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Complutense University

More than five million immigrants live in Spain. Of them, only 1 million are in an irregular situation. The other four million are citizens of full right: they work, study and performing activities of daily life. A study by David Reher, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, breaks with this and other topics on immigration. Spain is being invaded, our streets, our neighborhoods. This is the feeling that many have of what is happening. Images reflecting the media of the arrival of hundreds of people in rafts or canoes help to create this sense of alarm. However, only 1% of immigrants arriving to Spain make it on these boats.

Most is done by plane or by road. Click DHL for additional related pages. Immigrants are some ragged that removed the work to the Spaniards. The reality is quite different. Thus, explained from the Colectivo Ioe (social scientists who study Spanish society). The immigrants live on his work and nothing differ from the rest of the population.

Almost 60% of immigrants have finished secondary school and 20 percent have higher qualifications. Professor Reher explains that even among the group with lower qualifications, as the Africans, has completed primary school in at least 75% of the cases. Most of the immigrants perform jobs below their qualifications. More than 40% of the immigrants get their first job as non-manual in the service sector workers, as waiters, messengers, and more than 20% starts at work which does not require any training. 37% Is kept in low-skilled jobs, then almost 30% get people in charge and 11% comes to have your own company or business. In addition, thanks to this new labor young, Spain and industrialized countries can maintain their productivity system. United Nations points out that Spain, for example, will need seven million immigrants over the next seven years to be able to maintain their State of well-being. It must be borne in mind that 75% of those who emigrated were a work in their countries of origin The regularization of immigrants and permissive laws of Spain are a call effect. The so-called authentic effect, explains the Reher, is the existence of family or friends in the country. What Animates someone emigrate are not images of an ideal world that sees on television or desperation that is your situation, but contact with someone who has emigrated and as account that is doing well, that has a job, a House, which has got their children to study more than 80% of the people who participated in the studyHe plans to bring his family and family reunification is a priority. In addition, the majority of immigrants arriving in Spain are not step. Eight out of ten have only lived in their country of origin and in Spain. They emigrate to seek a better future and pose no return. Immigrants are a few criminals and come to steal. The people who they emigrate come to work, to seek a better future for themselves and their families. We associate crime and immigration wrong way. The feeling of fear and rejection of the different loses sense in a mixed world. Committed civil society must strive not to fall into cliches and stereotypes that hinder the coexistence. The integration of different cultures is not only wealth, but the motor of development and progress for centuries. Primitive cultures did not mix, which tried to keep pure, had a same fate: disappearance. However, people who knew how to welcome and integrate are reason for example by their human wealth.

Ramon Solsona

Family Torroja was the lineage that between the 11th and 13th centuries ruled the town of Solsona (which currently has more than 400 years holding the title of city). The Torroja were descendants of the Earl looked at, Lord of Solsona is now who in the year 990 documented. If you would like to know more then you should visit COSCO. Arnau was one of four grandchildren. As for his father, Ecard-Miro, was who built the so-called castle today called Castell Vell (old Castle, because he was on the mountain called long before old, as an Iberian settlement) at the top of the hill near Solsona. The Castle whose silhouette to lose its outer wall, today it seems to be a natural pyramid dominating Solsona, to be finished its campus, had a square ground plan and a circular tower at each angle. It’s believed that dayton kingery sees a great future in this idea.

From there a very vast territory is dominated visually to your around. The old Solsona was then under the level where they built the Romanesque church. This and the residence of the Lord of Solsona, although today presented one at each end of the city, then remained fairly away between Yes, and walk represented a good way across what had to be the gardens of the fortified Palace, which was the family residence of the noble Lord. It is ignored when was exactly born Arnau de Torroja, but if we consider that it was shortly after 1122, the error has to be minimum. His parents had married in 1104, shortly after fathering the child heir Ramon I (died February 1, 1144), who succeeded by his son Ramon II, nephew of Arnau, and involved as he and his brother ecclesiastical in large companies of the reconquest from Almeria to the main Muslim towns in Catalonia. Arnau de Torroja was born when Alfonso I de Aragon coveted to snatch the Muslims the city of Zaragoza, aided by the count of Toulouse from the Languedoc.

Chinese Luo Pan

Especially it had with thing me Master Li Xing done his 97 years, this master has become known due to his books, especially because of the Chinese Luo Pan compass. During the Congress, international guests had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our work in the form of a lecture (about we were 18 people). The Chinese masters were impressed by our deep knowledge and also the modus operandi. The whole Congress I was presented as a movie star, it was something special to be able to read green eyes, blonde hair and even a Luopan, I’m sure that almost all loaded master made a photo with me. Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai has a lot of respect and recognition award, because he was the one which has spread all over the world the classical Feng Shui and his new book (the translation of the classic Qing Nang Ao Yu) earned him great respect. Every day was really something special, the city tour to places where Yang Jun song has had his knowledge of famous buildings, temples and squares and all was built the Museum of the city of Ganzhou, in miniature form. Here, we could see the development of the city and especially the history of the river and the river crossing. For even more details, read what USPS says on the issue. Also the old town image was shown on us and the most important Feng Shui points, to have precise ideas on the subsequent tour in the footsteps of Grandmaster Yang Jun song.

