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Pricing is nothing more than the calculation of the value of a given well. For example, housing is subject to official appraisal by an expert to know its real value before hiring a mortgage loan. Such pricing carries out an independent company specialized, as it forces the mortgage law. This is to certify that the value is real and is not influenced by any of the parties involved in the signing of a mortgage. The value stipulated in the appraisal of housing is the reference value which the Bank when granting a particular mortgage, therefore, take this appraisal shall be mandatory when signing a mortgage. A home’s value can vary depending on the appraiser who perform pricing (sometimes these variations can be very significant). In addition each bank has a number of approved appraisers, in such a way that they only accept these appraisers appraisals. Therefore, it can be highly recommended well know company going has price housing before entering into pricing.

Another concept to have in account is the duration of these valuations. In theory, this lasts for six months, but however, due to changing who is currently the market, we can find with banks who do not accept appraisals with more than three months. If we add to all this that the cost of the appraisal should be borne by the person who wants to sign the mortgage, we take into account that it’s one expense to add to all those who already by itself involves the hiring of a mortgage. Mortgage free, company specialized in the granting of all kinds of mortgages, has launched a new promotion that this month will give away cost of pricing to all persons who sign a mortgage with them.

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