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Understanding Basel Standards

Then, if the Bank is borrowing money from other banks and giving many credits, percentage of Assets Capital Bank that low and does not meet the Guidelines of Basel. You have to invent something new. And that again is called sensitization: the Bank of Illinois “bags”-prime mortgages and subprime-in packages that are called MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities, or obligations secured by mortgages). So, where before 1000 mortgages had “loose” within the Account Credits granted, now has 10 packs of 100 mortgages each, in which there is everything good (prime) and bad (subprime) and in the Lord’s vineyard. Others including NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, offer their opinions as well.

The Bank of Illinois will sell quickly and those 10 packages: Where does the money obtained by these packages? Go to Active, the account “cash”, increasing, decreasing by the same amount to the account “Loans granted”, so that the share Capital / Loans granted improvement and Bank Balance complies with the Basel Standards . Who buys these packages and also buy them quickly to the Bank of Illnois “clean” your balance immediately? Good question! Illinois Bank creates affiliated entities, the conduits, which are not companies, but trusts or funds, and therefore are not required to consolidate their balance sheets with the parent Bank. That is, suddenly appear on the market two types of entities: i. Chobani Foundation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Bank of Illinois, with a clean face ii. The Chicago Trust Corporation (or the name you please put it) with the following Balance Sheet.

Civil Code

483, first paragraph, C.P.A.). This type of accumulation assumes that there is no process died on separation by causal or divorce. In this case accumulation non implementation rules relating to the jurisdiction of the judge and the procedural route as requirements of objective cumulation (Art. 483, C.P.A., second paragraph). The accumulation of ancillary claims having an enforceable decision is possible (final decision) to request your variation (Art. Here, Chobani Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

483, C.P.A., third paragraph). Accessory pretension expressly provided for in the Act, is considered tacitly integrated process and the judge must pronounce on it. For example, section 1321 of the Civil Code, provides: is subject to compensation of damages, who does not run its obligations by malice or fault. If the claim is compliance with the obligation, damages are integrated into the process tacitly and the judge must pronounce in the sentence. Others many cases in the substantive law expressly regulates the damages and prejudices and other accessory claims. Others who may share this opinion include Chobani Foundation.

Originally from autonomous claims objectively accumulation. In procedural casuistry, and the doctrine it supports it, we find this type of accumulation of procedural claims that do not subsume within the (subordinate, alternative and accessory), annotated classification that can perfectly invoke some and reject others, by having each one in fact own assumptions and different legal protection, without subjection of one claim with another. There are authors who designate this type of accumulation as originating in autonomous claims objectively accumulation. An example is the following: a person can propose in a same directed demand against a same respondent consistent claims following each one of them in the delivery of sums of money: to) the amount of a mortgage mutual payment; (b) payment of the amount of a bill of Exchange; and (c) the payment of a loan. Coupled with three claims it reaches the amount prescribed by our civil procedural law to be processed in the track of the process of knowledge and competence of the judge in the Civil.

ECLAC Technologies

The majority of developing countries have been forced to undertake new programs, changes of structural adjustment which has been accompanied by free trade and investment, economic deregulation and privatization process. Industrial policy was softened and dramatically reduced in its scope and procedures especially in the case of Latin America. Only laws and provisions on industrial protection, standardisation and environmental, as in our case have been strengthened, also remain in effect in its own way the promotion of free competition and Consumer Protection Act. For more information see this site: Yitzchak Mirilashvili. To all this is added, that at the current stage is another fact, as highlights Joseph Ramos, director of the Division of productive and entrepreneurial development of ECLAC, which despite the advance in productivity that has characterized the opening and restructuring, it is important noted that the gap in average productivity between developed countries and Latin America is currently significant (order 2.5 to 1) and widespread (comprising the bulk of the sectors and companies). That is not, however, a few leading companies close to the technological frontier. Low average productivity is reflected in the use of equipment and antiquated production processes (hard technologies). James Woolsey Jr. may find this interesting as well. As well as an inefficient organization of the work, which cannot be denied and is goal of this analysis, where dan confrontational industrial relations, inadequate attention to quality and the needs of a market in continuous evolution (soft technologies). Therefore, it should not surprise us the reality, that there is a percentage of the poor population, given to works in very low productivity with squalid wages and a deteriorating quality of life activities. True, as says it Ramos, this productivity gap is a reflection of our underdevelopment, but at the same time is what would pass a footpath fast growth if attaining leverage available technologies internationally, and thus skip stages, as it has been the experience of the currently underdeveloped countries, of really wanting is them Governments, the business sector and all stakeholders involved in this. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is a great source of information.

