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Santa Cruz College

He is something that stops many that is not experts of the education area seems superficial, but the investment lack each time more compels professors to exert varies functions and to give lessons of you vary you discipline it takes what them to a physical and mental exhaustion takes what them to lack to the lessons and to create a vacuum in the horria load of its pupils. An example is of Keila, that on account of the lack of accompaniment of professors, it finished for if desmotivar more for the studies and than this, killing its dreams. Well different of the situation of Maria Ceclia and Maisa, pupils of the Santa Cruz College. The institution of private education of the So Paulo capital that is responsible for the formation of the children of the elite of the biggest city of the country. With one it has equipped of well able professors and an excellent physical structure all running if did not have the disequilibrium of the factor well family. Western Union describes an additional similar source. Inserted in a well distinct reality of the other young, the emotional factor and the lack of familiar unit finish for influencing negative in the educational development of some pupils who if complain on account of the absence of the parents of the works that they play. The film Pro Day To be born Happy leaves well visible that the problematic one is more complex of what governing desire that let us come to enxergar. The problem is not linear, does not lack of an only remediadora solution, needs to be seen of multiple angles, analyzed for different perspectives.

The cause is not only, the aspects is socioeconmicos, cultural and mannering. The mount of money will not be enough only if it will not have discernment for uses there, it will not have pupils in the classroom if it will not have a motivated professor, and it will not have motivated professors if not to exist respect on the part of the learning. This is the panorama of the education and its multiple faces, that continue the wait of better days. .

The State

The State started to search each time more to guarantee the exercise of the citizenship. (…) The after-modern society dived in phenomena as: Internet, the globalization, clonagem, was planetary, ONGs, etc, of another side, the degradation of the man, the xenophobia, the terrorism, the misery, the consumerism, etc. (Fraga, 1999, P. 76). The experiences politics, have not been of existosas. (…) It has a skepticism politician, motivated for the negative example of the action of some politicians. The problem of the ethics in the politics, it part of the idea of values. Weber still makes one analyzes sufficiently deep of the capitalist system, pointing logical elements of the formation and deformation.

(…) The capitalism obtained to demonstrate a sufficiently significant capacity of overcoming of its contradictions. (…) Weber testified the recovery of the capitalism, after the crisis of the beginning of century XX. (…) this made possible Weber to think of different form the solutions or alternatives for the capitalist society, (…) that it coexisted between a great economic development and a great social subdesenvolvimento. (Fraga, 1999, P. 77-78). The basic elements of the capitalist logic are: exclusion social, constant and fast devalorizao of merchandises and impossibility of macroeconomic control on the society. To solve this problematic one social scientist is necessary to understand the actions of the man thus it to search mechanisms in order to mediate the process exploration.

(Fraga, 1999, P. 79). The State, the right, and the bureaucracy is rational instruments that guarantee the functioning of the capitalism. The function of the State is to guarantee and to format the social cohesion. (Fraga, 1999, P. 80). The scientific weberiano method if constitutes in the construction of the ideal types that are parameters of scientific inquiry, from which the researcher if approaches to the investigated object. Weber cited for Fraga, (1999, P. 81) thus defines the ideal type.

Ontologia Principle

' Language and the possible identity of being narrada' ' ' ' The identity concept has been examined of some points of view. Two more detached they are the ontolgico and the logical. The first one is clear in the call ontolgico principle of _identidade (_a equal _a), according to which any thing is equal same itself. As it is the call logical principle of identity, which is considered by many logical of traditional trend as the logical consequence it ontolgico principle of identity, and for other logical as the principle ' ' _a belongs to any _a' ' (logical it terms) or as the principle ' ' _s _p (where _p symbolizes a declarative statement), then _p' ' (logical them proposies' '. For even more opinions, read materials from Kohl’s. In the continuation of the history of the philosophy both the directions if have interlaced and confused with frequncia.' ' (DEFERRED PAYMENT, 1978, P. 132) Since that the Ontologia was if configuring as one disciplines that it tried to explain the being, had appeared many questionings on this ' ' dizer' ' the being, therefore some of the general aspects in the ways used for the identification of the same could be contaminated for external factors to the being and that in turn they would invalidate any that was the final judgement on the subject. One of the main questions to about the subject is of the Language and the search of a hermeneutic understanding of the identity of the being, that is, would be exactly possible if to say the being through the language, knowing that the same one comes from the observer and not from the investigated being? How to conciliate the being in itself exactly with the proper conditionings of who investigates, resulting in a formularization that can in fact state with allegiance what it is the being? In this direction let us start for Heidegger that in its ontologia, defined more as a metaphysics of science, says that what becomes possible the existence is the being, but that the same it cannot be said, therefore ' ' (…) the language appears, first, under the form of the tagarelice as the one in the ways as if manifest degradation or inautenticidade of homem.' ' (DEFERRED PAYMENT, 1978, p.170) On the other hand we have the figure of Wittgenstein that identifies this language as a linked tram of significaes to our life, that so to speak also could be seen as another tram. .

