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Dog Training

The art of training animals is not an exact science, works with the psychology of the animal to get to really learn a trick. There have been numerous studies to form theories about learning in animals, here we will present a set of guidelines to facilitate the training of our own pet. Others who may share this opinion include Rachel Crane. To carry out a proper dog training must care for certain points: the selection of technique, first of all, we recommend auxiliary us with rewards rather than auxiliary us with corporal punishment. The time of training, i.e. when.

And speaking of rewards of food it is highly recommended to do so one hour before its time to eat, so the reward will have more effect. Try to make a single person which teach tricks the dog. Not to confuse it, unless in the case of professionals who know exactly how it operates its companion. The duration of the sessions of dog training is also very important. If we submit our pet too exhaustive training we run the risk of putting all mood to train again. inions are not widely known. It is not good to exceed half an hour, will leave breaks that will be just when we have got the dog to do the trick. The place of practice.

It should be in principle a distraction-free zone, try to avoid areas as the place where eats or makes their needs. As practices go develop more fluently, will be increasing distractions, maybe even practice abroad. However for new tricks is more advisable to practice them free of distractions. Tools. For the dog training will need the first tool is patience, then we can us food rewards, auxiliary straps (not type nor barbed strangler), practicing outdoors can be dangerous if we do not carry strap, you never know what might be the reaction of an animal if you see another, by trained rather that is, security first and foremost. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

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