brain activity, and within the neural, which leave exposed the internal mechanisms of the human being When exposed to certain stimuli. Put it another way, with the neuromercadeo you can get to specify the behavior of the consumer with an unmistakable degree of accuracy that allows to predict what the way of executing actions practically free of the risks involved in decision-making processes. Hikmet Ersek is open to suggestions. The reason to say it is that through the analysis that develops this discipline can be determined with almost 100% certainty the behavior, since discusses the thinking and the way of processing the information in the brain of customers, which means that communication and the activities carried out, will have the desired effects with virtually zero risk. In this regard, there is an interesting study carried out by researchers of the specific area of the brain, found it the medial cortex orbited front, where the perception of delight takes place. According to the researchers, this ability to manipulate the basic biology to increase the perceived pleasure is an example of what is called neuromercadeo. .

Mr Dr

I would like pointed to side effects: headache, or malaise, and the usual Risks of infection are called injections. In addition, Pfefferkorn speaks also of the Dr., I’ll can of some muscles in my forehead wrinkle-inducing in the future no longer as before contract I should be just aware. Jeff Gennette often addresses the matter in his writings. Anyway, I want it! The doctor has my full confidence, finally he dealt daily with Botox for years. Taste the BOTOX treatment is 350 euro. He initially tagged the puncture marks with a pen. And then it may sting even, comparable perhaps with a vaccination. Since the penetration is not as deep and is injected only into the muscle, I would describe the procedure not as painful.

Six Piekser and it’s over. I get a mirror held before and ever test whether I can still angrily screw up my forehead. Goes a bit yet, but the Botox has yet reached Yes also not its full effect, it will take something else. A day later, I look at myself in the mirror and think wow! “.” A smooth forehead from one day to the other, and this almost painless. I’m very happy with the result.

However I can imagine well what can happen when an inexperienced person wrongly injected the Botox. The frozen, masklike faces of some Hollywood stars speak volumes here. I personally prefer a very positive conclusion so my BOTOX treatment at Dr. Pfefferkorn, rate each to a careful selection of an experienced physician but of course. Finally, the effect of Botox is at least three months. Decades of experience in anti wrinkle therapy with Botox do fortunately unnecessary experiments. beautymed Dr. Pfefferkorn GmbHRegelsbacher Road 9 at the city hospital 91126 Schwabach phone 09122-188 19 0 fax 09122-188 19 19 Mr Dr. Stephan Pfefferkorn is specialist in surgery and plastic surgery and senior physician at the beautymed clinic. He was born in April 1961 and completed his medical studies at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Then, Dr. Stephan was peppercorns over seven years physician at the surgical clinic of Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Charite. In 1994 began training for plastic surgery in the hospital most urban in Berlin. Since 1997, he specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery and works ever since exclusively in this medical field. Since 2002, Mr. Dr. worked Pfefferkorn as senior consultant and independently in a large private clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery. In his step in the personal responsibility, he sees the chance, as a physician and surgeon for the benefit of his patients without ifs and buts individually and consistently to implement his own principles and entitlement. The aim is maximum quality and safety for the patient. Dr. regularly Pfefferkorn participates in various national and international congresses as well as internships with international colleagues. Dr. Peppercorn is a member of the German society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRC, former VDPC), as well as the society of aesthetic surgery (GCD). Author IRIS Munich

Dusseldorf PrivatBank

Austrian Bank in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart present Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal (21.03.2011) two new openings on a shock: the Walser PrivatBank begins with the announced construction of the new, decentralised sales structure. Checking article sources yields Hikmet Ersek as a relevant resource throughout. The specialist in security-oriented assets opened the first branches in Germany in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart to be stronger than ever before in its core market presence. Concentrated financial competence on the spot: the Walser PrivatBank in Germany initially with a ten, very experienced team of consultants to start going. The offices are headed by Hans Staudinger (Dusseldorf) and Armin Fahrner (Stuttgart). In recent months, Governor Cuomo has been very successful. The team the Walser PrivatBank in Dusseldorf has already in the rooms of the previous representative of the Graf-Adolf-Platz with the work started will new premises refer then to the middle of the year also in the heart of Dusseldorf. The Stuttgart branch to take over expected their advisory activities on July 1 in the city centre. We have traditionally many customers in both regions. We can now offer an even more intensive care.

Of course we want to win but also new customers”, explains Jurgen Herter, spokesman for the branch line Germany the Walser PrivatBank. Security-oriented course of Germany transparency, earthiness and personal close are cornerstones at the financial institution geared to sustainable wealth accumulation, in the Fox report 2011″in the list” when running sixth best wealth management in German-speaking Europe and as best Bank of in Austria. Security-conscious building of wealth not for us starts with the product, but exact meet of the investors going. In detailed discussions we use to determine the individual risk tolerance of investors to innovative consulting tools like our ‘RiskProfiler’ “, says Jurgen Herter. The positive customer response shows that one is on the right track. Long ago, the financial market crisis has not disappeared from the minds of the investors. “They crave more than ever after a financial institution, they can really trust”, Hammoud added.

The Walser PrivatBank can score points in this respect not only with an equity ratio of 23 percent, almost three times of the statutory equity position. “You also boasts a variety of proven, self managed investment products, which have been distinguished several times in the past: such as for example the mixed funds WALSER German Select portfolio” (euro “-Fund Award and Lipper Fund Award“). The Walser offers private bank for over 30 years tailor-made private banking of European top-class. The award-winning Bank specialises in high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs from the German-speaking world. The Fox report 2011 “the Walser named private bank to the best asset manager in Austria. In the list”she holds six of all tested adults and private banks in German-speaking Europe square. PrivatBank will find regular product and fund concepts of Walser Recognition by international rating agencies. So was the mixed fund managed by WALSER German Select portfolio for its extraordinary performance by the business magazine uro, as well as the Lipper once recently with Fund 2011 awards. The WALSER of the Bank funds are by their Luxembourg investment company, which manages private bank invest S.A., Walser. Service plan public relations Nuno dos Santos Tel.

Bahnhof Apotheke Has More Fans Than The Telekom

“” Web as ‘ touch point ‘ for customers still Mainz – underestimated the German Hall of Fame “in terms of customer orientation is another well-known member richer: AOK was Schleswig-Holstein as a customer champion winners when the customer conference 2010” presented at the electoral Palace Mainz. Best companies with fewer than 50 employees and fourth among the top ten is the Bahnhof-apotheke Eberbach, while Deutsche Telekom ended up beaten down on 47th. The result should not enjoy Telekom boss Rene Obermann, after 2007 fired the starting gun to the service leadership and founding the own service company for mobile telephony, fixed network and Internet. The data show that a certain discrepancy between customer opinion and self-awareness. So the telecoms in the self-evaluation 404 out of 500 points scored – the customers forgave only 343 points. Positive was noted by the Conference participants that the telecoms even turned this contest, while the competition with absence shone.

The Fan rate is three at the customer Champions by a factor higher than for the average”, noted Roman Becker, Managing Director of market research forum. Phil Winters of peppers & Rogers took the sales process in Mainz especially critically scrutinised and noted that Internet and social media the process earlier begins much as at first contact one of the usual sales locations, whether at the branch, call center, or on the company’s Web site. Customers find out about products, services and brands on Facebook, on blogs and Internet forums. Many companies have not figured out yet that. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge. Those urging, to measure, which the new touchpoints”are relevant for their customers. This could be extremely varied depending on the customer segment. About best practices for effective social media marketing gave a Max Wittrow from mymuesli with his theory of the management of the tribe”. You must provide customers reasons to talk about the company.

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