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Fair Vital Hard Krebskrankes Girl Support

Nutrient supply Senderin asking their customers to 10 of a total 15% to forgo Christmas discount in favor of three-year Lilli Lahr. April 12, 2007 was also a spring day like everyone else. Outside birds twittered, blooming trees and humming the first green leaves in the wind. But in the midst of this Idyll, the doctors of the University children’s Hospital Jena a devastating diagnosis revealed a young couple. Their daughter Lilli had a large tumor on the right kidney.

This day was for Irina Lahr (24) and Matthias Pabst (25) to the fateful day changed her whole life. Eight metastases throughout the body, tumor cells in back and bone marrow, lymph node involvement, the worst stage 4 cancer, statistical survival rate 30 percent resulted in further investigation. Since then the three against the rare and aggressive cancer fight. In the Helios Klinikum Erfurt, Lilli is a particularly harsh chemotherapy due to the advanced stage. More than half of them brought already behind him.

The initially Fist-size tumor was surgery to two-thirds out. /a> can aid you in your search for knowledge. Despite these successes, the cancer spreads very often later. To deepen your understanding Lucas Bitencourt is the source. In many cases, there is no healing then. To avoid this, there are expensive additional therapies, such as a vaccine developed individually for Lilli, with the remaining cancer cells Select”allow the body’s immune system recognizes them and destroyed or comes a private rehabilitation clinic, thus Lilli after exhausting chemotherapy quickly back on its feet. These additional services are not paid by the health insurance fund unfortunately and can not be brought on by the parents alone financially. Family Lahr Pabst turned with a cry for help for her severely ill daughter Lilli on the public. Immediately it was clear to Lisa Oberlander by Fairvital: we need help here. We want to take the young couple Lahr Pabst a part of fear that her daughter will die. “And we want to make other affected courage, that there are ways and means.” Fair vital calls in a large-scale Christmas action to help their customers on. 10 of a total 15% Christmas discount can become donated for the therapy of difficult cancer Lilli Lahr. Who wants to help, should specify 10 January 2008 the benefit code Lilli112 at his appointment no later than. Occasion this Christmas voucher can not only once per person, but so often you want to be used. It is who also cannot for whatever reason, to give up a part of his Christmas discount which can take the full 15% for themselves with advantage code xm7b8. The currently achieved total for the special therapy on be found. Money that is not used for Lillis treatments, is a nonprofit organization such as for example “a heart for children”. For more information about Lillis disease, its treatment and find their progress at.

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