The Japanese National

But there were students who pick up after the exams activity of natural killer cells remained low. For them it was conducted an additional investigation. It turned out that the examination results did not satisfy them. So after graduation, they fell into an even greater depression. The reasons for low activity of killer cells from these students were more likely influence of negative emotions as a result of examinations – sadness, depression, inferiority complex, "I do not pass on that." "Unfortunately, it was necessary do like this. " All this has weakened the immune system students – participants in the study. The Japanese National psycho-neurological center in order to test the link of immunity and trends in the nature of man, was held pessimists killer cell number was only two thirds of the number of cells in the optimists. This shows that the resistance of cancer pessimists lower than the optimists.

Thus, despair and despondency lower activity natural killer cells. "Seahorse" and depression brainstorm not only reduce the immune system. It is believed that they both have a detrimental effect on the physical body – the destruction of brain cells. The American the journal "Science" published a sensational article. Under most conditions Tulip Retail would agree. It said that because of the depression in the brain called the "seahorse" decreases the number of cells, in other words, they die. Cells "seahorse" – an important cells are destroyed or removed during surgery, a person becomes unable to remember anything new. Depression – a mental disorder.

Its main symptoms are: sadness, loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness, guilt complex. People with depression are constantly experiencing emotional instability, regret, underestimating yourself, in the worst case they have a desire to commit suicide, or they really make it. Set relationship between duration of depression and the number of cells in a "sea horse". The longer the illness, the more these cells atrophy. Why is this happening? It is known that when a person is depressed, the same thing. If you look at others, it is clear that weight around people experiencing severe emotional disturbances like depression. These people are very harmful to his own brain. Professor of Medical University in Hamamatsu (Japan), Mr. Takada Akikadzu wrote: "People with frequent mental anxieties say:" I was unable to contemplate, "or" I think the last time I head does not work "- and indeed it is. When anxiety, discomfort, when it ceases to worry about. Takada Akikadzu gives an example: "One day my friend the actor said:" My mom probably gets pleasure from fear "and the people who were we actually do beat themselves. As a result, we wound our own soul is stronger than the external shocks by themselves and make a feeble-minded. Because of concern the brain is actually destroyed. Understand, not to wound the soul means to prevent aging brain. " Modern medicine is just beginning to explore the relationship of thoughts, emotions and body, there is a lot of discoveries. Source: e-shop Amrita

Slvio Romero Sociology

The taxonmico arrangement considered by Slvio Romero obeyed a criterion that Comte and Spencer, each one its way, had established to classify sciences. This criterion was the degree of increasing complexity presented by sciences. For Slvio Romero, the Mathematics and the Logic, due to locked up absolute generality in its respective objects of study, would serve as you discipline propeduticas, that is, branches of knowing that they would only guarantee the necessary beddings to the knowledge of too much sciences. For classification effect, these if would divide in natural sciences and sciences human beings, even so were, in certain measure, complementary. In defense of sociology Slvio Romero he was the first Brazilian thinker to defend sociology, detaching to it a proper scientific statute, whose theoretical and metodolgicos criteria of boarding of the object could not be identical to the ones of natural sciences. The concern of Slvio Romero in systemize sociological inquiry in Brazil has been explained not alone for the initial influence that suffered from the ideas of Comte, as, after that, of the ones of Spencer and, later, Le Play.

