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Are you tired of your current job, and you thought seriously to start a business from your home? Do you want to generate extra income? You’ve read and heard something about internet business but don’t know where to start? Because you start by reading this article! We will direct the grain, if you want to do business on the Internet, having a domain is vital and get it is very easy, but before, explain you that it is a domain with a simple example. When a person wants to locate you, because you give the address of your House, it might be Avenida Arenales No. 756. Lynx, then with this single data should go to that place to find you. On the Internet almost same thing happens, if someone wants to locate page website, forum or blog about your business, need to know what the address, or your domain, which will be unique in the entire network domain examples:,,,, and many more. According to internet sources, there are more than 192 million domains and this figure this growing year after year.

The most popular domains remains so far the .com. Components of a domain we will assume that you have a domain called: in that domain are different 3 parts: = World Wide Web initial, or Global global network. miprimernegocio = the name you chose for your domain at the time of purchase. .com = is the extension, i.e. the type of domain. The extensions most used are: .com (used for commercial purposes and is the one that has more reputation). .NET (used in the industries of technology and the network). .org (usually used for non-profit organizations).

.info (used more for web sites that provide information). .gov (used for organizations of a country or State). Direccion Ip and domain name on the Internet, servers and computers in the world communicate by means of numbers, as well as us humans do it through words. Each domain is assigned an IP address and so when for example you type, which makes the computer via the network is translate that domain and see the IP that is assigned. In this case the IP of google is You can write this number as it appears in the bar of directions and you will see the main page of google. Now you know that this is a domain, and this is your first step to have one page personal or a business on the INTERNET. If you want information more extensive about these others and others, visit my blog or contact me if you have any doubt. Hold on! Until you go: do you want to start now, a business on the internet from home? Enter here! to find out more. Do you want to start already, an online MLM business? Enter here! to find out more.

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