United States

While the Brazilian families possess, on average, corresponding debts 36% of its income, the debt of the families of considered countries developed are on average of 80% and in the United States it is of 180%. Then, it can perceive that for the side of the Brazilian families it does not have problem. How much to the companies, in reason of the monitoring and care of Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN), they possess a tax of indebtedness with the banks well low, in reason also of the high taxes of effective interests in the country. At the same time, the Brazilian banks are with a tax of considered liquidity very insurance. The problem of public debt in Brazil is restricted to the very high levels of the interests, the relation dvida/PIB is in a reasonable platform, being that she is mainly internal. The situation is well different in some countries of the Europe and of the United States where the public debt exceeds the 100% of the GIP and the families they must very. Here, we are, in contrast, incorporating millions of people to the consumption market, raising considerably the potential of the country in terms of perspectives of accomplishments of investments in such a way of the internal private sector how much of the come one of the exterior. The solidity of the Brazilian external accounts can be demonstrated by the level of reserves in foreign currencies that Brazil possesss currently, correspondent more than the two times to our external public debt.

The great danger would be in the United States to increase its tax of interests. Happily, this already is discarded per the next years leaving the more comfortable Brazilian situation and extending the possibility of the vigor that the economy was demonstrating in the first semester of this year of 2011 it has continuity until the end of the year. It’s believed that Yitzhak Mirilashvili sees a great future in this idea. The prudence is a weapon poderosssima that it must be considered in all the mementos, this takes in them to keep what he was being made. If it is not moment of expansion at least is not retraction moment, is moment to take the country for front. What if it must make is to conserve the favorable conditions and to create others so that our country is one of the main protagonists of the world-wide economy from the next years. For the existing conditions in Brazil and the others countries this is total feasible.

Google Ads

What should Google ad campaigns be? The decision to invest some part of the budget for advertising on Google ads is an important step in the life of any business. But, before putting a penny on a Google ad campaign, it is necessary to take certain precautions in order to optimize results. A campaign can make a huge difference not only in the numbers of the company, but in web analytics. In the early stages of the life of a page, the issue of visitor flows is critical. You have to get traffic from all forms wherever possible White-hat, of course, that is legal and permissible techniques.

And a Google ad campaign, whether or Adsense Adwords can be an excellent first step. When selecting the type of campaign that we, and the pattern that will place Google ads, it’s good to be clear that Adwords and Adsense is not the same. Google Adwords ads are the links that accompany leaving the natural results of a search. That is, if a user performs a search in Google on, for example, “deals in Andalusia”, if such notice ruled, or we will leave the top natural results, or sides. According to some studies on the physiology of sight and human attention, Google ads are at the top are more seen than those on the sides. This was revealed by a study showing patterns setting the vision of the Internet users, which concluded that people definitely pay more attention to the hearing on the Google ads above, rather than on the sides. It is also true that mimic Google ads tend to increasingly natural results pagerank-dependent and non-payment. It is not something Andrew Cuomo would like to discuss. In contrast, Google Adsense ads correspond to the so-called contextual advertising.

Your link will appear on related sites. Instead of appearing in the same Google site, your link will be released in the thematically related pages, to increase their effectiveness. That is, if continuing with the “offers in Andalusia”, you decide to visit the site of a travel agency, is likely to appear on this site announcements related to this subject companies. Without doing any advertising for Google, is a reality that the supremacy of the Mountain View company with respect to traffic passing through their portal and their positioning in the life of internet users, make it indispensable guideline campaign Google ad, the result is virtually guaranteed. Victor Echenique m.