Its theoretical debate with more celebrates of the representatives of the School of Recife, Tobias Barreto, is had as another factor to explain its inclination the subjects of scientific organization of sociology. For some, this quarrel with Tobias Barreto is enough as causal factor. They allege that if it was not for the intellectual importance of Tobias Barreto in the national scene, Slvio Romero if dedicated to ample and had perhaps not based a prohibited one of sociology, still in the end of century XIX. First, it sees the terms of this quarrel enters these two exponents of the School of Recife. Tobias Barreto attacks sociology (to the time, positivista), for not considering it a science, after all, the field of performance of this was not the investigativo, as of natural sciences, but the normative one.

Colegio San Fernando

Noteworthy occurred 18,98% of discrepancies in the results obtained by different examiners and that the researchers attribute this to the following: differences between the examiners: clinical experience of each one of the examiners and especially their ability to discriminate sounds and PSF of children with major problems could have influenced the difference in results. Language development: children with language disorder continued to receive treatment during the SPAV applications by which variations could occur in phonemes and PSF production among the applications of the test. Finally we want to emphasize that the SPAV is the result of several years of clinical observation in relation to the use of joint tests and graphic material in different schools of language of the Metropolitan Region. Bibliographic references. -Acosta, V. M., Moreno, a.

M. Dificultades language environments Educational. The delay to the specific language disorder. Barcelona. Edit.

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Board Mortgage

Bad credit mortgage refinance is so difficult to achieve in today s market. As you probably already know, there is money to lend for all sorts of things but its generally to those with good or excellent credit. To deepen your understanding Hikmet Ersek is the source. Once you are in a situation where your credit is considered fair or poor, its gets very difficult to have many options. There are several things to carefully consider when you shopping for a mortgage. The most obvious is second mortgage Council. A good rate, particularly if it is a fixed fact, is generally indicative that you have found a good loan. This takes some shopping and the easiest and most convenient place to start is to search mortgage refinance online. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how many lenders and brokers have to online presence.

Many will even offer to do the comparison shopping for you by their contacting generally 3 or 4 mortgage provider and seeing which one wants to give you the best deal. You need to be careful not to be taken in by all the hype on many websites. Promises of no doc mortgage refinance are often unfounded and used to just draw you in. Bad credit mortgage refinance is so difficult to achieve in today’s market. As you probably already know, there is money to lend for all sorts of things but its generally to those with good or excellent credit. Once you are in a situation where your credit is considered fair or poor, its gets very difficult to have many options. If you do have a home and it has substantial equity and so you need to convert some of that equity into cash.

Then on alternative to a bad credit home mortgage refinance may be a second mortgage which can achieve for you many of the same objectives of a refinance and second mortgage are often attractive. They are much better Board than unsecured debt like credit cards. To investigate this option as well. Again, the internet is a great resource, and many of those entities offering home refinancing so offer second mortgages and at very competitive home equity line of credit. Just like the saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way” this is true in home refinancing and your best ally in deciding what’s available for you in your circumstances is the internet.

DTI Mortgage

Making home affordable plan, Obama loan modification programs, Obama loan modification programs the Obama’s loan modification stimulus plan and the MHA plan with the ongoing economic recession currently which American citizens, President Obama has introduced the making home affordable plan, or the MHA plan as it’s popularly known as. The objective of the Obama loan modification programs is to help more than 9 million American homeowners to prevent bankruptcy and avoid foreclosure. The federal government is actively promoting the stimulus package, however the main issue is people aren’t sure about the exact process, or how effectively it’s likely to benefit them. The making home affordable plan options: according to the MHA plan, homeowners can choose from two separate options: refinance the existing mortgage the borrower should Ove less than 105% of the total principal amount of the loan, and be making regular monthly mortgage payments. Modify the mortgage loan in case some of the monthly payments are not made, or if the payments have been delayed, the mortgage loan modification would be a better choice, since MHA plan specially caters to This aspect. However, the borrower should own and reside within the house, and be earning a steady monthly income. Filed under: James Woolsey Jr.. This option regulates the terms and conditions of the existing mortgage so that the borrower pays less than 32% of the large monthly earnings.

