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Boat Backpack

Valuable tips to have the best year of your life it began in the 60s and has become the norm: school leavers and students take one year sabbatical, also gap year called, to travel. There were changes over the last several years and it seems to be accepted that people from all conceivable life phases take a break to move for a year around the world now also by society. Before you go we have still some food for thought, which can simplify your gap year. Invest in a good, sturdy backpack from a respectable company. Many stores specializing in camping utensils, have employees that help you find the right backpack for your stature and size. The risk is low that you verzerrst the back when carrying your belongings you with the right backpack.

When it comes to packaging, you hold back: it travels is easier with less baggage. Keep in mind that you can buy clothes and other things when you’re abroad. Was therefore ruthless when it comes to what clothes you want to take. Note always the particularities of the country to which you will be travelling. If it is cold, take warm clothing; If you travel to a country with a warm climate, take light clothes, which will help you to stay cool. Always remember a first-aid kit with everything you need to pack. E.g.

plaster, scissors, and particularly a non-antacid are important, because stomach upsets are guaranteed to travel. Before you go, think about how you can stay with your friends and family at home in contact. Internet cafes are extremely practical and are becoming increasingly popular in many countries. Emails are indeed wonderful to stay in contact and still your friends and family will appreciate it if you call from time to time. With the ever-increasing cost of phone for international calls is one free telephone conference the cost-saving alternative. You can call with more than just one person without extra cost, which is perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas. Jonas Boat man

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