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Average Banks

In vigor since the beginning of April, it offers of a bigger covering for the Deep Guarantor of Crditos (FGC) to average the small depositors of banks is, effectively, contributing to give breath to these institutions. According to Central banking, until day 25 of May, the Deposits the Stated period with Garantia Especial (DPGE), whose minimum stated period is of six months, had provided to this segment of the banking system to catch about R$ 6 billion. Of this total, one tero (R$ 2 billion) had been deposited by the clientele from 15 of May, therefore, in only ten days. The normal covering given by the FGC to the bank deposits is, currently, in R$ 60 a thousand for customer/bank. Specifically who to deposit the stated period in small average banks, however, the National Monetary Advice (regulating governmental instance of the national financial system) authorizeed the FGC to cover until R$ 20 million, in the hypothesis of the institution to have difficulty to honor rescue. The decision was taken in the March end, in context of measures of combat to the international crisis of liquidity and credit, that, in the case of the Brazilian banking institutions, exactly reached with more gravity the minors.

Because of the niche where more they act, the problem also reached in full the not financial companies of medium and small transport, that if they turn in bigger difficulty what the great ones to get credit, for turn and investments. Also it weighed the fact of that, when seeing closed the international lines, the great companies had finished taking the space lesser them in the credit facilities them banks of bigger transport, that they had also been scrumbled. With the current scene of stability of the insolvency, the great banks had started to extend stated periods and to reduce more strong the interests. Now, with the end of the crisis of liquidity and of the anticipated rescue of the new deposit stated period, the institutions of average transport also start to prepare measured to extend the competitiveness in the credit market.

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