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Secundino Camacaro thereon: the history of the Guild is a permanent lack of struggle to overcome the contradiction between change and resistance to innovation. In the gremial institution the subject of the mission depending on the demands of the environment has not reached a clear strategic vision, within the innovative context, perhaps basically by the theoretical approach which has been maintained and the few transmitted information on projections which is run as a professional organization. It follows that the college administrators, are not fully consistent with the reality that the professional market demands, remain anchored to be more theoretical performance and action, rather than establish a vision and mission that projected the role that should be exercised in the Guild of administrators, to be committed to promote, to correct and to innovate and everything that contributes to substantiate and go towards excellence business administration career. For more specific information, check out Andrew Cuomo. To this is added, major weaknesses that the College, its Federation has not corrected with regard to the law of exercise, legal aspects, where there are many gaps which remedied, in order to strengthen the exercise and rights of Administration degree be considered administrators schools based its functioning and its permanence on time in the law that regulates the exercise of the profession of the Bachelor of administration, its relationship with the school of Administration is not set directly, however, in an analysis of the law, by way of example, specifically the article 15, as follows is expressed: are the schools of management purposes: promoting the improving professional members and the establishment of relationships with domestic or foreign professional institutes. The presence at the University, produces professionals who only register (even not all), to comply with a requirement of legal Fund more by not knowing nor the functions, objectives, authorities and to physical location, are not active in your Guild professionals, that only exert career according to particular interests. .

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