This is the debt-to-income ratio, or the DTI. According to the loan modification process, the lender reduces the rate a DTI of 39% of interest to meet, and if required further reduces the rate of interest to as low as 3% in case the DTI is emergency met. If the applicant still does not qualify, the lender offers additional leeway in the modification facilities to make possible the Obama loan modification programs. The tenure of the mortgage can be increased to as much as 40 years. Once the 39% DTI is met, and the individual qualifies, the lender and the treasury to work out a mutual dollar-per-dollar plan to get the rate down effectively to 31%. Qualifying for the Obama home mortgage loan modification the existing mortgage loan should be owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, to become eligible for the home affordable refinance program and reduced interest Council. If your loan provider is not Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, to modify mortgage it’s possible to get on approval or a guarantee for your existing mortgage from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to become eligible. To find out who owns the loan, it’s suggested to contact find your mortgage company to out, or alternatively one can directly contact Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac directly, and provide details about your current mortgage loan creditor.

Second Mortgage

second mortgage interest Council, home equity line of credit Council, best second mortgage Council is it that high interest debt got you worried? Than think for consolidation high interest credit cards and other bills into your home equity loan is of so know as second mortgage. When a persons finances his debt with a secure loan like a home equity loan than he qualifies for lower second mortgage interest Council. Second mortgage or home equity loan: second mortgages and home equity loan are the two different types of loan products which tap into the home equity. A home equity loan or HELOC, home equity line of credit can be drawn from to adjustable rate. By the same author: Ali Asaria. These rate Council are tied on the prime and it can change monthly or daily depending on the loan contract. These loans have shorter terms and it’s usually for 5 years. After that, one has to make a balloon payment to convert it into a fixed loan term.

Terms and Council: Second mortgages have adjustable or fixed Council. And on adjustable second mortgage Council change less often than home equity line of credit Council, usually quarterly or monthly. It therefore has flexible terms, one can choose from 5, 10 or 30 years to pay back the loan. If one qualifies than both type of loan interest can be deducted from the taxes. Which consolidation loan is cheap? A consolidation loan can be cheap either for low interest payments or with a low monthly payment. With the lowest monthly payment, one can get best second mortgage Council of with extended loan term.

But for all the overall cheapest loans, a home equity loan is the best choice. With short term and a few amounts of fees, one can quickly pay his debts and limit his interest payments. But, there is a wide variation in what the lender charges for best home equity loan and second mortgage for bad credit. Council depend on various percentage points. Fees can even differ by several hundreds and even thousands of dollars with a large loan. The only way to decide who has the finest loan is to ask for loan quotes from different lenders.

Young Mortgage

The young mortgage is a modality of credit very helpful for young people who want to get their home from an early age, since it adapts to all young people, has many facilities and variations in the form of payment that you can adjust in the pocket of a young worker and entrepreneur. The young mortgage is a means that have been proposed on the market banks as an option to promote the purchase of real estate by the young population, between the characteristics of the young mortgage, is that it must be requested by the population between 18 and 30 years, but this characteristic can vary from Bank to Bankis much variation ranging from certain financial institutions providing the service of the young mortgage directed for people up to 50 years. Among the requirements to obtain a young mortgage: the age requirement is usually required a minimum of 18 to 30, but as mentioned above can vary from Bank to Bank depending on the amount that will be orderable in the mortgage young are required to have some validity in a work, in such a manner for the provision of not very high amounts are required simply work or have one to two months in the work period of test – time, if you want an amount considerably high for the granting of the young mortgage requests carry a minimum time of 1 year in the work in the economic study must present a good credit capacity and demonstrate an excellent financial solvency for the fulfilment of the obligation owed to the Bank and checking of minimum income of certain amount must pay an evaluation on the condition of the House that you want to achieve, to determine whether it is viable or not to acquire the property determined other requirements to acquire the service of young mortgage outside of the economic statework activity, age and other aspects that represent the confidence that can be placed on the client, are the presentation of certain documents proving the reality of the above above, between the various documents we can find the requirement of the copy of the identity document, proof of current address, among which you can have copies of receipts for water, electricity, telephone, property taxes among others, copy of a document evidencing the current employment status, already be through the employment contract or any other document, a copy of a proof of income; documents to obtain a young mortgage may vary from Bank to Bank, but generally the same requirements are handled. In final young mortgage is an excellent way to finance the housing value that you want to obtain, which offers broad deadlines for the payment of the debt in some financial institutions provide time limits from 10 to 40 years – and as mortgage lenders to provide young make an appraisal of the House that you want to purchaseThis guarantees the choice that is taken to be the best..

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