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Andrew Weil

That fear only makes our bodies to store excess fat. Integers, real foods that our bodies need for health are very available to us today, but how much time spent in the fresh food section of our grocery? Time to buy there for our own health and well-being and jumping through the packed aisles?and canned food. Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, says: steal a couple of secrets of the healthiest in the world: trade in scrap processed for the natural rate not processed. That means to choose: whole grains instead of bread and pasta, fruit instead of sweets, as a whole and vegetables instead of chopped fries, olive instead of margarine oil, raw nuts / seeds instead of cookies and water, based on herbal or green tea instead of soda. New research from the University of California shows that these foods rich in fiber are filled and help trigger the release of CCK, a natural hormone that tells to the brain that you’ve had enough food. Therefore you don’t need diet pills, the healthy fats made with fish, olives, avocados, nuts and seeds contain a fight against hunger of micronutrients that led to the study of naturally and effortlessly eat 17 percent less. The best news is that you can eat more to weigh less: there is no deprivation needed! Eat real food, and eat small meals several times a day, because those fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins help really to fill them naturally, so you don’t need pills. Join healthy people that see the magic happen to lose fat weight, inches, while at the same time, you are supporting your heart, brain, vision, moods and the large inner feeling. Fat burners

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