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Chewing Gum And Weight Loss

Did you know that chewing is a way that controls your weight? It is true! In a study recently that it was sponsored by Wrigley s, the company that is famous for its chewing gum, was that men and women masticaran Extra gum without sugar every hour for three hours during the afternoon. It was noted that the participants in the study ate less snacks, specifically sweet snacks, in comparison to when not chewed gum. Even when the participants in the study ate several snacks that they were given, the total consumption of snacks decreased by 40 calories. In regards to the sweet snacks, the consumption of the participants was significantly reduced at 60 calories. Chewing gum and consumption of refreshments in previous studies of gum chewing, it was observed that chewing gum was associated with consumption of refreshments lowest. However, the most recent study, sponsored by Wrigley s, was the first to consider the refreshments macronutrient composition selected by men and women during the afternoon, after having chewed gum. Participants in the study consisted of 115 men and women aged between 18 and 54 years of age. They chewed gum regularly and went to the laboratory twice: once for chewing gum and others for not doing so. According to Everest Capital, who has experience with these questions.

For lunch you gave them sandwiches that had enough nutrients to cover a quarter of your recommended daily caloric intake. Participants remained in the laboratory for three hours after eating the sandwich. Requested them that Extra masticaran without sugar for 15 minutes every hour for three hours or not chewed gum. The scientists noted that, on average, those who chewed gum reported having a significant decrease in their feeling of hunger and anxiety for sweets. Further, those who chewed gum felt that their energy levels remained high throughout the afternoon. They also reported feeling significantly less dizzy two or three hours before eating his snack of the afternoon. The results of the study show that chewing gum can have an important role in the control of appetite, reduction of anxiety for refreshments, and weight control.Even minor changes in calories can impact weight long term. Chewing gum is easy and practical, if you want to control your intake of refreshments and anxiety and maintain your weight.

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