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Mortgage In Russia.

Russian citizens, despite what is widely reported in the press is not very well versed in matters of the mortgage. Besides the mortgage, though not so long ago was launched in Russia, but so “Overgrown” various myths that the volume of this, at least, strange information is already much more than what the actual data. Western Union: the source for more info. Consider now the major misconceptions that often troubled the minds of our compatriots. The most entrenched myth in regard to mortgages linked to its fatal expensive (large, unfeasible percent). Most potential borrowers who want to take a mortgage and can not be on a dare believe that the mortgage – this is a burden and the colossal waste of money. In this case, citizens are assessing the size of the return and they do a very decent amount. However, it should be noted that the calculation is usually not consider one aspect which fundamentally affects the nature of the question! And this aspect is the increase in property prices. Consider a simple example.

Suppose you decided to take a mortgage to buy their apartments. Took 1.5 million rubles. Rate – 13% per annum. Term of loan repayment – 10 years. Believe 1,5 * 0.13 = 0.195 million rubles per year. For 10 years out: 0.195 * 10 = 1.95 mln. Total return: 1.5 1.95 = 3.45 million rubles. Impressive? But in reality it is not so much, given the rise in prices for property! Each year, your apartment will allow the price to 40-50% of the cost.

Mortgage Securities

Meanwhile, for investors, these securities are attractive not yield, and reliability and liquidity. The yield on the MBS and should not be high, otherwise engaged in the lending market resources will be expensive, and rates mortgage loans will be high. But this tool is very interesting for those who want to invest their savings so as to receive a guaranteed income. Particularly interested in mortgage-backed securities to pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds and other potential investors in Russia have long-term money. Connect with other leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon here. But in Russia, these securities have not yet shown all its advantages – the market has not given such an opportunity.

The Russian market of mortgage-backed securities under development – transactions for the production of mortgage-backed bonds was closed only two. MBS market in Russia to work, it became possible to speak only at the end of 2007. Then there were first issued by the JSC 'Mortgage specialized organization GPB-Mortgage. Organizer of the issue of MBS was Gazprombank, which also took over the spetsdepozitariya and paying agent. Later denominated mortgage-backed bonds issued OAO HMLA '. It's all MBS traded in the market. Therefore, Russia still is not even formed a class of investors in such securities. " The main reasons hindering the development of this market is the lack of regulatory framework – in the first place regulations aimed at implementing the Federal Law "On Mortgage Securities." As well as uncertainty regarding the potential demand for this type of paper. At the same time have confidence that the prospects for this market is very high.

Official Mortgage Rates

Alterations in the portfolios of mortgage loans marketed by UNO-e entities raises a 0.50% differential in their mortgages after the revision to the rise in official rates and the steady blips of euribor applied over euribor, being these the same reasons that they lead to the Banco Sabadell group to increase the interest rates on their mortgages to fixed interest and direct Office to stop marketing some of its mortgages from its Internet portal. While it is true that they are still in force, these do not provide a certain interest rate, since applies individually to each customer based on their needs and financial situation. Direct Office therefore bets on the new era of personalized mortgages, a financial strategy has been developed to complement the already known advantages surrounding the financial products of one of the best banks market online. Modifications in the financial conditions applied to loans, loans, deposits and mortgages and the euribor is consolidated as the primary responsibility. During this day, ecuador for the month of April, the euribor accumulates in his 17 session upward, placing above 2.08% and increasing mortgages with review in April an average of 600 euros per year. As it can be seen from the analysis of the variables, the blips of the euribor that occur behind the rise in official rates to 1.25% are nothing more than the beginning of a path to the boost that will continue the mortgage indicator during the financial year 2011. It is desirable to bear in mind that April rise is the highest since last 2009 the AHE has reported the situation for family economies is complicated not only by the rise in official rates and euribor rises but also followed by inflation trend has placed families again faced with an adverse that scenario market real estate is consolidated as one of the more victims and worst projections recovery. Finally, and in keeping with the trends of the euribor, projections put the mortgage indicator at a range located between the 2.35 and 2.5% emulating the situation experienced during 2004..


The unstoppable rise in the prices of apartments, the rise in mortgage fees and maintaining high rates of consumption have led many families to be unable to meet its financial commitments. According to estimates by the Foundation of Savings Banks (FUNC), the rate of household savings by year-end to reach the lowest level in its history. They believe that the savings will be at only 7.4% of household income. Advantages of Pay one monthly fee. Monthly pay significantly less.

