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Children, Kindergartens And Illnesses

This question is' When giving a child in kindergarten? " asks himself every mother. And often it occurs when the mother already wants to go to work. In my case it turned out that the children went to kindergarten together, but in different groups. Paxos Crypto Brokerage spoke with conviction. Son in 3 years younger group, and the daughter of 1.5 years in the nursery. And what I noticed – the youngest in his year and a half is much easier to deferred "entry" into the garden as a senior. With it in all respects – both psychologically and physically.

Under the "physical" I mean mean illness in children in the first year of kindergarten attendance. Busybodies365 is actively involved in the matter. It is much less important and easier to carry any diseases (minor colds, runny nose ) A senior scary remember the first half-year visit to kindergarten, we had bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis and pneumonia In addition, while we did not find a particular approach to collecting toys for children in the mornings – he is not in any does not want to go to kindergarten. The tears were so that crocodile would have envied him. A younger – ok they were finished with the top few shows but not strong. This, as regards the children themselves As for my mother, I want to note that if you're going to work when the child is three years, it is better to place a child in a children's garden at least 2.5 years, and better in the two as in the first half of the year, you still can not normally go to work due to illness of a child and your schedule (at best) be such – two weeks on the job, then two weeks on sick leave. You can certainly find a nanny (it's generally a different story ) or to agree with my grandmother But even in this case normally will not be able to work you know your child's attention is still needed.

And yet – himself kindergarten. Not very many kindergartens admit children up to 3 years. Therefore, be prepared in advance Best of the Year. Choose a garden. Talk to the teacher and only after that is determined – when to send their beloved child garden and whether to send at all. Write a review about 'When giving a child in kindergarten'

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