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It's no secret that in some situations require an evaluation report on a particular property. Most often, banks for mortgage insurers in the insurance case, a notary public when you make a will in court In court generally for all sorts of reasons, from the division of property before bankruptcy. In all these cases, evaluation is necessary – it is an axiom, and therefore the evidence is not required. But there are controversial cases where estimate such as would needed, but the appointment of its not entirely clear. If you are recommended to make an assessment of the property for the commission of the sale, how much you need such an estimate? Suppose you have decided to purchase a house.

Do you need to score an apartment or not? Let us dare look into the issue deeper. Supervised housing, you assume a specific value, that is, consciously find parallels with the market as of the date hereof you have watched any of the apartment and has already about targeting in the price at the current time. However, as someone who pays you interest, yet pay less, and in almost all cases, you expect to bargain. Sellers, on the other hand, interested in selling more expensive. Consequently, both parties represent a small model of the market, but just the market usually dictates the price.

Vobschem fact, the final price of housing will depend on the skill of how to sell and buying bargain. Ability to bargain involves recourse to the facts. More reliable than the fact – the more difficult to argue with him. Consequently, in the bargaining is desirable to have 'trump card' in the form of one hundred percent of the facts concerning the price housing, in our case the apartment. Here, you can simply open the treasury of such facts as the evaluation report. Valuation of the apartment includes a comprehensive study of all that is in any way may affect the price of the apartment: the international markets, the housing market, the convenient location of key facilities in the area, which deals with housing, access roads, the state of the entrance and the apartment itself, etc. Similar facts, and expressed in rubles and other currencies (at your option), the evaluation report will be a large number. If one considers the amount for the report, and the price is currently already below two thousand rubles. And the probability of recapture tens and even hundreds of thousands from the seller Decide for yourself – whether you need an appraisal report.

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