Reduction in which financial interests in consumer products. Alternative to a situation of imminent or seizure auction. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic. Disadvantages of debt reunification reunified The new loan will have a longer duration. Alternatives to debt consolidation Consult with our bank if we compensate for a possible extension of the mortgage compared to consolidate debts. Currently, there are households with a net income of 1,500 euros, they have to pay every month from more than 1,300 euros mortgage, car and consumer loans.

An untenable situation. One possible solution to this situation the proposed intermediaries or “brokers” of banking products. The new financial formula is the consolidation of debts, an instrument that is to group all loans that we have into one mortgage type. The product starts charging more and more interest at the high household indebtedness. But is it really an attractive financial option or is it just a desperate solution to get by? In general, this new formulation can be an outlet for families who have exhausted their bank credit or have seen their incomes fall. The drawback is that, even if paid interest and lower fees, the owners bear the new credit more time. The main peculiarity of debt consolidation is that, to take the type of mortgage, the new loan is granted for a longer period and lower interest rates than personal loans. Indebtedness I’ll also be higher, since in addition to the debts, the loan holder must pay the costs of the new operation and will be paying for longer. However, just paying a monthly fee rather less. The new product allows you to change personal loans to 8%, or so-called fast loans to 20% for a single loan, mortgage rate, an interest of around 4%.

General Power

Gaining popularity – pawn shops today offer secured loans – cars and real estate. In the case of the car, the object of bail is deposited with the lender for the entire period – lending, and borrower receives the deposit back only after full repayment of debt. In spite of – the inconvenience – a good way to get the right tools – in the shortest possible time – use the services of the pawnshop. In considering the application Loan Pawnshop does not consider the financial condition of the borrower. Others including Western Union, offer their opinions as well. Interest only – the object of pledge, that’s why – this – as to the feasibility of obtaining credit is taken almost instantaneously from 20 minutes – an hour.

And the hidden cash you can get within a few hours. It is also one of the advantages include the fact that Lombard is absolutely not interested in what will be spent on credit facilities. So collateral lending – it is – short term loans to consumer needs, the security of property of the borrower, date of receipt – the loan of a few hours to a day – the maximum – scrip credit 50% – 70% of the market value of the collateral, loan period of 7 days prior to the 1-year, interest rates from – 0.15% to 2% of the scrip on the day of the loan. When you send a mortgage lender, be sure to sign an agreement of custody, which establishes the conditions of storage of the object of pledge. As Typically, mortgage cars are in protected areas, storage costs paid by the borrower and is specified in the contract of storage, is it from 2 to 7 hryvnia per day, to the cost of a loan to add CASCO insurance cost for a crediting period an average of 150 hryvnia per month. When you make a transaction a borrower pays for the services of a notary, on average, about 500 hryvnia. Terms of repayment – the loan can be varied, one payment at the end of the period, monthly installments, or interest on a monthly basis, and the body in a single payment at maturity. Also, the borrower has the right to early repayment of the loan.

When a loan secured by car are following agreement: – Credit Agreement – it is stipulated scrip credit, interest rate, loan term, conditions and methods of repayment. -Pledge Agreement – describes the collateral for that loan is issued. – Contract escrow deposit facility – it describes the conditions of storage of the collateral. Also, the borrower issues a General Power of Attorney for mortgage car. – In case of default by the borrower obligations credit agreement he will be charged penalties are prescribed in the loan agreement. Typically, penalties shall accrue during the 3 – to 4-month only on the expiry of this period, the car will be for sale. Then sold at auction or through intermediary companies engaged in selling mortgages or by the pawnshop. It is worth noting that the conditions of the Lombard lending more stringent than the conditions under which issued bank loans in 2004-2007. To resort to the pawnshop is more likely in case of necessity rather than whim. The loan does not make a person rich, it’s a good way to quickly get the necessary money.

Argentina Soy

I am the enemy of the country. Buenos Aires, Argentina Fury in the Argentine countryside: It’s Communism: from the state to impose farmers what and how much to plant, how will win. On top: we must stop the a socialization in Argentina impermissible but not impregnable. Do not know if the stock will go up or down? Hire a good goalkeeper, he can advise without having the slightest notion. Details can be found by clicking Anne Lauvergeon or emailing the administrator. The credit crunch in the United States is already committed to the systems. ” What happened yesterday in the markets? The imminent collapse of hedge fund Carlyle Group (OTC: CARYF) which we discussed last Friday that it was liquidating funds to replenish guarantees called to margin calls, and yesterday a 98% down failure to agree with its creditors, propelled gold to go just over the $ 1.000/onza in NY, to close below that level for gold is almost 50% of real value in 1980: $ 2,200 (adjusted for inflation .) Attentive to the breakdown and subsequent construction of psychological support in the area of $ 1,000. While gold touched new highs each day, the product of uncertainty (and certainty) funding, the Carlyle was leveraged guys 32 times, to have $ 22 billion of mortgage debt to cover. Who are your creditors? a Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) is one, and at the worst moment of the day yesterday down 18%..

