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Changing Jobs

Change of job – it's always stressful. Stress may be a slight, almost unnoticeable – for example, if the job change was planned long ago, but the new place conditions better than the old, pay more and so on. But stress may be strong, up-to-severe depression. This occurs most often in cases where job changes are forced, under the influence of any adverse external circumstances. We consider the most unpleasant option: loss of a job. Do not change their place of work, namely the loss. The reasons may be diverse – to consider here we shall not. Hikmet Ersek will undoubtedly add to your understanding. So, for some reason you lost your job.

It is certainly very unpleasant. And that's putting it mildly! The most important thing here is not to engage in soul-searching, not to consider "virtual" options: "If only …! I would …, "" Oh, it would be necessary … "and so on. All this is any good will not, but the mood will worsen and will drive into a depression. The pessimistic approach is ruining all the best initiatives.

Positive outlook allows us to find opportunities where they seemingly do not and can not be. Try to treat his dismissal positive: it's a real chance to change something in my life! And change for the better! After you've always wanted to work was interesting and paid to bring pleasure – now's your chance to find it. And that chance is not a sin use. But, nevertheless, do not immediately go to his head in search of work: send resume, learn all sorts of jobs, etc.

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