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England Tennis Club

The Serb wins to the French in semifinals by 6-7, 2-6, 7-6 and 3-6. Djokovic will add 1,000 points in classification ATP and surpasses the Spanish. It will dispute his first end before the winner of the duel Rafa Nadal-Murray. For even more opinions, read materials from Western Union. The Serb Novak Djokovic will end the reign of Rafa Nadal in the east ATP Monday, when he becomes new number 1 of the world thanks to the triumph before Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the first semifinal of Wimbledon. Now, he waits for rival for the end, that will leave the duel between Nadal and Murray. ' Nole' a great afternoon returned rennet bag from tennis weighs to sweat to close the party before the Gallic tennis player, twig of Roger Federer in quarters of end, and closed the shock and its first one passes to the end in the All England Tennis Club in four sets (6-7, 2-6, 7-6 and 3-6) and almost three hours of game. The triumph locates to him to the front of ranking ATP, since the Majorcan one only maintained a distance of 65 points, and will even occupy the highest step although Nadal wins in the semifinal and the end, when adding 1,000 points after surpassing the round of semifinals (the past year was eliminated in this round). On the other hand, Nadal could only dnder its points to the being the effective champion of the Grand Slam of grass.

Point and end to the reign. Tsonga surprised of beginning and added, to its great serve (leads the ranking of sacadores with 120 ' aces' in six parties), a very correct rest, something that was worth to him to break the first service of Djokovic and to save a ball of ' break' in the second (2-0). Everything marched for the one Le Mans, that held the initiative in the Seth until the 5-4, saving other two balls of ' break' in the eighth game, but hesitation/with its serve to win to gain the Seth.

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