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Attractive Offers

Calls from 7.5 cents per minute in all German networks, as well as surf the Internet Berlin, November 10, 2010. The 02 network prepaid provider, Discoplus, HelloMobil, simply, and Maxxim offer new customers a particularly attractive prepaid offer. Maxxim offers a mega bonus of 50 euros and benefit from new customers. The credit will be credited over a period of 3 months, each will be released 15 euro to the beginning of the month. The starter will be charged once with 9.95 euro. More offers like Discoplus, HelloMobil, and simply all prepaid providers have an unbeatable low tariff for mobile phone calls and sending an SMS. A fare around the clock, in no matter what German mobile phone network.

At Discoplus, the discussion unit with 7.5 cents per minute within Germany is offered. Also sending a SMS in all German networks is billed at that price. Discoplus is currently the cheapest prepaid provider from the 02 network. HelloMobil, Maxxim and simply calculates the service with 8 cents. Continue to learn more with: Anne Lauvergeon. Mobile browsing is becoming the trend and more is not a luxury. Just go check the mail, share with friends on Facebook, or retrieve the current cinema program. Who’s doing this with the mobile, needs to ask themselves: do I have the right data plan? The PrepaidAnbieter offer data rates without nasty surprise. The prepaid providers offer a data flat rate with a fixed monthly price, starting from 4,95 euro a data flat rate for little surfer with a 50 MB data volume at HelloMobil already exists.

Also for normal type cassettes and much surfer, there is the corresponding data Flatrate. The prices are between 4.95 and 12.95 euros per month. Who this month decides for a 200 MB data flat rate of HelloMobil can surf free of charge even a whole month with the mobile phone or Smartphone. Then there are the 200 MB Flatrate at a preferential price of 7.95 euros. The Starter packages incl. SIM card and advantage starting credit are available in the Internet at. The prepaid provider are free of binding contracts, as well as other monthly fixed costs. For more information, over prepaid simkarten.de prepaid simkarten.de founded in 2007 by Sonja Dopierala in life. The independent prepaid SIM cards comparison portal provides an overview of prepaid provider. We help you find cheap Prepaidtarife on. We work together with a variety of prepaid providers and present offerings without minimum turnover, as well as binding contracts.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Author under the wheels hit a negligent pedestrian, ran a road in the wrong place. That followed – about this and we were govorit.A tak. days ago, I personally became a party to an accident involving a pedestrian. Poor thing running across the road in the wrong place, without reaching ten meters before crossing. I rode next to the left – since he was a blank until the crossroads – and was about to turn left.

Suddenly, because of standing in an adjacent row bus (Which – so and-so – I blocked all possible visibility) ran a man of forty and – to him – landed on my left front stance, slightly rolled – giving the brakes stop the car – and fell heavily to the right mirror, of course, breaking it. Shouting, cursing, mate – this is only on my side. Follow others, such as Cedars Sinai, and add to your knowledge base. Trembling at the knees and hands – and this is understandable – not every day someone catches you under the wheels. Tear off a mirror half-year-old car! Now, a little digress and recall the duties of the driver in accidents: 1. Stop and did not move the car. 2.

To include "emergency gang." 3. Ensure that all passengers are safe, the driver – too. Make sure that the left / right no one (or at least have free space) – out of the car. 4. Check the condition of the pedestrian. Alive and well? If necessary – to accompany him to the pavement, the median – or something similar, or sit in the car.

Guillermo Andrade

The Lady with an ermine already breathe air (air conditioned) of Madrid. Behind an active Elevational showcase, that it self-regulates to always be at 20 temperature and 50% of humidity, the box of Leonardo da Vinci – absolute star of the exhibition Poland, treasures and art collections which opens tomorrow on June 1 in the Royal Palace – will go well the next few months of life. The showcase, which measures 2.40 meters in height, 1.80 base and 50 background centimetres, guarantees the health of the box, that is calculated will be visited by groups of 20 people who will not remain more than three or four minutes before him. It is not a showcase of high risk, is conservation, explained Guillermo Andrade, of the company SIT, responsible for the transport and installation of the famous work in Spain. Source of the news:: the Lady with an ermine can already breathe in Madrid