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Assaad Aaen Maximilianstrasse

Bob Stewart and with the support of Dr. Daniel Garcia Alis. In addition to lectures, practical examples, discussions and answering questions, the seminar offers above all the opportunity to develop of real-world designs with the latest FPGA-DSP CAE solutions. The speakers emphasize explicit workshop character with practical software DSP/FPGA Designubungen practice by 50 percent. Each participant receives a very comprehensive, easy to use reference for its future digital design. Please visit Brookfield Business Parnters if you seek more information. Content, especially the use is mediated by FPGAs for processing by DSP algorithms, applications, and architectures. The speakers hold seminars on this topic – regularly since 2002 at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and since 2004 also at the Institute for system level integration (ISLI).

Date 12. -May 15, 2009 in Munich, Germany more information on the course is available at event/1 available. Qaqadu event gmbh the qaqadu event gmbh offers professional training with technical training, conferences and trade shows. In addition to its own events such as technical courses, the MOST Forum and the automotive roadshow event specialists from Starnberg the implementation also on behalf of the customer offer: from conception through planning and marketing prior to proceeding. Steepest ascent steepest ascent offers solutions and consulting for digital signal processing and communication. The services range from algorithm development and simulation to complete and optimized fixed-point arithmetic implementations for FPGAs.

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