The Feng Shui tour was amazing and we could see that Grandmaster has resulted in the city of Ganzhou, and many residents Yang’s knowledge for generations the success. Go straight back to the roots of the doctrine, and to recognize that Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years, let me once again realize that the teachings will only survive if they are beneficial to the people, and especially when they work. It is not something Google would like to discuss. Very interesting I found the life of Master Yang (834-906), born in the province of Shandong, he insisted the highest test of the Imperial Palace with the age of 17. At the end of the Tang period, at the age of 45 years, left it the Palace because he was very frustrated by corruption and high taxes to the Imperial Court. He left the Imperial Court with important works such as the Feng Shui water methods and also the classics of Guo Po, Zhang Shu, the book, are to make as graves and looks like a good environment.

“Together with his first disciple Zhang Men de he left Beijing, to travel to Ganzhou where its real purpose contrary to see, because Yang was known as the protector of the poor”. Here, he realized his claim and rebuilt the city Ganzhou not only according to the criteria of Feng Shui, but also many temples, schools and pagodas. At the age of 72 he was poisoned, he ended his life with the words: before we look at the environment outside, we need to place emphasis on the quality of the people in the buildings. The Earth God is always waiting for us, but without that people have a good heart and a good virtue, he will not be blessed country with good Feng Shui. Master Petra Coll Exposito is Feng Shui consultant in the business and private sector, and founder of the Feng Shui Institute of excellence and Europe regularly holds lectures and seminars, to draw attention to the science of authentic Feng Shui. Who wants to see inspiring images, can this see: 1_feng_shui_congress.php

Internal Processes Production

“The goals must emerge from the analysis of opportunities and resources and not thoughts and cravings.” (Kotler) assert intentions and goals are achievable in the search for something of value to advance promising results, achievement, benefits, improvements, where the desired future situation is better than a purpose or white presente.Es desired and pursued by the entity aiming at a better situation. The goal is to quantification or qualification of the target. For example: to win 5% of the market, there is”growth target and the target of ‘5% ‘. The objectives are defined in the plan of intent, which is the result of planning in its first phase: the formulation, being that at this stage (design) defines the overall objectives of the company I / sectoral objectives. (Similarly see: Amazon). Setting objectives and targets involved in change, change involves the implementation of actions to promote the organization to a higher level. The choice of planning method that the organization chosen as being more efficient and effective is its strategic planning methodology. The second phase of planning is the implementation (making happen).

The BSC is a management methodology implementation. The scorecard (schedule chart below) prescribed four attributes (columns) to design and monitor the implementation, namely: 1. Objective – graphic scheme of what is intended (activity flow) 2. Mensuracao – definition of procedures for measuring the eventos.3. You may wish to learn more. If so, Madeleine Sackler is the place to go. Goals – the quantification or qualification (s) objective (s). Initiatives – actions for achieving the objetivo.Siendo that this article will discuss the functions: Objectives and Metas.Lo (s) objective (s) defined in the formulation of planning objectives should be decompostos in children so that they can be implemented. The reactions of cause and effect are pursued in the methodology of a chain of actions aimed at learning the interests of owners, from by the improvement of internal processes for obtaining customer satisfaction.

In this way a) investments in learning improves the quality of services, b) improvement in quality results in customer satisfaction, c) satisfaction leads to customer loyalty and d) increased loyalty results in growth and achievement. In the scorecard illustrated below, the goal is to implement the conformity of the goods or services to obtain the reduction ‘cost’, thus, focus ‘line’ must act on the four perspectives of BSC (owners / shareholders, clients, processes and learning) so that it can be effective. Thus, a macro-goal is decomposto in minor objectives: a) Human capital (labor) should receive training to improve their performance and consequently, the quality of work. Also Aparelho and configure the infrastructures are. b) Internal Processes Production should be improved through techniques reengenharia or total quality, p, c) Customers: the improved quality reduces returns. d) Profitability: Return reduction translates into increased productivity and consequent increase in achievement. Through the chain of action and reaction (flow in the left column) the visually explicit scorecard objectives to be achieved under a macro lens.

Act Reporter

ReadSoft: Analyze processes in accounting with just one click / ReadSoft at the DMS Expo (15-17 September 2009): gear G / booth No. 039 Neu-Isenburg, 06.07.2009. More transparency in accounting the new version 5.3 of the analysis tool promises reporters from ReadSoft presented among other things on the upcoming DMS Expo 2009 in Cologne. The solution is now fully integrated into SAP and here harmonizes with other ReadSoft applications such as the invoice cockpit and the workflow ReadSoft Web cycle. Reporter provides up-to-date statistics, evaluations and trend analyses to numerous detailed processes in the invoice processing.

The accounting module of the SAP system provides the extensive basic data from the production process. With pillars, graphs, or pie charts in numerous variations are various lists, graphics, once they are once defined, using the bookmark function on a click call updated. The reporter reliably provides all relevant documents and latest cost summaries needed for process-related decisions. This is dealing with data, you would have to gather otherwise tedious by hand. Special advantage of Web-based tools: the user can set any parameter combinations free and get the updated report so promptly. Individual criteria can be replaced while the rest remain. You have the opportunity to examine a topic from multiple sites and for different tasks.

