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Argentina Soy

I am the enemy of the country. Buenos Aires, Argentina Fury in the Argentine countryside: It’s Communism: from the state to impose farmers what and how much to plant, how will win. On top: we must stop the a socialization in Argentina impermissible but not impregnable. Do not know if the stock will go up or down? Hire a good goalkeeper, he can advise without having the slightest notion. Details can be found by clicking Anne Lauvergeon or emailing the administrator. The credit crunch in the United States is already committed to the systems. ” What happened yesterday in the markets? The imminent collapse of hedge fund Carlyle Group (OTC: CARYF) which we discussed last Friday that it was liquidating funds to replenish guarantees called to margin calls, and yesterday a 98% down failure to agree with its creditors, propelled gold to go just over the $ 1.000/onza in NY, to close below that level for gold is almost 50% of real value in 1980: $ 2,200 (adjusted for inflation .) Attentive to the breakdown and subsequent construction of psychological support in the area of $ 1,000. While gold touched new highs each day, the product of uncertainty (and certainty) funding, the Carlyle was leveraged guys 32 times, to have $ 22 billion of mortgage debt to cover. Who are your creditors? a Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) is one, and at the worst moment of the day yesterday down 18%.. For more information see this site: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc.

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