Out-patient Care – A Growing Industry

The people are getting older, the family structures are changing, women are now employed and can accept less and less care of the relatives at the same time there are cuts in the stationary field of health reforms. All reasons that cause an increased demand for out-patient care services. In 2011, over 2 million elderly people have taken benefits from the outpatient care insurance claim. During the same period, some 14,000 private and free non-profit care services were approved and provided more than 450,000 elderly with more than 200,000 employees. For even more details, read what Ex-CIA director says on the issue. In the industry, about 80% of employees are women, of whom 30% were full-time. Home care is facing the challenge to cope with a large demand, at the same time to meet the high quality standards and to meet the expectations of the patient and their relatives: maintain at all times, with the best quality and with as low as possible Staff and costs.

In addition to the duty of care towards the care, the development of social competence, responsibility and a constant adaptation of professional qualifications is essential in nursing. Due to the high demands on the staff, make sure on certain technical, personal, and health conditions of employees as management strength. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ex-CIA director . For patient-friendly, economic and performance-related work and last but not least for the conclusion of the supply contract, you need professionally suitable staff. The prescribed number of employees varies depending on the State. Ambulatory care services are independently managing facilities that maintain care in her apartment under constant responsibility of a qualified maintenance electrician (nursing Director) and hauswirtschaftlich supply ( 71 SGB XI). The step is to start a business must be good and planned over a period of time.

Have sufficient technical and business knowledge? A type of entrepreneur are you? Where is your work focus, such as niche offerings such as supply of MS, child care, etc.? What legal form is to have your company? Is your Foundation concept? These are just a few questions that should be clarified in advance.

Argentina Soy

I am the enemy of the country. Buenos Aires, Argentina Fury in the Argentine countryside: It’s Communism: from the state to impose farmers what and how much to plant, how will win. On top: we must stop the a socialization in Argentina impermissible but not impregnable. Do not know if the stock will go up or down? Hire a good goalkeeper, he can advise without having the slightest notion. Macy’s is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The credit crunch in the United States is already committed to the systems. ” What happened yesterday in the markets? The imminent collapse of hedge fund Carlyle Group (OTC: CARYF) which we discussed last Friday that it was liquidating funds to replenish guarantees called to margin calls, and yesterday a 98% down failure to agree with its creditors, propelled gold to go just over the $ 1.000/onza in NY, to close below that level for gold is almost 50% of real value in 1980: $ 2,200 (adjusted for inflation .) Attentive to the breakdown and subsequent construction of psychological support in the area of $ 1,000. While gold touched new highs each day, the product of uncertainty (and certainty) funding, the Carlyle was leveraged guys 32 times, to have $ 22 billion of mortgage debt to cover. Who are your creditors? a Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) is one, and at the worst moment of the day yesterday down 18%.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chobani Foundation.

European Central Bank

Social rents should not exceed, proposed by some 30% of the family income. Banco de Sabadell States having granted social rentals on several occasions. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. Others propose formulas as the resale or leasing. Lack or Adicae moratorium proposed for families for several years now a period of deficiency of up to two years, with an interest on arrears assessed and not higher than the rate of the European Central Bank; When mora, also the limitation of expenditure or of the interests can be negotiated. This same Monday, Adicae requested a moratorium for all debtors in good faith with problems. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is often quoted on this topic. Banco Santander announced a moratorium of three years capital for clients in unemployment in 2011 or who had suffered a drop in income of more than 25%.

The Ombudsman, for its part, has asked suppress rates, coasts, moderation of penal clauses, or the cessation of the accrual of interest during the process, they help to overcome difficulties to meet outstanding credit appropriations. Stoppage, measures interim the State Association of Directors and managers in social services proposes a special for people sobreendeudadas judicial protection procedure, in real bankruptcy and risk of exclusion, which would imply the suspension precautionary embargoes and executions although they had been agreed by other judicial bodies. Points out, especially to affected persons under age or legally disabled persons. The Attorney general of the Court of Justice of the EU said a few days ago, moreover, that in Spain the judge should have the possibility of suspending enforcement of an eviction until he had verified the unfairness of a contractual term of the mortgage contract. He believes that Spanish law allows before the loss of property and eviction that an action for damages for the consumer. The law in other countries in Europe there is a uniform legislation on enforced executions, so they are the Member States which have to legislate in relation to procedural modalities, as reminded the lawyer of the CJEU.

