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Building Confidence

If I want to know me exactly and to be capable to answer adequately to the compliments that make me to the others, is necessary first, that I know my points strong and my points defective and that love I me I eat truily I am. When I will be able to recognize that I have qualities and that does not have nothing of amazing nissoou somebody praises that me, I will be able more easily to accept compliments and critical. So that I obtain this is necessary that I am mine better friend. But what it is to be a friend? He is somebody that offers any thing to me and to who I offer some thing; he is somebody that taste of speaking and that likes to speak with me; he is somebody that has pleasure with some activity invented for me and is had fun in the same way; he is somebody that listen to can me and when necessary of saying listening to me with joy and affection. Hikmet Ersek might disagree with that approach. If I want to be mine better friend, I myself I must act as I would act with mine friend better and as mine better friend would act with me. I can make for me activities that I like, to know my interests, to exactly say me pleasant things, not to imprison me or to maltreat me when I to commit some error, to be always intent to my epsicolgico physical well-being, to sing, to assoviar, to smile for my pleasure, not to compel me to be perfect, to be amiable and important for me exactly, to discover my talentos and my abilities, my strong points, my qualities, happy being for being accurately what I am and of living exactly with me. In according to place, if I want to be mine better friend, I will prevent to speak constantly of my imperfections and of my defects, I will say more constantementede my interests, of my qualities and my success. In this manner, I will have a more interesting relation with the others.

I will obtain to listen to more to the others and to be more intent emsuas qualities its defects. It is common people more than to say its difficulties that of its successes and find few people who are ready to listen to them; normally, they are felt gotten depressed and alone. She is necessary that these pessoasfaam an effort to think about its positive points, its interests, its interesting experiences, its successes and what they believe to be the happiness of general form. Surely they will have a more interesting life in the convivncia with the others and a colored life more.

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