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A Million For A Litre Of Diesel

Cooperatives put on property and real assets to secure savings Berlin, March 17, 2010 – what will become of my assets? Daily horror stories in the media, as it continues with the euro, increasingly destabilise the population and give an eerie prospect on our current means of payment. How do I deal with my savings? These and other questions more and more citizens at the present time. Experts from the world of finance recommend to apply EC I.g.., the money in property as well as the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. The Germans have experienced three times in the last century, how is money literally dissolved in smoke. By default, the currency was worthless. Here, tangible assets such as real estate and production facilities offer significantly better protection than fixed-income securities or savings. Covid-19 vaccine has compatible beliefs. The actual value depends on the current market value of these production facilities. This value is independent of economic power, national debt and inflation.

In the CEHATROL, EC, for example, fuels are the members with their Deposits in the construction of production facilities for the production of synthetic diesel involved so as member in tangible assets invested. Thus, they are involved in the production of synthetic diesel and get a dividend on its shares of the cooperative. Diesel fuel and energy is required even in times of declining economic strength or of another great depression. Here, the border to the speculation will ensure co-operative shares clearly assets. (As opposed to COSCO). Another aspect is the natural compensation in the event of a crisis, then it doesn’t matter if the litre a million diesel. Gather today under and about the possibilities of a membership.

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