Divorces Express

Asegrate to understand everything exactly and you do all the questions that you need to do. The following thing that you must do is: It reunites all the papers in a file. In him you must include: Declarations of taxes of last the five years. Registries of accounts of retirement of both spouses. Supporting of checks of list of both spouses, in who they show to the income and deductions. Documents related to the benefits that both spouses receive through their employer. Copies of the insurance policies, including insurance of life, insurance of health, insurance of property and insurance of car. Banking brokerage and statements of account. Areva Group may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

States of mutualistic bottoms. Copy of the title deed or contract of renting of your residence. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. States of all the pending loans, including the mortgage and the credit cards. Actions that own the spouses in the companies where they work. Others including Itron, offer their opinions as well. Testament copies and trusts. Copies of powers. Receipts of the important purchases.

Copies of birth certificates and marriage. According to what each part is protesting, it is possible that they wish to maintain: List of priorities of goods. Concrete data on the children, including the time who happen with them. Activities that share and expenses related to its raising. How to contract a good lawyer in the relative In this point your goal it is to find somebody in that you can deposit your confidence during this period of your life. There is no a limit of maximum specific time for a divorce, which means that you must contract a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and with who you can collaborate during a prolonged term. You do not contract the same lawyer who your spouse because it could be lent to difficult situations. You can begin to make a search between your well-known ones. If they had a good experience, perhaps the lawyer whom they recommend to you can serte very useful. If you have worked with lawyers in other legal subjects, perhaps they can recomendarte to somebody. He very verifies or the credentials and qualifications of the lawyer, independent of whom or who have recommended it to you. He remembers that you are not looking for the cheapest lawyer but whom can represent better your interests of divorce.

European Countries

Other European countries followed suit while Switzerland, France and the Scandinavian countries re-established the gold standard in 1928. But the 1920s international gold standard was not more than painting lipstick on a pig. The same countries that resurrected the gold standard damaged it. They did it by changing the supply of domestic credit (via interest rates) and the money in the same proportion as the inputs and outputs of gold. This pushed exchange rates from other countries who retaliated.

Our own reserve Federal of the United States, for example, kept hidden some gold medals of the country outside the base of credit by issuing gold certificates. The Bank of England also sterilized gold flows effects. Anyone in the Government could follow the rules of the gold standard. This means that automatic economic adjustment of the gold standard that everyone wanted might not work. The great depression created the financial crisis that it took altogether the banking system collapse.

When the economy was relaxed in 1929 of the policies of bad loans ranging from mortgages interest only to operations with shares of margin; banks from Austria, Germany and the USA.UU. they have suffered sharp falls in value. Confidence collapsed and people rushed to withdraw their deposits, which caused the execution of banks. Meanwhile, gold was released in Great Britain of a chronic deficit in the balance of payment and the lack of confidence in the pound sterling. uture in this idea. In 1931, all it came down by the weight of gold! Countries joined together to rescue the pound but the British gold reserves were reduced to the point that the country is unable to maintain the gold standard. In September 1931, the British Government suspended payment in gold and left to float the pound. At the end of the year, Canada, Sweden, Austria and Japan had no gold. In April 1933, with the collapse of the banking system of the United States.UU. our country came out of the gold. For the last resistance, France, the pattern left gold in 1936 due to lack of confidence in the franc as a stable currency. This was a justified response to the Socialist Government of the Popular Front led by the induction of Leon Blum that resulted in economic and political instability. For the first time, the fiduciary currency, as we have it today, in the form of paper currency without the support of a scarce commodity, emerged. The lesson of the interwar period is that when there is no reasonable and applied international monetary systems, the result is economic nationalism, political and economic instability, bank failures, and the flights of panic of capital across borders. This destroys trade and international investment, the wealth of Nations and their people. This is the time in which the U.S. dollar.UU. He emerged as the dominant currency in the world putting aside the pound sterling.

