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Controlling Anger

Many times we get much anger, a very strong and uncontrollable anger, and that normally happens when we have been accumulating this emotion gradually, until they burst. There are people with visceral carazter, which do not need accumulate much because his carzter is more temperamental, spontaneous and less controlled, and in them no surprise both boundless anger. However there are people more controllers, which also anger can overwhelm them. To control it, you must first recognize it and also know that you are filling out to that anger. Because before reaching boils over, there have been things that probably they have bothered you and you have been charged. Many times downloaded this anger about people or situations that are not cause of our anger, and that is another thing to do, identify what has created our anger, and not pay for it with who should not. When they start out symptoms of anger, out until they accumulate, expressing them.

Hence, understanding another person when we talk with her, understand her point of view and not fall into the most easy, blames the fault. If the anger is very high we must learn to stop our reaction and take distances so that this does not affect others. A ride can be., can notify the people nearby that these evil and to prevent. When one is alone you can express and download that wrath, either banging a pillow, shouting, writing and breathing techniques look very good, so help reduce physical agitation that triggers anger. And if we are calmest we will be masters of the situation. Original author and source of the article

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