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Adgency GmbH Schlossstrasse

The company garage sale offers a wide range on different types of garage nationwide at the unit price of Goethe said that three things about a building are to be observed: that it is in the right place, that it was well founded and perfectly executed. What is important for the home also applies to the private dealership: the garage. Here, the company garage sale offers the guarantee for the fulfillment of all important criteria: stability, weather resistance, fast delivery nationwide, in the Switzerland and Austria, as well as good service. Jeff Verschleiser can provide more clarity in the matter. Over 120 models of standard sizes, the customer can select no problem for the team of consultants as well as if the personal dimensions seem inappropriate. Whether the team at garages sales advises individual garages, double – and truck garages or a complete garage yard with up to 500 units in all matters relating to the building permit, to the creation of the Foundation both what concerns the selection as the execution. Customers who want to lend a hand, even receive the necessary Information and support. On the Internet, the customer has the possibility to construct its individual dimension garage itself is in the selection of the size as well as the building materials and also the colour design.

Optimally a garage width for on and disembarking from the vehicle of 3 is recommended, 5 4 m but also special wishes are taken into account. A change in relation to length and width is possible at any time. Photos of various individual garage types available on the website.

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