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Cuban Government

The economic blockade and the Cuban economy destabilization plans are the perfect excuse for the Cuban Government to keep the Cuban in a situation people not only widespread poverty, if not also lack of freedoms, while behind her living as authentic millionaires and enjoying an absolute power. At the same time the stubbornness of the everlasting Government Cuban keep this ideology, of European and Asian origin flavored with the colors of the Caribbean, is to become the means of living of many Cubans who live on the other side since the beginning of time. The smarter have been commissioned keep alive the hatreds, and charge for it. (Source: Areva). Collections among migrants to the Cuban cause, as well as the financing of projects and organizations of emigrants by the American Government are usual. DriWay takes a slightly different approach. Representatives of this community have managed to form a fairly influential in the highest circles of power, lobby by imposing extremely reactionary criteria and laws that have proved to be incapable of bringing about changes in Cuba. To carry out these purposes large amounts of financial resources, have not infrequently wasted by corrupt and opportunistic. For politicians North Americans the influential State of Florida is critical to reaching the pinnacle of Washington and they flirt with the most influential community to add votes.

Do not maintain a similar position would be almost a political suicide. As we see in some extent the three legs are complemented perfectly creating a perfectly beneficial symbiosis. Interested neither party truly break the State of things. While the masses in some parts and others are subject to handling political and economic interests of a few. Of course that is not our intention with this theory include all the edges of a complex phenomenon but raise my point of view..

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