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Be in lifestyle some ideas how to have a life more balanced and full of well-being and beauty! There is nothing like the routines to really have a plan of action to take care of yourself, so to end the month, I’m going to tell what would be a weekly action plan, to carry out little by little and always be radiant beauty and effortless. The routines we divide into two parts: the body care face care body care if you take care of your body skin every day, you’ll see that when it comes to summer and the time to show off skin, you will feel very comfortable with yourself. These are the weekly beauty routines: exfoliation once or twice per week. With a gentle scrub. Moisturizing body, daily. For even more opinions, read materials from Solveras Payment Solutions.

After the shower. Hydration of the hands and feet, daily, night and better tomorrow. Daily specific treatments with cream firming or anti-cellulite, depending on the case. Manicure and pedicure at home once a week. Professional treatment wherever possible: Exfoliation and moisturizing twice a year. Massage treating (lymph, firming, anti cellulite): if necessary, once a month or a couple of months before the spring.

Care of the face or that say, if you take care you face now, you will have a skin better now and in the future. If you are one of them that you lay without make-up or never find time to apply a mask, tell you start changing your routines. These are the weekly beauty routines: cleaning morning and night. Hydration and protection mornings. Hydration nights. Moisturizing special eye morning and night. Exfoliation once a week with a specific soft scrub for your skin. Mask of treatment (moisturizing, brightness, regenerating) depending on your needs. Professional treatment wherever possible: facial cleaning every three months or depending on your skin type. Visit to a dermatologist annually and provided that your doctor tells you.

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