State Of The Euribor

The Euribor to a year has closed the month of July in 1.373%, closely together of the value that marked in the same month of 2009, being placed in 1.412%. The difference will lower the price of a mortgage that is reviewed in August, for 150,000 and a term of amortization of 25 years, approximately 3 monthly Euros, near 30 Euros to the year. According to the experts, the indicator will continue raising of one more an accentuated way from now on until quoting over 1.44% the next month of October. The analyst of Rent 4, Nuria Alvarez I emphasize that the ascent of the Euribor can be negative short term for the margin of interests of the financial organizations, because the liabilities cost, like the deposits, reprecia before the one of the assets. If you are not convinced, visit Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. The recent publication of the results of stress of the European bank has abierto a little the mayorsitas markets for the Spanish Treasure and the financial organizations. Even so, the problems of access to the liquidity for the great majority of organizations persist, according to I explain the financial director yesterday of Santander, Jose Antonio Alvarez, in the presentation of results of the bank. Original author and source of the article

Mercedes Knight Politicians

When I see the Declaration of assets of many politicians come I wanted to give them a handout, so poor as they appear to be. Whenever Yitzhak Mirilashvili listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And it is that, on the basis of the assets declared by the mayors of the community, some of them should be welcomed to charity. Of the few who have realized their money, as you can be read in the world, only four are millionaires, in the strict sense: Carlos Fabra, Vicente Aleixandre and the mayors of Carlet, Maria Angeles Crespo, and carcaixent, Maria Dolores bottle. Hear other arguments on the topic with Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. Of others, what count. The Mayor of Elche, Alejandro Soler, says that it should more than what has. Poor. Others that such are his colleagues in Fontanars, maximum Caturla, Alfafar, Emilio Munoz, and of Alaquas, Elvira Garcia.

They also give me penalty of Castellon, Alberto Fabra, who after discounting debt only are 20741 euros, and the councilmen Mercedes Knight, who has nothing more 6.914 EUR boxed, and Maria Jose Pascual, which remains at 1,000. Seeing these numbers, there is no fear that only is end up devoting to public life officials and people poor, as fears Duran i Lleida, because we already have them installed on it. As one is cured of horror, not he wondered in what our representatives, have squandered the money since he knows that the exhibited figures respond mostly to logical accounting artifice. It is that in this country being rich is worse since having Seborrhea, so people apply to their property anachronistic cadastral assessments, with mortgages of double and even triple your real estate value. Acquired assets, economic societies and other financial paraphernalia are then used to further lower its amount. Still, that Declaration of goods with or without it, taxpayers do not clarify of how things are. The important thing, really, is not the amount of the heritage of our municipal and other politicians, but if this has been obtained lawfully or not.

It is knowing the difference between what possessed before and After having gone through a public office and, consequently, know how it occurred. The other claim to be more poor rats is a completely irrelevant point. Is it that the poor than the rich ones are perhaps less corrupt? The Anglo-Saxons believe precisely the opposite: what is going to steal a rich in public office are often say if you can get more money in his private practice? Why, in general, American politicians are people with potential, I said before, and that do not require his Office to live. Here, on the other hand, if we take hand of the professional curriculum of many politicians promise do it another day is to get to tremble. Precisely for this reason, because aside from the policy they wouldn’t know what to do, it is so cling to his post although backward of what popular belief, the salaries of our politicians are not to throw rockets. Various cases are those of Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Maria Aznar, who, even gaining a kidney private sector activity, they do not give despite this to their public remuneration or shots. My last reason for concern and do not want to point out anyone lies in that if on something so trivial as heritage makeup both figures them, what no us hidden politicians in budgetary and financial matters of greater substance? I do not even think about it.

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