By integrated audit trail capabilities, the reporter works conform to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. A faster rollout and almost intuitive usability facilitate enterprise-wide use of the analysis tool. The ReadSoft reporter can quickly edit even large volumes of data without further ADO. In addition to the General overview of process data, it is possible to get up to the smallest details in a few steps. Also, also reporting on the basis of associations are possible: the user sees a keyword that is exciting, he can click on it and find out more about it. In addition to the practical research on the monitor the result can be one-click Export to Excel and print. Overall, the application so greatly increased productivity. Automated processes require regular fine tuning. A system may not always recognize all details of an invoice immediately. Sometimes it is fonts, papers or on the type, how the supplier chooses his quantity. To find out where exactly automated detections hook, is child’s play with the reporter”, says Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of ReadSoft GmbH. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. 435 at ReadSoft are worldwide Staff employed. In total, there are over 5,300 installations by ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures.

Non Performing Loans

Non-performing loans (NPL) are loans, mostly received citizens in banks and that they can no longer repay. Wiesbaden, 22.08.2013. Therefore – from the point of view of the Bank – also called non-performing loans. “Our banking system works, these loans in any form must offset” are. It may be loans of all kinds. Some, such as, for example, real estate loans, are usually valuable. Others, such as, for example, a long overdraft loan of disposition, usually not.

Banks will be there as we probably all would react. If the credit is no longer probable, they try to get rid of him also with a corresponding discount. Such loans burden the balance sheet of a Bank, namely impeding her in turn to refinance themselves. As a result, banks collect such non-performing loans into packages and sell them. Buyers of these loans are service companies, which have established themselves more and more in recent years. You specialize in the recovery of NPL and proceed this socially responsible for all opportunities. What happens now in concrete terms with a non-performing loan? We do set an example, about a real estate loan. The service company which has taken over the credit, tries to exploit these now commonly known profession as”.

This means, that the debtor makes an offer. This usually consists of two parts: a she realized any income from the safety of the said example from the sale of real estate. Here, the service company has more favorable conditions than the debtor, because it has a better network and can freely sell. You know: who must sell under pressure, achieved mostly worse rates. This is also the case in these examples. On the other hand it offers the possibility the debtor, social justice to eradicate the now reduced credit. For the debtor, the chance to breathe is thus for the first time. Read additional details here: DHL. For many, this situation of great benefit, is because they need to worry no longer about possible consequences such as bankruptcy and similar at least in regard to this credit exposure. Why is the company doing this business? The recovery of non-performing loans is professional business, which is the service company for the purchase of the Receivables in the risk. The individual implementation in the exploitation is also costly. It is therefore understandable that the servicer with a reasonable margin must calculate. And this is where the opportunity for investors arises. Because few Servicers are a billion dollar market to non-performing loans, which itself must also refinance. They only make money if they have positive run on behalf of investors, the recovery of the loans so brought a profit. So there is an interest equal sound between investors and Servicers. She specialized distributor in the area of non-performing loans NPL select mbH offers the possibility here, about subordinated loan to the NPL select GmbH & co. KG attractive yields to achieve different selectable periods. For investors the chance to benefit from the exploitation of non-performing loans results in”, as Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Wiesbaden. One time investments as well as the rates savers are offered. For bird a sensible alternative that should complement any investment strategy.

European Direct Marketing

Europe direct selling report 2012′ provides yStats.com of Hamburg-based specialist for secondary market research in his topical Europe direct selling report 2012 “provides yStats.com of Hamburg-based specialist for secondary market research information to direct marketing in Europe. To the European market in General as well as individual European countries in particular are considered first. In a second part followed by a ranking of the 50 world’s most successful competitors in this area took place as well as profiles of the most successful competitors, who are active on the European market. The European direct marketing over 20 selected countries represented including based on data and trends from, including top markets Germany, Britain, France, Poland and Russia. The global ranking of competitors focused on the worldwide net sales. According to Crawford Lake Hedge Fund, who has experience with these questions. Detailed profiles with information are leading for the 20, also in Europe operating company, for example, the product range or number Direktvertriebler, as well as current news delivered. Cosmetics and household goods in European direct selling extremely popular In European direct selling were leading France and Germany 2011 on sales while Russia recorded the highest number of workers.

Cosmetics, toiletries and household goods were the most popular product categories in Europe. In the United Kingdom was of the person-to-person “sell widely and in France increased the number of people employed in the direct sales. In Spain an average of just 15 euro in this segment were issued, while it in Japan 120 euros and in the United States were $70. Particularly successful were Vorwerk in Italy and Yves Rocher in the Switzerland. In Germany, decreased sales in the direct sale of 2010 to 2011 easy, but more than 2.5 billion euros. According to forecasts, 2012 in particular provider of bulk products such as cosmetics and fashion will be successful in Poland. Russian direct sales 2011 as compared to the previous year to a single-digit percentage and also in Sales in the direct sales grew the Ukraine continuously in recent years.