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Emperor Napoleon Brand

Own Swiss watch brand's reputation vacheron constantin geneve have excellent credit. Principle – do better and better was the motto of Vacheron Constantin. And this slogan assist mark vacheron constantin work for centuries. Brand Watches vacheron constantin geneve two centuries ago was of the family of the famous Emperor Napoleon and the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Both male and ladies watches vacheron constantin loved the whole French and Italian aristocracy.

Thus, luxury brands was recognized by 2 countries – lawgiver modern fashion of the time … As time went on, things change … A Swiss watch brand vacheron constantin remained constant emblem of wealth and power. You understood correctly. It is usually assumed that owner of Swiss watches can buy almost everything. Financially it's quite successful in order to "buy the whole world." Buy the world can not – it's visible to a lot of money seizing nouveau riche.

But, despite all above can have peace, not buying it. And this is more prestigious than the hosts … and watch vacheron constantin not buy peace. They are either subordinate to, or the world itself kneels in front of them. Since the source of this great brand has been a privilege world. Now watch vacheron elect someone who has not only funds but also a high status. All watches vacheron constantin geneve brand made only from high quality materials. Made of polished stainless steel. Gilding and beautiful dials with sapphire windows of the unique collections of Vacheron Constantin. Wrist watches vacheron constantin – a plexus of elegance and durability. A Swiss watch brand vacheron constantin 42 005 concentrate in themselves all these qualities. Wrist watches vacheron constantin brand model 42 005 marked a high mark of quality. Each directory includes hours of the brand this model, which combines the magnificence and functionality. Corps of pink and white gold, sapphire crystal dials – and prestigious great. Watch vacheron constantin watches have 750 gold. Hours offer excellent waterproof and can withstand pressure at a depth of 30 meters. Those same characteristics are inherent and watch vacheron constantin 42 005 737 998. For those who do not like to swarm to the plant clock offers automatic models. Now almost all models can be called vacheron constantin automatic. With manual winding series there was only vacheron constantin malte. Watch vacheron constantin model created for overseas travelers. The emblem of the idea was a sailboat, which depicted on the bodies of models. Business card companies watch vacheron constantin malte. The mystery lies in the title. The emblem of the campaign has a number of centuries is well-known Maltese cross. And as the value of the firm – is its tradition, this model comes without a car factory. By the way, the brand vacheron constantin malte set the world record typical. In 1976, the company came to personal order. It was necessary to create a watch vacheron constantin geneve with real diamonds. But not on the dial, but with half hundreds on the case. And as much – from the emerald-cut – on a bracelet. Opening cost that customer to 5 million. It was the most expensive watches vacheron constantin brand worldwide. And with each passing year, these hours were becoming more and more expensive. And now their price is about $ 11 million.

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