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That is, to promote their products on foreign markets, should give part of its market to foreign goods. In this case, the economic benefit of such an exchange can be negative for the national economy and domestic capital, but beneficial to its export component, which typically is an area of interest and control political groups. However, this process is the constraining components do not allow this exchange to be negative for the country to such an extent that it violates political stability and threaten the government stay in the existing political factions. In the first group of countries the state apparatus must also take into account the economic interests of competitors in the political struggle, in the second group of this component is missing. It is obvious that these processes are influenced by economic groups which have basically not only the national capital, but also groups with foreign or mixed capital operating in the country on a long term basis. Here is an example.

In the best prices for rolled steel in Russia 90s, the U.S. government imposed restrictions on the supply of steel from Russia to protect the interests of their stalepromyshlennikov. In response, the Russian government, under pressure from his stalepromyshlennikov, imposed restrictions on meat imports of U.S. poultry. As a result of negotiations a compromise was found and opened the import of certain types of Russian rolled steel and lifted restrictions on imports of U.S. poultry meat. World economic relations, the profitability exports or imports have a significant impact on the formation of foreign policy and the state of the domestic economic and political situation in any country.

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