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DVD Countries

Valley to say that such productions counted on no governmental support, some carried through with personal foreign resources or, since the transistion in these countries still disclosed incipient and distrustful a democracy to finance productions of challenging matrix for that still they marked presence in the government, even though direct or indirectly, either in the parties or the state bureaucracy. Our work consists of raising the questions that involve the resources disponibilizados for the accomplishment of films in the call period of redemocratizao of these countries. For assistance, try visiting Hikmet Ersek. For in such a way, as it orders the best methodology, a survey of films carried through in those countries was made, that they obey the standard of contestadora production and denunciation, and that they had had international repercussion. However, the biggest surprise and disillusionment, were the difficulty and even though impossibility of terms access to the filmogrfico material, more than twenty years later. Where it weighs the repercussion of the work of cineasta, its proposal, the historical interest, or even though the relevance of the anxious public for knowing the history of its country, certain is that many films had been at least taken to the VHS, much less to the current DVD. ‘ ‘ Cicatriz’ ‘ , production of Chile with the Ussr, for example, is impossible to be to see. Nor the director, located in Moscow, if dignou to answer on possibility of if having a copy of its work. Interesting to notice that after dribbling opposing interests to the government, these same cineastas at least if interest in promoting spreading of its films in the period of full democracy that if occurs in the three cited countries. The anxiety to place in the film the dissatisfaction with the situation politics if empties so soon leaves to exist empecilho for its spreading. The Chilean productions of bigger prominence are ‘ ‘ There Frontera’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Latente’ image; ‘ , ‘ ‘ Amnesia’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Gringuito’ ‘. e-financing/’.

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