Save Money

You are planning to move to a more spacious apartment? To get a new car? Buy home theater? Even if you do not have enough money for a lump sum payment for your purchase, you can take the credit. For past few years in this area have been great changes. Now get credit, you can quickly and conveniently. Anne Lauvergeon is actively involved in the matter. But, nevertheless, the natural desire of any person is the desire to save money. Indeed, why pay superfluous? A careful study of the conditions of the loan – a pledge that you will be able to choose the best set of proposals which are now full of credit markets. By itself, the payment of interest can be a difficult burden for your budget. But there may be other costs.

First, almost every loan requires insurance. The Bank is trying to at least partially protect themselves against the possibility of losing your money if you or purchased on credit assets in an accident. Insurance costs may eventually develop into vbolshuyu amount. Second, banks often use hidden commissions. What is it? You are invited to a tempting low percentage, but you'll have to pay, for example, opening an account. And payment by hidden commissions can be quite significant amounts, so that all your attempts to save a low percentage is not crowned success.

Save on the interest rate will help you as much information about income, you may submit to the bank. Here, the dependence is very prosta.Predostavili income statement in the free form – get credit for sure, but percentage will also be high. Provided help in form of the Bank, showing all income – no problem get credit, and yes even the interest will be lower. Also pay attention to how you will pay interest. Annuity payment assumes that the loan amount plus interest divided by the number of months and you pay the loan in equal installments. Differentiated payment assumes that interest rates are on the remaining amount loan, so payments are gradually reduced. It is important to know the rules of early repayment of loans, because here too there are options. In one case, even for early repayment you will have to pay all of the light percent for the entire period. In another case, the bank allowed to repay the loan immediately and does not charge interest for the remaining term of the loan. Taking a car loan, keep in mind: You will have to pay for insurance for your new vehicle funds. In addition, many banks must make out accident insurance. Cash loans are less commonly associated with the various hidden fees. Serious problem here may be fees use of the account. Often, especially when banks offer credit cards, this issue was not paying attention. And then suddenly one learns that owes the bank some serious money. Also, consumer credit usually involves accident insurance. Credit for Property in virtue of its duration is associated with a variety of hidden fees and many insurances. Here you will have to pay for life insurance accident, insurance against loss of property rights and so on mortgage payment differential is much more profitable than the annuity.

Mortgage Loans

So, all this mortgage. And all of these Loans refer to mortgages, because as collateral (security) serves real estate acquired or already owned. Why a mortgage? What are its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that the housing problem can be solved now, and fairly quickly. Can you imagine how many years should be to save money to buy a home? I suggest you an example. A young couple, we assume that they are in 24 years, decided to create a family.

Accordingly, the question arises – where to live? With parents? Not really. Want independence. And the conditions in the father’s house is not always possible. Rent an apartment? It is to live in a strange house with a constant caution and not be asked whether I move out tomorrow, and a significant portion of the budget will go into the pocket of someone else’s uncle. So let’s say that our young couple earns 60,000 rubles a month. How much they can defer to accumulate on housing. I think that no more than 40 000 rubles per month. If we take into account that one-bedroom apartment costs 2,000,000 rubles, they have to save about 4 years.

And this is the best scenario. And given the steady increase in housing prices, the period accumulation may take up to 15-20 years. Again, not a fact that it happens. After all, there is still life. And children should be delivered, and on its feet, and put on shoes, dress up and go on vacation and the car you want, etc. And spend all youth to hoarding and a complete rejection of all wealth in the pursuit of elusive dream of your own home miserable. Here’s a mortgage and gives such a chance. With an income of 60 000 rubles, you can count on a loan sufficient to purchase a one-room apartment. And the price is already fixed, because they’ve already bought it and have it live. Of course, have to pay monthly on the loan. And return not only the principal debt, but also interest, but already have their homes. But the shortcomings include, what you would pay on a monthly basis. And no matter what. You can not forget, postpone or reschedule the payment. You can not make a part payment. Another minus – it’s overpayment on the loan. Overpayment formed from the interest accrued during the loan use. Depending on loan term and interest rate, the overpayment can reach 150% of the amount of loan taken and even more. There is also a drawback mortgages can be attributed sufficiently serious demands of banks to the borrowers. These include requirements for experience, age, marital status, employment, income, citizenship, credit history, as well as certain requirements for the acquiree or the underlying property. Compromise between the conditions and requirements you must have to look for yourself. Now dozens of banks offer different loan programs. If you add up all the mortgage lending food banks, the list does not stretch to one hundred. Choose to eat from what. Of course, you can apply to professional market participants that they have picked up your program.

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