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If the length of the working area can not accommodate a sink, cutting table, stove, refrigerator, floor-standing cabinet in a line, it is an occasion to think about changing the zone plan on the corner. All these things need to be taken into account and consider at an early stage of repair – phase of the design project. Why extract? Kitchen without hoods – it is a sad spectacle. Soot, which is released during cooking, do not just settle on the wallpaper, furniture and all surfaces, but also spoils the health. The smell permeates everything firmly in the kitchen reaches into every room (closed door does not exit).

The conclusion is clear: any modern kitchen range hood is needed. If your kitchen has no exhaust, it's time to think about buying it. To broaden your perception, visit BHP Billiton. Treat buying a hood with no less seriously than to buy a new TV or refrigerator. In the market there are several types of extracts. hood "Traditional" – pendant, mounted on a wall hanging under kitchen cabinets or without him over the stove.

Y Many manufacturers of grease filters in such extracts, usually of acrylic fabric (disposable). Suspended hoods have small motors on power and operate primarily in the recirculation mode. For this operation requires coal disposable filters that trap smaller particles and neutralize the smell a bit. This class extracts considered to be the cheapest. "Dishwashers" are mounted in a hanging kitchen cabinet above the stove. Have, as a rule, a sliding panel, which increases the area of air intake and facilitates the management of extract. In nominating panel included in the drawing mode, where you turn it off. It more compact design and more advanced technically than the "Traditional" – hanging hood. Most often recessed hood equipped with two motors, which increases productivity, and washable, multi-layer aluminum grease filters. Some component manufacturers Dishwashers one motor and a single filter zhirouavlivayuschim of acrylic fabric.

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